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2008.10.24 - Artisan News - Slash Action Figure Based on Guitar Hero Character on the Way

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2008.10.24 - Artisan News - Slash Action Figure Based on Guitar Hero Character on the Way Empty 2008.10.24 - Artisan News - Slash Action Figure Based on Guitar Hero Character on the Way

Post by Blackstar on Sat Dec 01, 2018 7:17 pm

October 24, 2008

One of the most iconic guitarists of all time and lead guitarist for both Guns N Roses and Velvet Revolver, Slash will forever be immortalized with a Slash action figure based on his video game character from Activision's mega hit videogame Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock. The Slash action figure, which is expected to hit mass retailers in February 2009 will have more than 15 moving parts as well as a unique, removable guitar that is interchangeable with the other Guitar Hero figures.

We caught up Slash recently to get his thoughts on the upcoming Slash action figure.

"They asked me to approve it, which is the Guitar Hero Action Figure but I haven't actually seen it but I'm assuming it's exactly like the cartoon on the box or the character from the game."

Slash also admitted he was not only surprised at the success of Guitar Hero but he was also hooked on the game before he was asked to be a part of Guitar Hero III.

"I didn't really have any foresight into that. I mean I knew the game was great because I got turned onto Guitar Hero II and I was really hooked on it for a minute. And so when they asked me to do Guitar Hero III I was excited to do it. But I didn't expect, I mean I didn't know what to expect and when it came out every kid got one and half the kids that recognize me from that game don't even know what band I'm from."

The hugely popular Guitar Hero franchise delivers the ultimate guitar-bending experience, enabling aspiring axe shredders everywhere to unleash their inner rock star. Featuring a wide variety of music spanning five decades, the franchise is highlighted by countless original recordings from many of the most beloved artists of all time. Slash and his Velvet Revolver band mates continue to press on in the search for a new lead vocalist. In the meantime Slash is also in the process of finishing demos for his soon to be released solo album, which is expected in 2009.

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