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1991.09.04 - Geffen letter to the media about the upcoming Use Your Illusion albums

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1991.09.04 - Geffen letter to the media about the upcoming Use Your Illusion albums Empty 1991.09.04 - Geffen letter to the media about the upcoming Use Your Illusion albums

Post by Blackstar on Tue Sep 18, 2018 1:59 am

Many thanks to @troccoli for sharing this with us, and for the amazing collection of GN'R memorabilia he has made available on his site. The original images of the press release can be found here:

September 4, 1991
Dear Media VIP:
Sorry... sorry... sorry! Our best laid plans were thwarted by the Labor Day holiday, which is why you’re getting this package a day later than we promised. Don’t worry, we won’t let that happen with the full CDs of both new Guns N’ Roses albums. You’ll still get those on Wednesday, September 11.
Enclosed here, for titillation, you’ll find the new GNR CD single, “Don’t Cry.” And, both color transparencies and B/W prints on the CD longbox covers. We thought the artwork might be useful in illustrating your comments/reviews of the albums. The packaging is based on a painting by contemporary artist Mark Kostabi.
If you find you’re being deluged with “I want one too” pleas, it might help to know the regular review album mailing of these Guns N’ Roses “Illusions” will be delivered the week of release. It simply isn’t practical for us to fed ex everyone early. This may only be a week early, but form the calls we’re getting, it seems like every day counts. Believe me, the heavy security measures for this release are no thrill for us either. We want everyone to hear NOW!
In anticipation,
Bryn Bridenthal
Media & Artist Relations
NOTE: This is the second in a series of three mailings. The first one contained not only a different track, but an explanation of the whole early GNR mailing process. Disaster struck, of course, and we got five packages returned without any identification. Thus, we have no idea who we missed. If you didn’t get a Federal Express package from us last week regarding Guns N’ Roses, please call Susan Watts at [...] and we’ll overnight you the first mailing.

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