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1987.04.10 - Geffen press release for Appetite For Destruction (pro copy)

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1987.04.10 - Geffen press release for Appetite For Destruction (pro copy) Empty 1987.04.10 - Geffen press release for Appetite For Destruction (pro copy)

Post by Blackstar on Wed 5 Sep 2018 - 21:22

Many thanks to @troccoli for sharing this with us, and for the amazing collection of GN'R memorabilia he has made available on his site. The original images of the press release can be found here:


GUNS AND ROSES PRO BIO                                  

APR 10 1987

Guns And Roses Is:
W. Axl Rose – lead vocals
Slash – guitar, backing vocals
Izzy Stradlin – guitar, backing vocals
Duff “Rose” McKagan – bass, backing vocals
Steven Adler – drums, backing vocals

Rock ‘n’ roll: it’s more than music. It’s a legendary life style. And no one’s living the rock way of life like Guns N’ Roses, one of the most intense, insolent and original new musical arrivals in much too long. Sprung from the thriving L.A. music scene, Guns N’ Roses has attracted a large and fanatically loyal following with their incendiary live shows, blending a sharply-honed musical attack with an on (and off) stage performance that captures the essence of rock ‘n’ roll heroism. Guns N’ Roses, in short, is everything anybody ever warned you about.
The proof is on their debut Geffen Records release, Appetite For Destruction, an aptly titled tour de force by a group one critic called “rowdy, raunchy, gut-level rockers who live on the street of Hollywood and put their experiences to music.” Written, arranged and performed by Guns N’ Roses, with production by Mike Clink, Appetite For Destruction, features such blistering originals as “Nightrain,” “Rocket Queen,” “Anything Goes” and the group’s debut single “  .” With special thanks to “all those teachers, preachers, cops and elders who never believed,” Appetite For Destruction is an album aimed at restoring your faith in fundamental rock and roll.
Pulling talent from such far-flung locales as Seattle, Indiana, Stock-In-Trent, England and Hollywood, Guns N’ Roses took the L.A. club circuit by storm three years ago with a brand of original music that used heavy metal, R&B and punk as a jumping off point. It was a leap that landed them at the top of the “Most Promising” list, with one writer commenting “Inside of two years, they’ll be the band that everybody tries to copy.”
It didn’t take that long. An independently released EP, Live?!*@ Like A Suicide got the attention of the majors and the group was signed to Geffen in late ’86. Appetite For Destruction was the inevitable result, taking the group a giant step forward to their goal of being “The meanest, nastiest, sexiest hardcore street band in rock ‘n’ roll.”
[Added on the bottom of the page]:

Guns N’ Roses is:
W. Axl Rose: all lead vocals, backing vocals, synth, percussion and harp
Slash: lead, rhythm and acoustic guitars
Izzy Stradlin’: rhythm, lead guitars, backing vocals and percussion
Duff “Rose” McKagan: bass guitar and backing vocals
Steven Adler: drums

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