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1987.06.06 - Sounds Magazine - Firearms.../Single Of The Week

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1987.06.06 - Sounds Magazine - Firearms.../Single Of The Week Empty 1987.06.06 - Sounds Magazine - Firearms.../Single Of The Week

Post by Blackstar on Tue Aug 28, 2018 1:38 pm

Many thanks to @troccoli for sharing with us the rare articles and interviews he has collected, as well as many other amazing GN'R memorabilia.
The original pictures of this interview can be found on his site here:



Guns N’ Roses, the wild Los Angeles rockers who set the grapevine buzzing last year with their ‘Live?! Like A Suicide’ EP, shoot in for two shows at London’s Marquee this month on June 11 and 19.
The band have signed a major deal with Geffen although they promise tit won’t change their lifestyle – an amalgam between The New York Dolls and The Rolling Stones.
They have a double-A-sided single out this weekend called ‘It’s So Easy/Mr. Brownstone’ (reviewed page 31) and the 12-inch features two more live tracks. And there’s an album due out later in the summer.


GUNS N’ ROSES ‘It’s So Easy’ (Geffen). The rough demo of It’s so Easy that I heard a while back was as raw, prickly and glaring as a fresh tattoo etched into tender new skin. The rhythms slapped, the guitars bitched and the vocals were slurred and spat with the kind of sass and surety that characterises all great rock ‘n’ roll.
It was smeared with decadence and peppered with obscenities. It reeked of cheap whisky, ‘borrowed’ fags and sticky fingers.
And here it is! Incredibly, that glassy-eyed gutter-crawl boogie has come through all those sobering record company processes unscathed. You can still get pissed on the fumes.
Obviously, without pulling punches or mincing words, ‘It’s so Easy’ won’t slip through radio airplay nets too, and neither would the flipside, ‘Mr. Brownstone’. Its riff may have an addictive kick, but lyrics again become the stumbling block as Axel drawls: “But that ol’ man, he’s a real muthaf*****, gonna kick him on down the line.”
With so rough and uncompromising a debut UK single, Guns N’ Roses patently don’t give a damn about radio, and why they hell should they? There are other, slower means of building up support at grass roots level; sweating it on the live circuit for instance.
The hits may come in a couple of years. Meantimes, the classics start here.

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