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1988.01.DD - Rock City News - Guns & Roses Conquer L.A.!!

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1988.01.DD - Rock City News - Guns & Roses Conquer L.A.!! Empty 1988.01.DD - Rock City News - Guns & Roses Conquer L.A.!!

Post by Soulmonster on Mon Aug 27, 2018 12:47 pm

Many thanks to @troccoli for sharing with us the rare articles and interviews he has collected, as well as many other amazing GN'R memorabilia.
The original pictures of this interview can be found on his site here:


Slash: Duff, Axl, Izzy & Steven. And he'll be back with the band on 13th of January.

Blue: What happened to Steve?

Duff: He drank 7 double kamakazis and punched a lightpost outside the bar.

Slash: He missed the glass part and hit the metal. Broke his hand in 14 places.

Blue: So you have Fred from "Cinderella" filling in?

Slash: Yeah, but don't print that. Fred's really cool and he came and filled in at the last minute and he knew all the songs and he really saved our necks.

Blue: You guys just came back from the tour. How did it go?

Slash: It was great. We went out with "The Cult". Then we did a tour of the East Coast, headlining. Then we went out with "Motley Crue", which was great. I mean, playing 15,000 seaters and stuff with bands like ourselves just fresh out of the clubs. It went over real well. Then we went out with Alice Cooper.

Duff: His show got cancelled because his Dad died and he had to leave to take care of the funeral.

Slash: We were the epitome of Red Dog surviving on the road. Plus we had to play in the corner of the stage because Alice's stage set was so large. Then we came out and did the L.A. shows that I thought were really great.

Blue: Did you know you were gonna sell-out all four shows?

Slash: No. We only booked one, and then that sold out and then we tried another one.  And then after 4 shows we were going to try for 5, but the people at the Rose Bowl wouldn't let us. Can you imagine booking the Rose Bowl?

Blue: I guess you are really on your way?

Duff: Yeah, but we have a lot of work to do. We have to keep our noses to the grindstone. But it's great to realize that we're on the right road.

Slash: We'll be leaving here to do to Europe to do a couple of dates with Motley Crue then we'll be back here to so some theatre dates. And then we have an offer to go to Japan to do several shows.

Duff: 7 shows.

Slash: Is it seven? Yeah, 7 shows. Then when we get we're going to go on a nation-wide tour with a big name act which I won't mention in case it doesn't happen.

Blue: How do you like working with Geffen Records?

Slash: Great. Well, they're happy. We'll be going gold pretty soon. We sold 400,000 copies so far. The Motley thing was really the show to help us sell records. Whereas all the other gigs people showed up because they already bought the record. Playing 15,000 seaters there is a good portion of these people who don't have it. So when you get that much exposure--well, we sold 18,000 records from that one Motley gig...

Blue: What is the single off your album?

Slash: "Welcome to the Jungle". "Appetite for Destruction" is the title of a picture that was on the front cover before it got banned.

Blue: It got banned?

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