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1999.07.DD - Spin - "Just A Little Patience" Article Outtakes (Slash)

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1999.07.DD - Spin - "Just A Little Patience" Article Outtakes (Slash) Empty 1999.07.DD - Spin - "Just A Little Patience" Article Outtakes (Slash)

Post by Blackstar on Thu Aug 09, 2018 4:36 pm

Outtakes from the article "Just A Little Patience":

Other outttakes:
Gilby interview:
Tracii interview:
Other interviews (Alice Cooper, Brett Michaels, Chris Vrenna, Lemmy, Nikki Sixx, Riki Rachtman, Rob Affuso, Vernon Reid, Lars Ulrich):


Spin: I think the best way to get into this is to talk about the music. I wanted to ask you how it's going with the second solo record.

Slash: Well the second solo record, I hate to call it a solo record.

Spin: Well, the Slash's Snakepit record?

Slash: The first one, um, the first one was written really quickly, and it was, really supposed.., it was a bunch of demos that I had been writing in the studio at my house, sort of during one of Guns's hiatus periods and um I was having a really good time jamming with Matt and Mike Inez, (?), Eric and the whole thing and then it turned out that the G&R hiatus was going to be longer than I thought so I just, real quickly, went in the studio and I think we put the whole record together in two weeks, and then once the record was finished, uh, the G&R hiatus was extended even longer, so I took the thing on the road, and that was that, I had a great time. So, at this point, I got my own band, it's insane, it's great, as far as the music's concerned.

Spin: Who, cause the last time you worked with people who were pretty close to the whole Guns camp like Mike Clink, and Gilby Clark, and Matt, who's involved with it now in terms of the band?

Slash: The only, the only people that are close to Guns that are involved with this one is Jim Mitchell who engineered um Use your Illusion and some other Spaghetti Incident um that's about it, the other guys are, are well Teddy Andreadis is playing piano on a couple of the songs and he was a side guy on G&R live stuff, when we were touring on the Use your Illusion tour, but everybody else are either friends of mine from clubs, or, uh, acquaintances of acquaintances that I hooked up with.

Spin: Obviously you are going to draw in G n' R fans and guitar buffs and the ...

Slash: I know this sounds kind of cliched, but the response has been amazing. The demo of concert attendees range from Guns fans to guitar fans to people who didn't have anything to do that night. All of the sold out response has been amazing. Which is really the whole reason for doing something, because they have to sit through an hour and a half of material that they haven't heard before. If that answers your question.

Spin: Are you opposed to talking about some of the writing and recording process, some of the inspiration for older stuff...

Slash: There's not really much to say. The average fan would like to think, I'd imagine, that it's more complicated then it really is, I pretty much shoot from the hip... the whole process is very simple. I really, really love what I do, so I do it all the time. So, I don't put that much thought into how exactly it's supposed to be put together when it comes to what kind of style it's supposed to be, who it's supposed to reach what kind of ? exactly is it supposed to have. The only thing I really care about is how good it sounds and how much it kicks ass and how much fun I have doing it while I'm recording it or while I'm playing it and how the band is onstage and does its thing. And that's really how it's been since I started.

Spin: What were the circumstances of your leaving?

Slash: There's really not much to say. I'm not a person to quit anything, but it got to the point where it was a miserable situation and I had to leave. Slamdance happened because I still play with Duff and with Matt and with Izzy from time to time I keep in touch with pretty much everybody, so there's no skeletons in the closet as far as our relationships, as far as the band is concerned. Matt and Duff and I got together. Matt had a project that he worked on and Duff worked on and I worked on and he asked us to please come out to this gala event in fucking Colorado and that was basically it.
Spin: Snake room?

Slash: I did. We had that earthquake and the house was destroyed. We had a walk-in room where four or five 10 foot pythons were. I've been raising snakes since I was a kid. It's no big deal, they're just pets. I have all these little rooms in the house that are supposed to be maids rooms, so in all those rooms are snakes and lizards.

Spin: It was a thrill to talk to you

Slash: In closing I am really fucking jazzed on doing what I'm doing. I think everyone ends up going on their own so to speak. To have that kind of attitude. For me it's just it's a little different, it's the same approach as when Guns started. It's just another band, but it happens to be a really good one. and fortunately I've been lucky enough to have that happen to me twice.
As soon as the record comes out, and what I think the record company wants is to go out for a good 2 years. And I can't wait, I'm so sick of LA. It's what I wanted to do even when Guns split up was to keep touring.

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