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Eddie Trunk's podcast talks about Guns N' Roses

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Eddie Trunk's podcast talks about Guns N' Roses Empty Eddie Trunk's podcast talks about Guns N' Roses

Post by Soulmonster on Thu Apr 14, 2016 5:49 pm

Here's the link and here's the summary written by spliff at mygnrforum:

spliff wrote: little summary

thursday he went to dinner with slash, myles, and the conspirators

slash said the vibe in the band was great and was all positive
then eddie played them the new ace frehley album in the restaurant :laugh:

met duff at the hotel and was told about axl's broken leg

duff talks about it's amazing he was able to tough it out and finish the troubadour show considering how severe the break was

no one had the answer how late they would go on.. thought it was funny it said doors open at 8 on the ticket

got a text from vince neil's friend after the nicolas cage fight :bitchfight: and said vince is having a get together at his bar
met with vince and told him he's the only one left to carry on the motley crue songs blablabla :sleeper:

met a fan wearing one of the gnr shirts from the merc stands and asks him much it cost. the fan tells him 45$ and this blows eddie's mind. fan tells him springsteen sells shirts for 65.. then eddie goes on about how reunions always are about the money

fast forward to the night of the show.. he hangs outside of the arena til 11 because he knew gnr wouldn't go on earlier (guessing he's not a big aic fan).. on the way to his seat he takes a bunch of pictures with fans and then notices maggie (lauren cohen) from the walking dead. no one is recognizing her so he goes up to her and ends up giving her HIS number :shrugs:

while waiting for guns to go on they played the first montrose album which made eddie happy..

show started around midnight and they sound great blablabla..
goes on to talk about the line up being basically the 2014 line up with slash and duff plugged in..

knows why pitman is out but can't talk about it
said they sounded great because axl nailed it .
part of it was because he rehearsed but also because he was seated..
goes on about his theory of why artists sound great in recording studios because they're seated and not running around stage
happy they cut the time down a bit (no extended solos like nu gnr did)
says this is still axl's band
6 or 7 alternate songs they will sub out to freshen the set
stage set will be different for the stadiums
knows some secrets but can't burn bridges

show ends 2:30 am he gets a text from beta.. goes backstage
sees slash and axl talking..
sees dave grohl and taylor hawkins. jokes about how dave managed to get himself attached to the gnr reunion (he's tired of seeing grohl on every thing rock related)
finally meets with axl.. they talk about the show, broken leg, music in general, and some shit he can't talk about until it's announced because he gave axl his word
only thing he can say is axl is very happy.. he'll be in the chair for coachella (not sure if the same throne) and will be in the cast for a couple of weeks after.. will need rehab after getting it off before he will be back to running around on stage
also said axl wants to do another interview..

isn't 100% sure but thinks that izzy/steven will probably show up to some dates with how positive the vibe is but doesn't think it's anytime soon

didn't want to go to the saturday show (which he was offered to) because he didn't want to bug them anymore so he had a book signing and sold his merc and then went to generation axe show at the hard rock
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