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Could Axl actually be compromising?

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Could Axl actually be compromising? Empty Could Axl actually be compromising?

Post by Soulmonster on Mon Feb 15, 2016 4:40 pm

What if Axl owes the label another record, but the label doesn't want CD2, so instead Axl and the label have agreed to get Slash and Duff back into the band for some live shows that will culiminate in a new live record with 1-2 new original songs. The label preferred a new studio record with Slash and Duff on it, but Axl refused on that, and since Live Era has been selling well they might think that this solution will recuperate some of the failed revenues from CD. From Axl's side, who might have tried for years to get the label to accept and support the release of CD2, this might be a compromise to get off the label and get to release music somewhere else. Besides, the money from the live shows won't harm.

I don't think this scenario is very plausible, Axl doesn't like feeling strong-armed into anything, and besides the idea that they have reformed just for the cash alone seems more likely; still, it is fun to theorize. What do you think?
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Could Axl actually be compromising? Empty Re: Could Axl actually be compromising?

Post by Uli on Thu Feb 18, 2016 11:59 am

Well, I'm not too sure about that. Axl seemed to be a person who found it hard to compromise when it's about the music! Anyone (incl. the record company) would of course hope there'll be new material by the current line-up of GN'R (whoever exactly that'll be in the near future). Or even older previously unreleased material (pre-CD era)?

As I pointed out in another topic (see link below), Axl might have decided to use old material which featured Slash's input (circa from 1995/6).

Of course I do not know when exactly Slash and Axl "made up", possibly before Axl dived into older material?
It seems to me Axl has often regretted not being able to use that stuff, I did remember a 2002 Axl interview (press release) from what was the official website back then (gnronline) and found it here:

When it comes to Guns n’ Roses, I may not always get everything right but I do have a good idea about getting things from point A to point B and knowing what the job is that we have to do. Within those parameters, I give everyone as much freedom to do what they want something Slash has verified in several interviews. Had Slash stepped up and written what we captured glimpses of, it would have created an environment that was beyond Slash’s ability to control. He did not want to do that or put himself through the rigors of taking the band to that level even if he was capable of writing it. Was he capable of doing it? Absolutely 100%. I think that some of the riffs that were coming out of him were the meanest, most contemporary, bluesiest, rocking thing since Aerosmith’s Rocks. The 2000 version of Aerosmith Rocks or the 1996 Aerosmith Rocks by the time we would have put it out. I don’t know if I would have wanted to even do a world tour at the time but I wanted to put that record together and could we have done it? Yes. It’s not something I would want to approach (without Slash) because at the time there was only one person that I knew who could do certain riffs that way. We still needed the collaboration of the band as a whole to write the best songs. Since none of that happened, that’s the reason why that material got scrapped.

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