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Review of Slash's show at the Palladium October 23. 2015

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Review of Slash's show at the Palladium October 23. 2015 Empty Review of Slash's show at the Palladium October 23. 2015

Post by Soulmonster on Mon Oct 26, 2015 1:07 pm

It is not really fair to write a review of a show where I left about halfway through (after song 8 our of 20), so consider this a review of the first half.

The reason I left was being very tired and jetlagged, and Myles' voice. It's a personal thing, I don't like it. He is extremely technically gifted, but there is something grating about his voice in my ears. And when he failed to belt out the lyrics in the breakdown of You Could Be Mine ("While you're breaking down my back...") but had to drop the voice to a lower octave a couple of times, while I almost fainted from being tired, it was time to hit the bed.

The show was okay. I don't think Slash has released any particular great songs in his solo career, nor any outstanding solos, but the band performed them well enough. Slash was a little down in the mix, atleast from where I stood. The best part of the show was me was the thrill when they started playing Nightrain and the vocal harmonies on Wicked Stone. I didn't hear any mistakes or anything, it just never gripped me. If I wasn't so tired I'd probably stay for the rest of the show. I wish I had.

The Palladium was pretty filled up. I did not see anyone famous but I know Marc Canter was there, somewhere.

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Review of Slash's show at the Palladium October 23. 2015 Empty Re: Review of Slash's show at the Palladium October 23. 2015

Post by Uli on Mon Oct 26, 2015 1:19 pm

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Here is a review from another show (Fillmore, Oct 16th):

While the set list featured a handful of Guns N’ Roses favorites, this was clearly a different band on stage—one that seemed less dangerous and unpredictable but also more polished and professional. While decidedly introspective in his stage demeanor, Slash’s loud, chunky playing style rammed through the set list like a runaway freight train, leaving the rhythm section holding on for dear life. Unlike a Guns N’ Roses show, the crowd was along for the ride without fear that it might at any moment go off the rails or come to a screeching halt.

Slash is unpredictable in his timing and note selction, but never lost his way on Friday, even in the midst of a very extended jam that held the crowd like a “Free Bird” solo. Frontman Myles Kennedy, who also holds center stage for Mark Tremonti’s Alterbridge, delivered a solid performance that complimented rather than competed with the iconic top-hatted gunslinger. Newer songs like “World on Fire,” “Wicked Stone” and “The Dissident” were warmly received by the three-quarters-full venue. But predictably, heads shook hardest for “Sweet Child of Mine,” “Welcome to the Jungle” and encore “Paradise City,” which culminated in two cannons blasting confetti amidst an arsenal of pulsing strobes to end the show on a high note.

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