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1986.02.09 - Early mention of the band in Los Angeles Times

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1986.02.09 - Early mention of the band in Los Angeles Times Empty 1986.02.09 - Early mention of the band in Los Angeles Times

Post by Soulmonster on Thu May 08, 2014 1:33 pm

In The Wings. . .
February 09, 1986|STEVE HOCHMAN

What bands are out there on the horizon, ready to follow in the footsteps of X, the Go-Go's, Lone Justice, Wall of Voodoo and other graduates of the L.A. rock scene? The people who book the talent at some of L.A.'s major clubs survey the field and make their picks for the stars of the future.

Thelonious Monster (Brendan Mullen, Lingerie: "I don't know how far they could go, but it's something interesting to watch.")

Piano Moscow (Jim Van Tyne, Anticlub: "They're real good, unpretentious. I think they're going to make good records.") They play Saturday at the Anticlub.

Guns and Roses (Beachy, Music Machine: "They're a rock 'n' roll band in the tradition of Aerosmith. . . . They have a huge audience and good tunes and the looks.")

Dwight Yoakam (Billy Thomas, Palomino: "He appeals to both the country and rock crowds, and to both older and younger people.")

Zuma II (Greg Berutto, Madame Wong's West: "I can hear about four singles in their material. There's one song called 'Big Funk'--it just blows the paint off the walls.") Friday at Madame Wong's.

Babooshka (Jean-Pierre Boccara, Lhasa Club: "They have synthesizers and guitars, but are inspired by folk music from around the world. I've seen them develop show after show and just get better. The response here has been enormous without press.")

Children's Day (Gil Fuhrer, Safari Sam's: "Sixties-influenced rock 'n' roll. . . . They sound like a locomotive train. They could really go far.") Saturday at Safari Sam's.

Poison (Jeanna Barsamian, Troubadour: "They're the top drawing (club) band in L.A. When they play people pour in to see them.") Saturday at the Country Club.

Messenger (Tim McGovern, Madame Wong's West: "They have all the areas covered--good songs, good vocals, well-paced show, a really riveting lead singer. . . . Prince with muscles.") Tonight at Madame Wong's West.

The Wild Cards (Robert Gero, Charley's Obsession: "They have a cross-cultural sound. They look good, they're visual and they have a lot of energy.") Saturday at the Lingerie.
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