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Potentially nice photography

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Potentially nice photography Empty Potentially nice photography

Post by Johan on Fri Nov 08, 2013 11:59 am

I'm trying to learn a bit more stuff with my camera than just plain automatic.

Here a couple of pictures I like from a vacation in Corsica (and Sardinia) in 2012:

Potentially nice photography 1277245_10201606902710894_877166965_o

The mountainous inland of Corsica, made in late august 2012

Potentially nice photography 1402817_10201656928081497_861412106_o

One of the most beautiful beaches in Corsica: near Porto-Vecchio. The photo was taken only 1 hour before sunset.

Potentially nice photography 740661_10201656932001595_34654157_o

The old archeological site Filitosa, in West-Corsica near Propriano. Old civilization of 8000 years ago.

Potentially nice photography 1404593_10201656938401755_281045808_o

Good weather returning after a storm with almost 24 hours of heavy rainfall. Near Figari at the south-west coast.

Potentially nice photography 1402231_10201656943201875_1292917147_o

Sunset at the marina of Bonifacio, far south of Corsica

Potentially nice photography 1404654_10201656957162224_1536676529_o

Capo Testa, northern Sardinia


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Potentially nice photography Empty Re: Potentially nice photography

Post by Uli on Thu Nov 14, 2013 12:40 pm

@Johan wrote:I'm trying to learn a bit more stuff with my camera than just plain automatic.
Same here, but I guess it'll be a while until I'm really good. Wink 

Pyrenees (south France)
Potentially nice photography 1382189_517700044973785_371010821_n

Old gasworks buildings at night (Augsburg, Germany)
Potentially nice photography 1385320_519464478130675_1508045940_n

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