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2013.03.30 - Forum De Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon

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2013.03.30 - Forum De Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon Empty 2013.03.30 - Forum De Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon

Post by Soulmonster on Sun Mar 31, 2013 8:30 am

March 30, 2013.

Forum De Beirut.

Beirut, Lebanon.

01. Chinese Democracy
02. Welcome to the Jungle
03. It's So Easy
04. Mr. Brownstone
05. Estranged
06. Better
07. Rocket Queen
Richard's guitar solo
08. Live and Let Die
09. This I Love
Dizzy's piano solo - No Quarter
10. Catcher in the Rye
11. You Could Be Mine
Dj's guitar solo - Mi Amor
12. Sweet Child O' Mine
Jam - Another Brick in the Wall Pt. II
13. November Rain
14. Objectify
15. Don't Cry
16. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
17. Used To Love Her
18. Nightrain
19. Patience
20. The Seeker
21. Paradise City

Thank you SO MUCH #Beirut for being a fantastic audience!! It was an honor to be with you tonight 2013.03.30 - Forum De Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon 679352Wish we had more time together... 2013.03.30 - Forum De Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon 240178[Twitter, March 31, 2013]
You can see the damage, building are blown out, there's bullet holes everywhere, cut to the people who promoted the show who could have been the nicest people on the planet. Totally gracious, hard-working, they took care of all of our needs. And we have a very big cast of characters in the Guns N' Roses camp, between the band and the crew. It was just awesome. And after the show I got to hang out with them a little, sightseeing such and stuff, and I got to really like them [CD102.5, April 11, 2013]
Lebanon was something I was definitely looking forward to, ‘cause that was my first time, and our first time together. You don't know what to expect, and people always fill your head with ideas - their own ideas - and it's always the people with the least experience that have the strongest opinions. Always. And the harshest opinions. [Being asked who] Anybody. Every human being in all walks of your life. Whether it's family, friends, strangers, people in the business, or people that have nothing to do with anything. They will all have the strongest opinions to give you about the things that they have the least experience with. They'll tell you what it's gonna be like there and what to watch out for. Yet they've never been there. They only go by what they see on the news. And if it's on the news, it's because the out-of-the-ordinary, most extreme situation is going on. I go to Israel, and people say, “don't go, everybody's just throwing rocks at each other all the time!”, and then I'm gonna go to Lebanon, and they're gonna say, “don't go, they're gonna shoot you on sight because, you know, you're you - you're an American jew, they're gonna kill you!”. [...] I couldn't have been treated more lovingly and more welcome - in both places. The funny thing I've noticed about Lebanon and Israel is that they're so close to each other, you can walk from one to the other, and the people are so similar. And what's in everybody's hearts is all the same. The only thing that separates them is a line on a map - and a lot of things that have nothing to do with the human spirit. It could be issues with history, issues with politics - and these are legitimate issues that people can have. But when you strip everything away, and you're just looking at the core of a human being, they're brothers and sisters. They really are. For the month before playing Lebanon, I was getting a lot of hateful messages from a small group that had their own agenda, that didn't want me to go because I had played the Israeli national anthem in Israel. It's not like I played it in Lebanon! And they were just looking for any reason that they could attack me, so that if I responded, it would bring more attention to their group. So we all just ignored it. We just didn't respond. And it turns out it's something they're doing to everybody that's visiting. That's their agenda - they're just trying to gain attention for themselves and for their own politics.[October 10, 2013]
Axl Rose (vocals), Richard Fortus (rhythm guitarist), Bumblefoot (lead guitarist), Dj Asbha (lead guitarist), Tommy Stinson (bass) and Frank Ferrer (drums), Dizzy Reed (keybards), Chris Pitman (keyboards).

2013.03.30 - Forum De Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon Rightarrow Next concert: 2013.05.24.
2013.03.30 - Forum De Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon Leftarrow Previous concert: 2013.03.28.

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2013.03.30 - Forum De Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon Empty Re: 2013.03.30 - Forum De Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon

Post by Soulmonster on Sun Mar 31, 2013 10:12 am

Review in BeirutNightLife

True Rock Stars Guns N’ Roses Shake Up Lebanon

March 31, 2013
Posted by Olga in Events, Featured, Photo Gallery

The true legends of rock Guns N’ Roses performed at a massive concert in Lebanon at the Forum De Beyrouth on Saturday March 30. For those that couldn’t attend, we’re sorry to say you missed something historic and extraordinary! The concert was of epic proportions and gave the audience exactly what they were looking for – a real rock concert by the band that has been setting a flawless example for rock stars everywhere for almost 30 years.

Before the legends took to the stage, two opening acts from Lebanon wowed audiences with their talent. The Wanton Bishops opened the event with three of their original hit songs including “Smith and Wesson”, “Oh Wee” and “Sleep with the Lights On” as well as a cover. Shortly afterwards Near Surface took over the stage for an awesome and energetic performance of their hits, including the widely popular “Now You’re Here”.

After these were over, and as technicians began to bring on the Guns N’ Roses instruments, screams of unsurpassed excitement anticipation could be heard from the audience who could hardly contain themselves! These sounds of excitement could be heard through the sound check and as the instruments were tested.

And then the moment finally arrived when, one by one, the band members of the one and only Guns N’ Roses started popping up on stage, one by one – Axel Rose being the last. In his trademark cowboy hat, the one original member still left in the band appeared and began to belt out song after song in his characteristic shrill voice, only matched by the thrilled shouts of the crowd. Almost 30 years with the band, and Axel Rose has definitely still got it, with infinite amounts of energy and a voice that still has the same power and emotion as ever.

In his ripped jeans, sunglasses and leather jacket, Axel jumped around the stage and threw the mic stand around in true rock star style while singing epic GNR hits like Welcome to the Jungle, Live and Let Die, Better, Sweet Child of Mine, November Rain, Don’t Cry, Knocking on Heaven’s Door, and Paradise City. Fans really got an amazing and rich experience, with the band singing almost 30 songs during their 3 hours on stage.

During the concert Axel Rose stopped to introduce the other members of the band, at which point huge cheers came from the audience for each of the members, who included keyboardist Dizzy Reed, lead guitarists DJ Ashba and Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, lead and rhythm guitarist Richard Fortus, bassist Tommy Stinson, drummer Frank Ferrer and keyboardist Chris Pitman.

The guitar players and bassists also maneuvered all over the stage, climbing on various parts of the set while playing, especially during their impressive solos during and in between songs, and even shaking hands with some of the spectators in the front rows. Their interaction with the crowd was really incredible and the band’s energy became one with that of the listeners.

Visually, the concert was stunning too. The graphics on the LED screens in the background featured amazing images that ranged from dolphins, Chinese symbols, explosions, roses and of course, hot women. Laser beams and great lighting beamed up through the venue and created an atmosphere perfect for a rock concert.

The diverse crowd included people of all ages, from the young who had always heard about the legends and wanted to see them in person, to the older crowd who grew up with GNR hits as the soundtrack to their young lives and wanted to relive those moments. Wide-ranging people with all kinds of fashion choices and hair styles could be seen, all coming together to celebrate the music of one of the greatest bands of the last few decades. Everyone collectively went wild when they heard their favorite songs being played, with many in the crowd jumping, head banging, dancing and just enjoying some of the best ever rock music.

Axel got the audience to do some of the singing too, not only encouraging them to sing along to popular records (not that they needed any encouragement) but also when he announced that it was drummer Frank Ferrer’s birthday and had everyone in the venue sing happy birthday to Frank.

The crowd got a sweet and unexpected surprise when Guns N’ Roses covered Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall, with Axel on the Piano. This musical wonder went strait into GNR megahit November Rain, and the audience could hardly handle their excitement for such a combination. After this the band paused their tunes for a few moments and played a rock version of the Lebanese National Anthem before sending the crowd into a frenzie with Don’t Cry. Many held up their hands and did a wave to the slow and beautiful melody.

Just when we thought the concert ended, the band came back out to perform some more for the audience who just couldn’t get enough. The last song was possibly the greatest and most energetic performances of all, Paradise City. It all ended with a bang when a gigantic cloud of red confetti and smoke was thrown into the air, covering the venue in an amazing red glow. The legendary and incredibly talented Guns N’ Roses took a bow, guitar picks were thrown into the audience, and Axel thanked everyone from coming out, wished Lebanon a Happy Easter and told them to stay away from the “popo”.

What an amazing night spent with talents that can never be equaled. We the team had the time of our lives making history with Guns N’ Roses and the real rock fans of the country. We hope you did too!
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