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2012.10.01 - Nightrain chat with Bumblefoot

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2012.10.01 - Nightrain chat with Bumblefoot Empty 2012.10.01 - Nightrain chat with Bumblefoot

Post by Soulmonster on Mon Oct 01, 2012 8:45 am

Thanks to GNR Bootlegs for logging this!

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[5:54 PM] bumblefoot: I actually have to pee to be honest.

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[5:55 PM] fieldsy: heya bumble

[5:55 PM] gnrfan5353: hey bumble, hope you are having a great day!

[5:55 PM] bumblefoot: Unnecessary to say this, but I'm the master of unnecessary comments, lol!

[5:55 PM] estebanf: Hi Ron! Smile

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[5:55 PM] fieldsy: piss away

[5:55 PM] bumblefoot: How are you all?

[5:55 PM] fieldsy: be my guest Wink

[5:55 PM] bumblefoot: (I'll wait...)

[5:55 PM] gnrfan5353: i'm doing great, chillin with my family

[5:55 PM] lucie: I am fine Smile You?

[5:55 PM] fieldsy: watching the golf

[5:55 PM] gnrfan5353: joined the group whiteboard.

[5:55 PM] bumblefoot: Watching 2 & a half men....

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[5:56 PM] alpachiris: Greetings from Argentina!

[5:56 PM] gnrfan5353: You excited for Dexter tonight?

[5:56 PM] bumblefoot: Ohhhhh F*****K!!! Dexter tonight! Nice!

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[5:56 PM] gnrfan5353: oh it's gonna be great

[5:56 PM] alpachiris: Is true about the shows of India

[5:56 PM] gnrfan5353: Debra gonna kick Dexter's sumthin LOL

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[5:57 PM] fieldsy: get ready for a 1000 'are you playing India' questions

[5:57 PM] fieldsy: btw are you playing India Wink

[5:57 PM] rocketqueen1985: saw the tweet and hurried to log on lol. how are you doing, Ron?

[5:57 PM] bumblefoot: I don't think it's been formally announced and until it is I have to assume they.....

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[5:57 PM] alpachiris: makes us very happy you're feeling better

[5:57 PM] bumblefoot: ...still need to dot I's & cross T's, but it's looking pretty good for India Smile

[5:58 PM] christelle: Hi Mr Bumblefoot ! France is here ;o))

[5:58 PM] bumblefoot: Hopefully it'll be 100% confirmed Smile

[5:58 PM] fieldsy: cool

[5:58 PM] bumblefoot: Nice to see you all in here Smile

[5:58 PM] alpachiris: cool

[5:58 PM] gnrfan5353: My wife says hi bumble, her name's Michelle, Kansas City, came on stage with DJ

[5:58 PM] christelle: Very Happy

[5:58 PM] alpachiris: you deserve it

[5:58 PM] estebanf: how's your spine? Is it getting better?

[5:59 PM] bumblefoot: Getting the last of pain meds & steroids out of my system, starting to feel sane again Smile

[5:59 PM] lucie: Safe travels to Dubai Smile

[5:59 PM] bumblefoot: 40 injections, a lot of tests, a lot of correcting damage from meds....

[5:59 PM] alpachiris: omg!!!!

[5:59 PM] bumblefoot: Worst is over, can see the sunny sky ahead Smile

[5:59 PM] alpachiris: 40??

[5:59 PM] alpachiris: Hahahhaha

[6:00 PM] christelle: Happy to know you feel better Very Happy

[6:00 PM] estebanf: great news then

[6:00 PM] rocketqueen1985: Ron, do you remember the 2010 show in Denmark? I met you that day, awesome day

[6:00 PM] bumblefoot: Very cool 5353 Smile

[6:00 PM] lucie: It's nice to hear that you feel better Smile

[6:00 PM] bumblefoot: Will always be in some amount of pain but am working on finding 'peace' with it

[6:01 PM] christelle: Hey Ron just wonder if you already think about your next solo

[6:01 PM] rocketqueen1985: glad you're feeling better Smile one day you'll get your inner peace, just keep searcing Wink

[6:01 PM] gnrfan5353: You've been the darkness and it can only get better from now... that's awesome! Smile

[6:01 PM] bumblefoot: RQ1985, totally! Was a great show in DK, nice m-n-g before it too Smile

[6:01 PM] alpachiris: Give us a hint

[6:01 PM] gnrfan5353: been through*

[6:01 PM] bumblefoot: The guys are leaning toward another song off Abnormal CD....

[6:02 PM] alpachiris: nice!!

[6:02 PM] rocketqueen1985: It was an amazing show! I met you outside the venue on your way to the meet n greet

[6:02 PM] gnrfan5353: AH AWESOME!

[6:02 PM] christelle: Great !!

[6:02 PM] gnrfan5353: Guitars Still Suck *COUGH*

[6:02 PM] gnrfan5353: Smile

[6:03 PM] bumblefoot: Haha 5353!

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[6:04 PM] bumblefoot: Y'all got anything exciting going on for the week?

[6:04 PM] alone: whats up bumble?

[6:04 PM] bumblefoot: And btw, THANK YOU all for being on this site, very cool of ya's Smile

[6:04 PM] gnrfan5353: My 21 birthday coming up in 2 weeks, that's it for me

[6:04 PM] christelle: When a new album Ron ? Mean your music ! Very Happy

[6:04 PM] alpachiris: never change your manner.. you are a very very nice guy!! happy to meet you in person in

[6:04 PM] alpachiris: buenos aires

[6:04 PM] gnrfan5353: yeah, i like it ALOT more than Mygnr

[6:04 PM] alpachiris: hahahha

[6:04 PM] alone: just hanging out. and you?

[6:04 PM] rocketqueen1985: no thank you for coming hre to chat with us, we really appreciate it!

[6:04 PM] bumblefoot: Alpa - fun times in BA, yes!!

[6:04 PM] christelle: Glad to be here haha !

[6:05 PM] bumblefoot: Happy upcoming bday 5353 Smile

[6:05 PM] alone: bumble it was awesome bumping into you in vegas last year!!

[6:05 PM] gnrfan5353: Oh yeah, it'll be good

[6:05 PM] bumblefoot: christelle - I need to get inspired, been so BLAAAAAH, need inspiration! Smile

[6:05 PM] gnrfan5353: Celebrating it really Nov 2nd and 3rd with you guys

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[6:05 PM] bumblefoot: alone - did we bump into each other because I couldn't walk straight, haha?

[6:06 PM] rocketqueen1985: do you have any special plans for the show on Halloween night? will you dress up again?

[6:06 PM] alone: no becasue i couldnt! lol

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[6:06 PM] bumblefoot: HAHA!

[6:06 PM] gnrfan5353: I'm excited, The Joint should be announcing the Tattoo Sweeps today, hopefully I get that

[6:06 PM] gnrfan5353: win

[6:06 PM] bumblefoot: Nice Smile

[6:07 PM] gnrfan5353: Would love another GN'R tattoo Smile

[6:07 PM] rocketqueen1985: I'm in the tattoo competion too *crosses fingers*

[6:07 PM] gnrfan5353: I had you sign my friggin arm in Kansas City for a tattoo, but it left my body too early!!

[6:07 PM] christelle: Wow hope you'll find inspiration back soon !! Miss your sound !

[6:07 PM] gnrfan5353: good luck rocket

[6:07 PM] gnrfan5353: Very Happy

[6:07 PM] rocketqueen1985: 5353 thanks and you too Very Happy

[6:08 PM] bumblefoot: 5353, I'll re-sign it.

[6:08 PM] alone: bubmble whatboots do you wear on stage?

[6:08 PM] bumblefoot: Good luck to ya's!

[6:08 PM] gnrfan5353: awesome! I'll be there Nov 2 & 3rd and I'm sure there is a tattoo shop in the HRH

[6:08 PM] alone: sounds like a dumb question but those r some killer boots...

[6:08 PM] bumblefoot: I wear these thick bottomed boring but very protective shabootys I found somewhere

[6:09 PM] bumblefoot: RULE 1: Protect your feet. Mess your feet up and you're screwed on stage.

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[6:09 PM] alpachiris: we want to hear new things playing by bumble please not give up ..

[6:09 PM] alone: right on. looking for a comfortable killer boot to wear myself...

[6:09 PM] alpachiris: ahahaha

[6:09 PM] christelle: ;D

[6:09 PM] bumblefoot: I need to pretty em up, they look like slippers you'd wear on the moon.

[6:09 PM] gnrfan5353: Bumble, I have been playing the guitar for about 2 years now and I am struggling on

[6:09 PM] gnrfan5353: learning the scales and soloish stuff

[6:09 PM] gnrfan5353: have any tips?

[6:10 PM] alone: any ideas of the setlist for the vegas shows?

[6:10 PM] alpachiris: you know something from the Nov. 15 launch of the show in London? DVD??

[6:10 PM] bumblefoot: What about soloing is the challenge? Choosing notes or sync'ing up the hands?

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[6:10 PM] gnrfan5353: both really

[6:11 PM] gnrfan5353: It's just understanding it really

[6:11 PM] gnrfan5353: and Alternate Picking is frustrating me to no end

[6:11 PM] bumblefoot: I have no idea why anything is anything bizz-wise with GNR bizz.... lol

[6:11 PM] bumblefoot: Don't know why it took this long to put out the london show, or if it's really coming out?

[6:11 PM] bumblefoot: IDK.....

[6:12 PM] bumblefoot: And I don't ask, lol.

[6:12 PM] punkprincess: Never chatted on here...but Hi everyone:)

[6:12 PM] rocketqueen1985: I read somewhere that the hold up wasn't Axl but some other contract paper work stuff, idk

[6:12 PM] alone: well you kick ass on all the songs so it dont matter!

[6:12 PM] christelle: Hi Punkprincess !

[6:12 PM] guest-361853 entered the room.

[6:12 PM] bumblefoot: I submitted so ideas for songs to bring in, we'll see what happens.......

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[6:12 PM] bumblefoot: Hi PunkP!

[6:12 PM] alone: what songs weere those?

[6:12 PM] rocketqueen1985: what song ideas did you submi?

[6:13 PM] alpachiris: thanks for the answers

[6:13 PM] bumblefoot: When soloing over music, try to hold notes that are part of the chord you're playing over

[6:13 PM] bumblefoot: For melody.

[6:13 PM] punkprincess: Hi Bumblefoot:) Are you getting ready for Dubai?

[6:13 PM] gnrfan5353: ohh

[6:13 PM] bumblefoot: In between those notes would be notes from the scale in the key that the music's in

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[6:14 PM] alpachiris: that is what most motivates you to keep in GNR??

[6:14 PM] alpachiris: soory for my english dude..

[6:14 PM] gnrfan5353: I never knew that... awesome that will help me alot

[6:14 PM] bumblefoot: Very ready for Dubai, will be a nice trip Smile Looking forward to playing with POV there:)

[6:14 PM] bumblefoot: POV = Point Of View (band)

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[6:14 PM] bumblefoot: What makes me stay in GNR when I'm losing my sh*t? lol

[6:14 PM] guest-361922 changed nickname to gnrfan5353

[6:15 PM] bumblefoot: All of you.

[6:15 PM] guest-361895 changed nickname to alan_garcia

[6:15 PM] alone: thank you bubmle

[6:15 PM] guest-361853 changed nickname to rodrysimon

[6:15 PM] alone: bubmle lol

[6:15 PM] bumblefoot: As cheesy as it sounds, when I'm at my breaking point, all the love everyone shares

[6:15 PM] bumblefoot: makes all the difference

[6:15 PM] delia: Smile

[6:15 PM] bumblefoot: Everyone has breaking points with touring. Everyone. Every band.

[6:15 PM] alpachiris: ok !!! thanks! and good luck on Dubai!

[6:15 PM] punkprincess: I bet you're excited for it:) I would be. I'll be there for the Vegas residency in Nov.

[6:16 PM] rocketqueen1985: we just give love back cause you're always giving it to us fans

[6:16 PM] christelle: And that's human !

[6:16 PM] gnrfan5353: Thats great.. I really hope you don't let some of the trolls on other sites get to you.

[6:16 PM] vicky: hi Bumble!! I'Hi to all!!

[6:16 PM] bumblefoot: Just part of normal band stuff.

[6:16 PM] bumblefoot: Big polygamous dysfunctional marriage in a strained situations.

[6:16 PM] christelle: What's your fav solo with Guns heard it was Shackler's right ?

[6:16 PM] gnrfan5353: You are a really awesome human being and anyone who has met you knows that

[6:16 PM] alpachiris: hahahha

[6:16 PM] alone: first say you play with GNR at the Inland Invasion in San Bernadino 2006. Dont ever leave

[6:16 PM] bumblefoot: Hey all (new arrivals)

[6:16 PM] christelle: Hahaha ! Very Happy

[6:17 PM] vicky: How is your hand?

[6:17 PM] punkprincess: was especially excited 2 here u will visit an autism center in dubai

[6:17 PM] bumblefoot: Shackler's yeah. Fun one... and I like it all better live.......

[6:17 PM] alpachiris: I have to go.. thanks for the answers and a big huge from

[6:17 PM] alpachiris: bye ron

[6:17 PM] alone: do you remeber anything about taht show? i brought my twelve year old son...

[6:17 PM] bumblefoot: Thanks y'all Smile

[6:17 PM] gnrfan5353: Epic vocals on Shacklers

[6:17 PM] alan_garcia: why did you 'change' the way you played the solos? in 2006 they were more improved

[6:18 PM] rocketqueen1985: i was blown away how amazing shacklers sounds live. much better than on the album

[6:18 PM] bumblefoot: Alone - in the big red lobster suit, yes? lol

[6:18 PM] alone: yes!!!!

[6:18 PM] rocketqueen1985: haha i love the red suit

[6:18 PM] christelle: Thx Very Happy Love to hear you play Don't cry !

[6:18 PM] bumblefoot: Big kiss to gnrla Smile

[6:18 PM] alan_garcia: better,twat solos,and now they're close to the original version

[6:18 PM] bumblefoot: I remember more things surrounding the show than what happens on stage....

[6:19 PM] punkprincess: Thanks for chatting with your fans, it's so awesome of you

[6:19 PM] bumblefoot: The stage is a blur, but you remember things before & after the show, people u meet

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[6:19 PM] alone: yeah it was a really good show... almost was a riot...

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[6:19 PM] guest-362006 changed nickname to nytunz

[6:19 PM] rocketqueen1985: also your background vocals on Better sounds amazing live

[6:19 PM] guest-361994 changed nickname to santi_bucher

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[6:20 PM] nytunz: Hello Ron! How are you!?

[6:20 PM] bumblefoot: alan - felt like I was re-writing stuff too much. Kept it closer to what people knew Smile

[6:20 PM] christelle: How do you do ?? Superman haha ! We meet 2 or 3 of you so easy for us

[6:20 PM] delia: wow, bumblefoot, I'm so impressed I don't regret entering this forum/chat because of you

[6:20 PM] christelle: But you thousands of us

[6:20 PM] punkprincess: Vegas will be my first time seeing Gnr in concert. It's a bday present can't wait

[6:20 PM] bumblefoot: Thanks 1985 Smile Wussup TUUUUUNZ!

[6:20 PM] gnrfan5353: I think it is awesome when you do your own thing on the songs, you do a great job

[6:20 PM] bumblefoot: Thanks delia Very Happy

[6:21 PM] gnrfan5353: I'd love to hear your COMA

[6:21 PM] alpachiris left the room.

[6:21 PM] nytunz: Im fine! thanks!=)

[6:21 PM] gnrfan5353: You'll be playing your solo and include a piece of COMA, and Axl will go "Heard that" lol

[6:21 PM] bumblefoot: I spend much of my time in a Coma.

[6:21 PM] estebanf: I agree with 5353 about Coma

[6:21 PM] alone: LA Forum was a killer show. Any memories of that one?

[6:21 PM] gnrfan5353: haha Very Happy

[6:22 PM] bumblefoot: LA Forum *felt* like pitching a perfect game. Everything just felt right. Smile

[6:22 PM] rocketqueen1985: You should play Catcher soon. We had a sign asking for Catcher at the Paris concert lol

[6:22 PM] alone: You were perfect on Estranged... and Don't Cry,,,

[6:22 PM] guest-362060 entered the room.

[6:22 PM] bumblefoot: Felt like it, but..... when you think it was good, fans say it was MEH. And vice versa

[6:22 PM] bumblefoot: Lol, it's always perceived different than it feels... lol

[6:22 PM] guest-362060 changed nickname to juan_pabloroseradke

[6:22 PM] alone: the energey of the show, the set-list, was perfect...

[6:23 PM] punkprincess: Estranged is one of my favorites, and November Rain, so much heart in them

[6:23 PM] santi_bucher: Ron.. 2013 is the year of a new GnR CD?

[6:23 PM] rocketqueen1985: fans say estranged is meh?! I cried when I heard it

[6:23 PM] gnrfan5353: Probably the trolls... I was fighting with them all day last night and yesterday...

[6:23 PM] christelle: Always love when you play never disapointed !!!!

[6:23 PM] punkprincess: Looking forward to when a new album is released too Smile

[6:23 PM] nytunz: is that a statment or a question Santi

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[6:23 PM] guest-362105 changed nickname to axlsrose

[6:23 PM] bumblefoot: I tend to foget where I am sometimes, and lose myself in it. Then someone will bump into

[6:23 PM] alone: but my favorite show so far is the House Of Blues.Killer show... Dead Flowers was amazing

[6:23 PM] bumblefoot: me and I'm like OH YEAH! I'M HERE! OOPS!

[6:23 PM] bumblefoot: lol

[6:23 PM] juan_pabloroseradke: Bumblefoot what was your experience working with Poc?

[6:24 PM] nytunz: are u into Tool Ron?

[6:24 PM] gnrfan5353: I wish I could play the guitar like you do and not know that I am playing it!!! HAHA

[6:24 PM] bumblefoot: santi - no predictions. Everything takes 3x longer than you plan for, that I know.

[6:24 PM] bumblefoot: With any band doing any album, most of the time at least....

[6:24 PM] estebanf: IDK if anyone asked this but, is there a LEGAL issue with Riad stopping you guys 2play it?

[6:25 PM] alone: Ron, anyone you would like to work with, but haven't?

[6:25 PM] bumblefoot: juan - very proud of the Poc album, hopefully she'll do something with it! :p

[6:25 PM] bumblefoot: Tool, yes, I'm a fan

[6:25 PM] gnrfan5353: I think you guys killed "sailing" in 2006

[6:25 PM] juan_pabloroseradke: When new solo album as DJ Ashba?

[6:25 PM] alone: Tool & Bumble. Epic

[6:26 PM] nytunz: Didnt Chris play with Tool for a while?

[6:26 PM] bumblefoot: juan - last stuff I did was 9 singles last year, released 2 album I produced (Poc &

[6:26 PM] bumblefoot: AlexA Vetere)

[6:26 PM] alone: agree with 5353. sailing was awesome

[6:26 PM] bumblefoot: And another from rapper Scarface that isn't released yet....

[6:26 PM] estebanf: Frank played drums for Tool in 2009 if im not wrong...

[6:26 PM] punkprincess: Are you looking forward to the residency in Vegas?

[6:26 PM] alone: yeah i heard about scarface... looking forward to it

[6:26 PM] bumblefoot: Been busy this year with touring and taking care of personal stuff in between.....

[6:26 PM] axlsrose: I agree too, with 5353 and alone, I listen to that version of Sailing a lot

[6:27 PM] gnrfan5353: me too, so great

[6:27 PM] bumblefoot: Chris & Frank have some Tool connects....

[6:27 PM] bumblefoot: Very much looking forward to the residency.

[6:27 PM] alone: how was working with scarface?

[6:27 PM] rocketqueen1985: yes sailing is amazing, both axl's voice and the guitars. will you play it again someday?

[6:27 PM] gnrfan5353: +!

[6:27 PM] gnrfan5353: +1

[6:27 PM] nytunz: yeah, i remember that. Frank and Danny Carey... saw a youtube clip from that show. amazing

[6:27 PM] bumblefoot: Scarface was in prison at the time, lol. Someone else did the recording, I laid guitar at

[6:28 PM] bumblefoot: my studio, then I did final mixes and mastering for the whole album.

[6:28 PM] axlsrose: Ron, I met you in Vegas over new year and you were lovely

[6:28 PM] nytunz: Tool / GNR tour! Make it happen Ron. haha

[6:28 PM] juan_pabloroseradke: Bumblefoot I have one more question, when they return to Mexico?

[6:28 PM] axlsrose: I'm going to the residency too in Vegas and am looking forward to seeing you again Smile

[6:28 PM] gnrfan5353: Whose opening for the residency? I've been curious

[6:28 PM] bumblefoot: Ah, thanks so much Axlsrose ! Was that outside a li'l restaurant? You were from I

[6:28 PM] bumblefoot: Ireland or the UK?

[6:29 PM] axlsrose: YES!! That was me!! I have the same twitter alias as here.

[6:29 PM] bumblefoot: juan - not sure, but hopefully will get back to MX soon as possible Smile

[6:29 PM] santi_bucher: What motivates you to keep in Guns?

[6:29 PM] axlsrose: I'm from the UK Smile

[6:29 PM] bumblefoot: santi, answered that, scroll up brutha!!! lol

[6:29 PM] punkprincess: Im Excited about seeing you and the rest of the band in Vegas 4 sure

[6:29 PM] bumblefoot: Nice to chat with u again axlsrose

[6:30 PM] christelle: Yyyyaaaaayyy will be in Vegas too for few shows Wink

[6:30 PM] bumblefoot: Don't know who's opening, haven't gotten an answer yet......

[6:30 PM] gnrfan5353: I love true GNR fans.. Smile

[6:30 PM] bumblefoot: I gave a few recommendations for openers...

[6:30 PM] axlsrose: You too Ron, I'm so chuffed you remember me Smile

[6:30 PM] santi_bucher: I was late haha sorry!

[6:30 PM] bumblefoot: I love em too 5353 Smile

[6:30 PM] alone: Bumble if it was up to you, what songs would you include for the Vegas stay???

[6:30 PM] juan_pabloroseradke: Ok, thank you very much for answering my questions Smile, you think you can play "Garden Of E

[6:31 PM] gnrfan5353: Could you list your ideas for openers? Smile

[6:31 PM] nytunz: So you recom. Tool then? .. no, juts kiddin.. ill stop mentioning tool

[6:31 PM] bumblefoot: alone - a few more UYI tunes & more TWAT & Catcher & Scraped

[6:31 PM] guest-362237 entered the room.

[6:31 PM] guest-362237 changed nickname to silk6shooter

[6:31 PM] gnrfan5353: yes TWAT

[6:31 PM] gnrfan5353: I think Axl would kill Yesterdays

[6:31 PM] alone: You read my mind!!!

[6:31 PM] santi_bucher: no Prostitute?

[6:31 PM] punkprincess: Have a safe trip in Dubai, and a fun lots of pix on twitter lol:)

[6:31 PM] alone: 5353 yes to Yesterdays!!!

[6:31 PM] silk6shooter: or instagram!

[6:32 PM] bumblefoot: I like the others more than Prostitute Razz lol

[6:32 PM] axlsrose: Ah yes, good call! I love TWAT! It's my fave off ChiDem

[6:32 PM] gnrfan5353: what about IF The World

[6:32 PM] gnrfan5353: such a James Bond song

[6:32 PM] punkprincess: one of my faves is "This I Love"

[6:32 PM] gnrfan5353: it is

[6:32 PM] santi_bucher: what songs of the UYI's?

[6:32 PM] vicky: Do vote, I vote Dead Horse!! Hahaa

[6:32 PM] alone: bubmle do ya remeber bumbping into at the Mix in vegas? 64th floor?

[6:32 PM] gnrfan5353: OMG vicky dead horse

[6:32 PM] gnrfan5353: so good

[6:32 PM] rocketqueen1985: ron, say hi to your wife, tweeted with her a few times, she's lovely!

[6:32 PM] silk6shooter: Man if GN'R did a Bond song I'd explode

[6:32 PM] juan_pabloroseradke: Return to play "Garden Of Eden" at one of his concerts?

[6:32 PM] gnrfan5353: i'm telling ya, If the world IS the bond song

[6:32 PM] gnrfan5353: haha jk

[6:32 PM] bumblefoot: I'd recommend Loco, Coma, Crime....

[6:33 PM] silk6shooter: hahaha it is very Bondesque I agree

[6:33 PM] gnrfan5353: Bumblefoot omg

[6:33 PM] axlsrose: I was hoping you'd play it at European tour but I only went to London & Nottingham shows

[6:33 PM] gnrfan5353: that is greatness

[6:33 PM] gnrfan5353: I'd like to hear Dont Damn Me

[6:33 PM] alone: my phone wouldt work, so your friend used his phone and sent me a picture of us....

[6:33 PM] gnrfan5353: sometimes I wanna kill sometimes I wanna die sometimes I wanna Destroy

[6:33 PM] axlsrose: Coma would be amazing!!! I'd *love* to hear that live

[6:33 PM] santi_bucher: amazing songs...

[6:33 PM] bumblefoot: What I'd like to do is do an online poll to pick our setlist for a night. Smile

[6:33 PM] nytunz: i think it would be kinda hard to do Crime live on vocals

[6:33 PM] silk6shooter: OMG

[6:33 PM] gnrfan5353: OMG

[6:34 PM] silk6shooter: That'd be sick

[6:34 PM] gnrfan5353: Istagasm

[6:34 PM] punkprincess: Thats an excellent idea

[6:34 PM] gnrfan5353: Bumble for President LOL

[6:34 PM] alone: i kept yelling bumble mutha fuckn foot... guns n mother fucken roses ... lol

[6:34 PM] silk6shooter: THAT'S THE GREATEST IDEA EVER

[6:34 PM] rocketqueen1985: a fan picked setlist would seriously rock

[6:34 PM] vicky: Brillant!!!

[6:34 PM] gnrfan5353: show axl this

[6:34 PM] estebanf: that could be a great idea!

[6:34 PM] gnrfan5353: lol

[6:34 PM] santi_bucher: talks with Axl.. haha

[6:34 PM] bumblefoot: I did that for a solo tour once, was a cool way to pick a set list Smile

[6:34 PM] gnrfan5353: that's the best idea i've ever heard

[6:34 PM] punkprincess: I would love 2 hear "You Could Be Mine" live definitely do a poll Very Happy pretty please haha

[6:35 PM] christelle: Love the idea !!

[6:35 PM] gnrfan5353: they play you could be mine

[6:35 PM] gnrfan5353: lol

[6:35 PM] bumblefoot: Gonna email Team Brazil right now about it.

[6:35 PM] gnrfan5353: me too

[6:35 PM] gnrfan5353: gimme the email

[6:35 PM] santi_bucher: lol hahah

[6:35 PM] gnrfan5353: Razz

[6:35 PM] bumblefoot: See, y'all make me think! Very Happy

[6:35 PM] alone: is there any songs

[6:35 PM] gnrfan5353: im sure every GNR fan will back ya up too

[6:35 PM] alone: GNR have rehearsed that havent been released?

[6:35 PM] santi_bucher: what about Going Down?

[6:36 PM] vicky: but not only for 1 show! Wiht that setlist you should do a world tour!!! Hahaha

[6:36 PM] punkprincess: yes all the "gunners" would definitely be on board i'm sure lol

[6:36 PM] silk6shooter: As long as its the fans are picking it n' not the general public, that'd be amazing.

[6:36 PM] gnrfan5353: It'd be lots of Coma, Lots of Locomotive, Estranged TWAT

[6:36 PM] silk6shooter: otherwise I feel like the setlist would be the exact same

[6:36 PM] nytunz: Coma would be awesome

[6:37 PM] alone: is there songs gnr have rehearsed that arent released songs??

[6:37 PM] guest-362360 entered the room.

[6:37 PM] guest-362360 changed nickname to freaka

[6:37 PM] gnrfan5353: Bumble playing Locomotive, jesus.

[6:37 PM] rocketqueen1985: i'd love to hear pretty tied up. i just really love that song

[6:37 PM] silk6shooter: Man if I could hear Locomotive or Breakdown live that'd make my life.

[6:37 PM] christelle: Would like you tour again with your music and come back to Europe Wink

[6:37 PM] gnrfan5353: silk no joke

[6:37 PM] silk6shooter: YES

[6:37 PM] nytunz: Coma is one of the best songs ever

[6:37 PM] alone: breakdown

[6:37 PM] freaka: hey everyone

[6:37 PM] bumblefoot: Email sent.

[6:37 PM] gnrfan5353: !!!!!!

[6:37 PM] punkprincess: yayayay!

[6:37 PM] santi_bucher: HAHAHA

[6:37 PM] silk6shooter: That's awesome!

[6:38 PM] juan_pabloroseradke: Please return to play "Garden Of Eden" at one of his concerts, is my favorite song Smile

[6:38 PM] bumblefoot: I called it a "Have It Your Way" night, we play the most requested 24 songs.

[6:38 PM] bumblefoot: Will see if it's doable Smile

[6:38 PM] gnrfan5353: make it one of my dates lol!

[6:38 PM] christelle: GREAT

[6:38 PM] axlsrose: That's an amazing idea!

[6:38 PM] alone: sponsored by burgerking

[6:38 PM] nytunz: Breakdown is also a great song! Do it do it

[6:38 PM] silk6shooter: This is the greatest idea ever.

[6:38 PM] punkprincess: That's fantastic....

[6:38 PM] bumblefoot: Yes, and we'll give out free paper crowns to anyone's birthday in the audience

[6:38 PM] bumblefoot: lol!

[6:38 PM] alone: lol

[6:38 PM] gnrfan5353: YES!

[6:38 PM] silk6shooter: Hahahaha

[6:38 PM] santi_bucher: lol

[6:38 PM] axlsrose: lol!!!

[6:38 PM] santi_bucher: what about Going Down ?

[6:39 PM] alone: I'll be at the Halloween show. Looking forward to it

[6:39 PM] punkprincess: haha this concert is for my bday LOL

[6:39 PM] nytunz: Any clue on whats going on with Guns next year? Will u guys tour europe again soon?

[6:39 PM] christelle: OMG

[6:39 PM] rocketqueen1985: will you guys dress up for the halloween show like you did last year?

[6:39 PM] bumblefoot: I can be the statue of the king dude. Already got the beard & cape. LOL!

[6:39 PM] gnrfan5353: epic

[6:39 PM] christelle: lol

[6:39 PM] gnrfan5353: You could be the Dos Equis guy

[6:39 PM] guest-362393 entered the room.

[6:39 PM] guest-362393 changed nickname to alpachiris

[6:39 PM] punkprincess: The residency will be history making haha

[6:39 PM] bumblefoot: No 2013 plans yet........ Razz GNR plans always come together last minute......... Smile

[6:39 PM] bumblefoot: Bumble = Burger Laden

[6:39 PM] silk6shooter: Bumblefoot already IS the most interesting man in the world

[6:40 PM] axlsrose: Yes I have noticed that about GNR

[6:40 PM] nytunz: aha.. i see.. u didnt stop by Norway this year.. im kinda pissed!

[6:40 PM] alpachiris left the room.

[6:40 PM] guest-362405 entered the room.

[6:40 PM] guest-362405 changed nickname to jessymoncelli

[6:40 PM] gnrfan5353: "He went back and always came back" - dos equis man

[6:40 PM] axlsrose: I always have to have money saved up just in case a last minute tour happens

[6:40 PM] gnrfan5353: black*

[6:40 PM] bumblefoot: I wanna dress up for Halloween, we should....

[6:40 PM] guest-362411 entered the room.

[6:40 PM] guest-362411 changed nickname to alpachiris

[6:40 PM] silk6shooter: hahaha

[6:40 PM] alone: have any ideas??

[6:40 PM] punkprincess: will be anxiously waiting to hear about those 2013 plans Smile

[6:40 PM] freaka: BBF would you consider doing any livestream anytime soon?

[6:40 PM] bumblefoot: Funny Norway story from last night.....

[6:40 PM] bumblefoot: This will BORE most of you, but it blew my mind.....

[6:41 PM] bumblefoot: lol

[6:41 PM] guest-362429 entered the room.

[6:41 PM] guest-362429 changed nickname to bumblecool

[6:41 PM] gnrfan5353: lemme put my reading glasses on

[6:41 PM] gnrfan5353: jk

[6:41 PM] nytunz: haha.. tell me!!

[6:41 PM] axlsrose: tell us!

[6:41 PM] silk6shooter: doubtful. please go ahead!

[6:41 PM] axlsrose: please

[6:41 PM] bumblefoot: About to make a UrineStream on the floor. Said I was gonna pee 45 minutes ago. BRB

[6:41 PM] santi_bucher: could be epic special guets in Las Vegas?

[6:41 PM] freaka: hahaha

[6:41 PM] silk6shooter: haha ok

[6:41 PM] bumblefoot: DON;T TYPE WHILE I'M GONE!!

[6:42 PM] santi_bucher: HAHA

[6:42 PM] delia: can we smile while you're gone?Smile

[6:42 PM] alone: sorry gotta go bumble. great chatting with you. long live GNR

[6:42 PM] christelle: Hahaha ! he is crazy !!

[6:42 PM] bumblecool: hey bro

[6:42 PM] bumblecool: Very Happy

[6:42 PM] gnrfan5353: lol he said no type

[6:42 PM] alone: gotta make spinach dip...

[6:42 PM] gnrfan5353: alone - add me

[6:43 PM] rocketqueen1985: now i want dip and chips

[6:43 PM] bumblefoot: Dammit, yo all typed.

[6:43 PM] bumblefoot: Evacuation com..... plete.

[6:43 PM] gnrfan5353: you wouldn't believe how long it lasted though lol

[6:43 PM] christelle: Yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaah

[6:44 PM] punkprincess: lol

[6:44 PM] freaka: lol

[6:44 PM] bumblefoot: Bye alone ! ! Nice chatting Smile

[6:44 PM] silk6shooter: hahaha I was raised on Austin Powers

[6:44 PM] bumblefoot: Hey cool!

[6:44 PM] juan_pabloroseradke: You can send greetings to Krystell and me?

[6:44 PM] bumblefoot: OK, back to the odd story re: Norway that is of no interest to you all.....

[6:44 PM] delia: thank you bumblefoot! you made my day with this chat

[6:44 PM] gnrfan5353: lets do this

[6:44 PM] punkprincess: Tell the story haha

[6:44 PM] nytunz: it may be for me, coz im norwegian

[6:44 PM] delia: bumblefoot, tell us the story please

[6:45 PM] nytunz: if that matters..

[6:45 PM] gnrfan5353: hes probably typing

[6:45 PM] bumblefoot: In 1989 I had musician penpals overseas.....

[6:45 PM] bumblefoot: back before this whole email thing you wippersnappers do.

[6:45 PM] rocketqueen1985: i gotta go pee. will you stop typing til i get back? brb

[6:45 PM] gnrfan5353: hahhahah

[6:45 PM] nytunz: TNT?

[6:45 PM] bumblefoot: One guy was an accordian player in Norway.

[6:46 PM] bumblefoot: I'm at the show last night in NY, opener in on.......

[6:46 PM] bumblefoot: This guy says to me in an accent "I want to see how good your memory is..."

[6:46 PM] alone: i'll buy you a beer in vegas. the mix 64th floor again...

[6:46 PM] silk6shooter: hahaha no way it wasn't him

[6:47 PM] punkprincess: holy cow was it him?

[6:47 PM] freaka: omg lol

[6:47 PM] bumblefoot: He asked if I remembered an accordian player that reached out after I was in a guitar mag.

[6:47 PM] punkprincess: wow!!! small world haha

[6:47 PM] gnrfan5353: whoah

[6:48 PM] bumblefoot: I immediately remembered, he was there with his son, who was older than I was back then...

[6:48 PM] silk6shooter: that's crazy

[6:48 PM] nytunz: haha

[6:48 PM] bumblefoot: He was on tour with his band and was in NY, took a cab up.

[6:48 PM] delia: Very Happy

[6:48 PM] freaka: that's pretty awesome

[6:48 PM] bumblefoot: After 23 years we finally met Smile

[6:48 PM] punkprincess: bet that brought back memories....craziness Smile

[6:48 PM] christelle: Crazy !

[6:48 PM] silk6shooter: still playing accordian?

[6:48 PM] bumblecool: olá tania Very Happy

[6:48 PM] nytunz: cool.. whats his band called?

[6:48 PM] lucie left the room.

[6:48 PM] bumblefoot: His band was on Ipecac, Mike Patton's label. So cool Smile

[6:49 PM] freaka: Olá Ricardo! Very Happy

[6:49 PM] axlsrose: that's crazy!! What a fantastic event

[6:49 PM] gnrfan5353: ohh yeah, Mike Patton is great

[6:49 PM] nytunz: cooll u remember the band namne.. maybe i know about them, it theyr known i norway

[6:49 PM] punkprincess: Well, i am glad you shared this story with us:) Very neat hearing that thank u

[6:49 PM] gnrfan5353: Mr. Bungle, Fantomas and Tomahawk

[6:49 PM] gnrfan5353: pure genius

[6:49 PM] punkprincess: Hope y'all kept in touch:)

[6:49 PM] delia: very nice story Smile

[6:50 PM] delia: thank you for sharing Smile

[6:50 PM] bumblefoot: Exchanged *emails* Smile

[6:50 PM] guest-362621 entered the room.

[6:50 PM] guest-362621 changed nickname to roseashba1402

[6:50 PM] christelle: You have a really good memory !!

[6:50 PM] juan_pabloroseradke left the room.

[6:50 PM] gnrfan5353: Did you meet Patton in Rio 2011?

[6:51 PM] punkprincess: That's great...gotta love technology so y'all can stay in contact:)

[6:51 PM] punkprincess: Making friends wherever you go Smile love it

[6:51 PM] silk6shooter: you guys gonna ever play together? l bet he could play a mean accordian solo lol

[6:51 PM] roseashba1402 left the room.

[6:52 PM] guest-362651 entered the room.

[6:52 PM] guest-362651 changed nickname to roseashba1402

[6:52 PM] bumblefoot: Never met Patton.... love FNM & Bungle...

[6:52 PM] bumblefoot: gotta find his band online....

[6:53 PM] gnrfan5353: oh yeah you ever listen to Fantomas or Tomahawk?

[6:53 PM] punkprincess: Would love to hear some of his it's neat

[6:53 PM] gnrfan5353: I've been waiting for FNM to tour US

[6:53 PM] silk6shooter: Hey just curious, of all the movies you've watched on tour, which was the best?

[6:53 PM] nytunz: i really wanna see FNM! Never seen them live

[6:53 PM] silk6shooter: I always read about your BumbleMovieNights.

[6:53 PM] bumblefoot:

[6:54 PM] christelle: What's your next event ? I mean after Dubai ?

[6:54 PM] nytunz: aha.. farmers market..

[6:54 PM] gnrfan5353: Ny i think they would kill

[6:54 PM] nytunz: thay are great!

[6:54 PM] bumblefoot: Have seen soooooooooooooooooooooo many movies, all started between me & Stinson....

[6:54 PM] bumblefoot: Talking about old 70s obscure ones we remembered.

[6:54 PM] punkprincess: What's one of your fave scary movies??? Mine is Psycho

[6:54 PM] guest-362687 entered the room.

[6:54 PM] silk6shooter: That's so cool. I'm a huuuge cinephile.

[6:54 PM] bumblefoot: Told them I'd sart collecting rarities and bring a hard drive full of em.

[6:55 PM] rocketqueen1985: i love that you had the fans vote about what movies to watch lol

[6:55 PM] bumblefoot: Surprisingly, 1408 made me jump a lot.......!

[6:55 PM] guest-362687 left the room.

[6:55 PM] silk6shooter: with John Cusack?

[6:55 PM] guest-362699 entered the room.

[6:55 PM] guest-362702 entered the room.

[6:55 PM] christelle: Me too like the votes !!

[6:55 PM] gnrfan5353: You gonna check out the Goretorium?

[6:55 PM] bumblefoot: I like f'd up movies..... Gummo, Srpski, Martyrs.....

[6:55 PM] roseashba1402: Bumblefoot, What is your favorite food? Smile

[6:55 PM] bumblefoot: Thai, Japanese, Mexican - fave foods

[6:56 PM] santi_bucher: asado?

[6:56 PM] bumblefoot: silk6, yes...

[6:56 PM] gnrfan5353: Pad Thai

[6:56 PM] silk6shooter: I've read about Martyrs! Heard it was "cray"

[6:56 PM] punkprincess: I like thrillers, and movies that make you think...have you seen Dream House?

[6:56 PM] guest-362702 changed nickname to novemberrain

[6:56 PM] silk6shooter: ok Ill try it then!

[6:56 PM] delia: bumblefoot, what's your favorite movie?

[6:56 PM] freaka: Have you seen Irreversible?

[6:56 PM] bumblefoot: After Dubai, I see my dad Smile Then go to DiMarzio to experiment with pickups for the new

[6:56 PM] bumblefoot: guitar

[6:57 PM] punkprincess: Have a safe trip:)

[6:57 PM] bumblefoot: Then an event on the 12th for kid's education through the pooooower of music

[6:57 PM] axlsrose: It sounds like you're pretty busy then

[6:57 PM] bumblefoot: 13th gonna jam another fundraiser in NYC

[6:57 PM] axlsrose: I hope you and MrsBumblefoot have an amazing time in Dubai

[6:57 PM] bumblefoot: 14th down to Atlantic City for the screening and party for The Meat Puppet movie

[6:58 PM] silk6shooter: haha all this charity stuff you do is GREAT

[6:58 PM] bumblefoot: 15th, pack. 16th, fly to Cali....

[6:58 PM] punkprincess: Love that you do things for charities/'re an inspiration 2 many

[6:58 PM] bumblefoot: Thanks y'all Smile

[6:58 PM] guest-362699 changed nickname to asdf

[6:58 PM] bumblefoot: Dream House, no.... gonna IMDB it

[6:58 PM] christelle: Family is important Smile The new guitar !! Great ! What kind ? Wow so busy !

[6:58 PM] silk6shooter: Your schedule seems waaay full. Do you ever take a break?

[6:59 PM] silk6shooter: I haven't seen Dream House, but I'm pretty sure it stars Daniel Craig....

[6:59 PM] rocketqueen1985: it's great you guys are doing the neil young concert too. are you excited about that?

[6:59 PM] asdf left the room.

[6:59 PM] gnrfan5353: I'm excited to see the setlist for that show

[6:59 PM] nytunz: are there a chance for some new bumble solos at the GNR shows?

[6:59 PM] novemberrain: hello Bumblefoot, have some new material ready for "Appetite For Democracy" ?

[6:59 PM] punkprincess: It's an interesting movie, takes a bit to figure it out, or atleast for me it did lol

[6:59 PM] punkprincess: but I enjoyed it

[6:59 PM] silk6shooter: Yeah how did that Neil Young concert come about?

[7:00 PM] bumblecool left the room.

[7:00 PM] roseashba1402: Bumblefoot, you think of Mexican fans?

[7:00 PM] vicky left the room.

[7:00 PM] bumblefoot: Dream House looks like it might have a The Others vibe... looks good Smile

[7:00 PM] guest-362777 entered the room.

[7:00 PM] guest-362777 changed nickname to vicky

[7:01 PM] vicky left the room.

[7:01 PM] punkprincess: Omg YES I compared it to that the other day, the others was good

[7:01 PM] guest-362783 entered the room.

[7:01 PM] guest-362783 changed nickname to vicky

[7:01 PM] bumblefoot: silk - this IS my break, lol....

[7:01 PM] bumblefoot: "I haven't had a good night sleep since 1995..." (song quote)

[7:02 PM] bumblefoot: tunz, thinking of adding another in there....

[7:02 PM] punkprincess: I wanted to see "The Posession" that came out recently looked intense

[7:02 PM] silk6shooter: hahah wow n' you're sharing it with us. We really do appreciate the time! Smile

[7:02 PM] alone: anyway i can get a signed abnormal cd??

[7:03 PM] gnrfan5353: I need that signature from you lol Smile

[7:03 PM] axlsrose: heh, I love that song. I'm really pleased you played it in England in May/June

[7:03 PM] punkprincess: Do you enjoying getting to travel seeing and experiencing all the different places?

[7:03 PM] nytunz: do a tool song!! lol.. Schism!

[7:03 PM] gnrfan5353: have a perfect spot for it

[7:03 PM] freaka: if you're into f'd up movies you should de check Irreversible with Monica Bellucci

[7:03 PM] vicky: joined the group whiteboard.

[7:03 PM] rodrysimon left the room.

[7:04 PM] bumblefoot: alone, yep..... not be a giant WHORE, but to answer....

[7:05 PM] bumblefoot: Got em there Smile

[7:05 PM] christelle: Love Glad too ! Love the rythm and the lyrics Wink


[7:05 PM] alone: very cool!

[7:05 PM] bumblefoot: Thanks folks Smile

[7:05 PM] bumblefoot: punkp, yes! Love exploring Smile

[7:06 PM] novemberrain: Bumble, greetings to all fans argentinos presents in the Estadio unico de La Plata!

[7:06 PM] gnrfan5353: bumble is there a link to get your signature on my arm lol

[7:06 PM] roseashba1402: What is the funniest thing that happened to you at a concert?

[7:06 PM] gnrfan5353: hahaha

[7:06 PM] silk6shooter: hahaha

[7:06 PM] punkprincess: What is one of your favorite places you've traveled too?

[7:07 PM] bumblefoot: Croatia, Tel Aviv, MOSCOW........ I can't find anywhere I haven't liked.

[7:07 PM] bumblefoot: Dublin, London, Amsterdam of course, lol, Barcelona....


[7:08 PM] gnrfan5353: the US needs to step up

[7:08 PM] gnrfan5353: Smile

[7:08 PM] bumblefoot: Osaka, Sydney, Istanbul....

[7:08 PM] freaka: Barcelona is a pretty cool city

[7:08 PM] nytunz: the problem with working and traveling, is that you cant see enoygh of each place..

[7:08 PM] punkprincess: Neat:) Thanks for answering my questions Smile appreciate the time you've shared

[7:08 PM] delia: Barcelona is my favorite european city

[7:08 PM] punkprincess: with is:)

[7:08 PM] punkprincess: *us

[7:08 PM] nytunz: enough

[7:08 PM] vicky: what was the show you enjoyed most? And why?

[7:08 PM] silk6shooter: gnrfan we totally do.

[7:08 PM] novemberrain: BUMBLE, LIKE ARGENTINA?

[7:08 PM] bumblefoot: VEGAS, NY, LA, SF, but sometimes it's the little towns in the US .... Smile

[7:08 PM] bumblefoot: Of course Argentina!

[7:09 PM] gnrfan5353: It's all about that Dallas Texas

[7:09 PM] roseashba1402: What is the funniest thing that happened to you at a concert?

[7:09 PM] gnrfan5353: lol

[7:09 PM] bumblefoot: I remember one time in souther Oklahoma, little town, had SO much fun there....

[7:09 PM] punkprincess: Come play a show in Tulsa Very Happy

[7:09 PM] guest-362870 entered the room.

[7:09 PM] axlsrose: Vegas is amazing, I really cannot wait to go again

[7:09 PM] guest-362870 changed nickname to 3strang3d

[7:09 PM] 3strang3d left the room.

[7:09 PM] bumblefoot: Hangin' out at this diner a family owned, and the mom was such a wise-ass! LOL!

[7:09 PM] santi_bucher left the room.

[7:09 PM] gnrfan5353: i can picture that lol

[7:09 PM] silk6shooter: Orlando has uh.....Disney....n' uh....yeah thats all we have..... Sad

[7:10 PM] nytunz: can you say anything about Going Down? or is that just something u cant go into?

[7:10 PM] guest-362882 entered the room.

[7:10 PM] guest-362882 changed nickname to 3strang3d

[7:10 PM] 3strang3d left the room.

[7:10 PM] silk6shooter: finding little tiny unknown places like that are awesome!

[7:10 PM] bumblefoot: I'll say what I always say about GD - it sounds 'Earthy' to me, whatever that means, lol

[7:10 PM] novemberrain: Bumble, will return ti Argentina? Love Guns N' Roses here!

[7:11 PM] nytunz: haha.. does it tastes like earth?

[7:11 PM] bumblefoot: Tastes like granola.

[7:11 PM] nytunz: cos im an archaeologist, so i would know.. lol

[7:11 PM] punkprincess: Think you'll ever come back to Oklahoma??Smile

[7:11 PM] delia: will you return to Toronto? my best birthday gift ever was your concert here Very Happy

[7:11 PM] bumblefoot: Tastes like Australopithecan pointy sticks.

[7:12 PM] bumblefoot: Toronto!! Good times there!!!

[7:12 PM] bumblefoot: OK, I'm gonna force myself to get off this computer for a whie, I have to pack! lol

[7:12 PM] punkprincess: Thanks for chatting....Bye Bumblefoot was nice talking with u!

[7:12 PM] punkprincess: Smile

[7:12 PM] silk6shooter: ok thanks for talking to us! good luck with packing! lol

[7:12 PM] rocketqueen1985: thank you so much for stopping by and talking to us. we really appreciate it!

[7:13 PM] nytunz: haha.. earthy. wonder if that earth has lots of cultural layers

[7:13 PM] roseashba1402 left the room.

[7:13 PM] freaka: Thanks for stopping by Ron Smile

[7:13 PM] bumblefoot: SO nice chatting with you all! Let's do it again soon Smile

[7:13 PM] axlsrose: Yes we do really appreciate it, thank you !!

[7:13 PM] punkprincess: Very soon:)

[7:13 PM] bumblefoot: Thank YOU all!

[7:13 PM] delia: thank you Ron, it's been such a pleasure!

[7:13 PM] silk6shooter: Agreed!

[7:13 PM] rocketqueen1985: yes, SOON!

[7:13 PM] christelle: Thank you for giving us a little of your time was great chating with you Hugs to you & Jen

[7:13 PM] vicky: THANKS for that Bumble!!!

[7:13 PM] punkprincess: Enjoy packing lol

[7:13 PM] novemberrain: Thank you Bumbleee! idol

[7:13 PM] nytunz: thanks Ron! Ur a nice guy!

[7:13 PM] bumblefoot: Have a good day/night/week... Smile

[7:13 PM] silk6shooter: you too!

[7:13 PM] punkprincess: Have a good trip!

[7:13 PM] freaka: You too

[7:13 PM] axlsrose: you too

[7:14 PM] novemberrain: you too

[7:14 PM] delia: you've made my day, have a good trip

[7:14 PM] bumblefoot: Thanks everyone, talk to ya & see ya soon Very Happy

[7:14 PM] rocketqueen1985: take good care of yourself

[7:14 PM] christelle: TY You too & a safe trip ! Send us photos please Very Happy

[7:14 PM] jessymoncelli: Thank you for these great moments Ron Smile !!!

[7:14 PM] vicky: Love from Buenos Aires

[7:14 PM] alpachiris: thanks for all!

[7:14 PM] punkprincess: Talk to you soon:)

[7:14 PM] bumblefoot: ((((((HUG!!!))))) BYE BYE!!! Very Happy

[7:14 PM] bumblefoot left the room.

[7:14 PM] novemberrain: :DDDD

[7:14 PM] alpachiris left the room.

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[7:15 PM] guest-362915 changed nickname to 3strang3d

[7:15 PM] axlsrose: wow, that was amazing

[7:15 PM] axlsrose: bed time for me, night all

[7:15 PM] 3strang3d left the room.

[7:15 PM] vicky left the room.

[7:15 PM] christelle: Yeah GREAT !! Good night !

[7:15 PM] freaka left the room.

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