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Q&A with Angela McCluskey - August 27, 2009

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Q&A with Angela McCluskey - August 27, 2009 Empty Q&A with Angela McCluskey - August 27, 2009

Post by Soulmonster on Thu Jul 08, 2010 8:22 pm

Here's an interview with Angela McCluskey, one of the artists currently working with Richard. Check out Angela's music at her MySpace page!

First of all, congratulations with the new record ("You Could Start A Fight In An Empty House") coming out now! How does it feel?
Feels's taken me ages as I didn't want to go the regular route but finally I think this will be the best way..Republic is a website that lets fans interact and not the soulless experience that iTunes is ..also you have to buy the record which I'm selling for 2 99...

Where will it be possible to buy your new record?
Republic Project will have it set up in a few days to pre order then record comes out Sep 22 and will be available everywhere...

In many ways your music reminds me of British trip hop bands but with a more organic and less sterile sound. Do you aim for any specific genre with your solo music or does it just end up in a specific way all by itself?
Only two or three of the new songs have a trip hop vibe..I tried to do the record like it was a show so it starts with an acoustic song then moves into electro then into blues and then even full on prodigy vibe and a bit of reggae then ends by a beach in Bahamas with the real sound of the waves...

Can you tell us a little of your musical influences?
I'm a Burt Bacharach fan and 60's pop .so the record I'm doing with Richard Fortus is that vibe..I'm so excited ..I even put our demos up ..perfect music to do anything to...but soul was my primary influence growing up ..Dusty Springfield..then Scott Walker..Marvin Gaye not a lot of rock..

You've mentioned that you grew up in an environment where your singing was not encouraged. Do you have any recommendations to young people experiencing the same?
Life is life and the obstacles only make you better...

Would you say that good music, songs that get to you instantly, can be draped in more or less any musical genres without losing their inherent quality?
A good song is a song you can sing on its own or with guitar or piano...not something hidden in layers of instruments...

Any particular musician you would love to work with? Isobell Campbell, from Belle and Sebastian and a fellow Glasgower, has had great success partnering with Mark Lanegan, a singer that at least lyrically resembles you. Could you see yourself trading verses with Lanegan in the future?
Oh I've worked with most of the people I wanted to from Cyndi Lauper to Ricki Lee Jones..Joseph Arthur Lloyd Cole..Richard Fortus..Kraig Johnson

How did your collaboration with Richard Fortus happen? Has it anything to do with you being a huge Guns N' Roses fan? Wink
I met Richard many years before ..he played on my solo album on Bluenote.."The Things We Do"...I love his playing and we write really easily together...Im not a huge G&R FAN BUT I ABSOLUTELY GET WHAT THEY'RE ABOUT.. I was on Geffen at the same time and saw the riot they caused with that record...I've met Axl in NYC and had a fun night with him and friends..sweet guy..very passionate...that's what its all about..I love people who are passionate about what they do it making cream puffs or swimming in the ocean..

Can you tell us a little bit about your collaboration with Fortus? Is he involved in song writing or "only" adding guitars?
Richard came up with the whole concept and has been at me for a few years to do a French album..I love all that 60s we started a few weeks ago and I'm loving..he writes all the music and I write melody and lyrics..perfect..we work very fast ..the two songs are up on MySpace BROKEN HEART and ALL I NEED...wicked pop songs...very driving along the riviera in south of France type it...

What are you listening to right now on your music player?
Radio Dept
Bang Gang
The National
Glasvegas...who I sang with recently at T In The Park..big festival in Scotland
Nick Cave
A Camp

Do you have any upcoming touring/concert plans?
No tour plans as yet as it costs a lot of money but I hope to do some local shows and a live radio show at KCRW in the next month here in LA

If you were to pick a single concert from history, which would you have paid most to attend?
I would have paid anything to have seen Billie Holiday live or Edith Piaf

Which concert did you attend last as part of the audience?
Glasvegas on tour with Kings of Leon at o2 centre in London...of curse I was kidnapped on the tour bus and ended up on tour with them for a week...brilliant..went to Roskilde festival in Denmark...
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