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Guns N' Roses - now also an Indian movie?

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Guns N' Roses - now also an Indian movie? Empty Guns N' Roses - now also an Indian movie?

Post by Soulmonster on Thu Jun 14, 2012 8:29 am

Here's a review of the movie Guns 'N' Roses:

By Boon Chan
Thursday, Jun 14, 2012

Against the backdrop of Japanese military aggression in China in the 1930s, Xiao Dongbei (Lei Jiayin) survives by his quick wit. He unwittingly gets roped into a scheme by an underground resistance group to pull off a robbery of Japanese gold bullion.

The tone of Guns N' Roses lurches from comedy to romance to suspense and serious drama, with Ning Hao, writer-director of the hit comedy Crazy Stone (2006), unable to juggle them smoothly to convincingly tell the story of one man's political awakening.

Action-comedy/ 111 minutes
Rating: 2.5/5 stars

Picture here:

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