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Live chat with Bumblefoot - March 27, 2012

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Live chat with Bumblefoot - March 27, 2012 Empty Live chat with Bumblefoot - March 27, 2012

Post by Soulmonster on Wed Mar 28, 2012 8:24 am

I attended a live chat with Bumblefoot yesterday. From the top of my head, here are some of the things he mentioned:

- Regarding the next record, he would like to get the remaining CD sessions songs out quickly and then write a new record with the current band.

- Frank is a surprisingly good bass player.

- When Izzy joined for a few shows (in 2006?), Bumblefoot had to turn the volume on his guitar down and show Izzy all the chords to Patience as the song was played. Bumbles was not sure if Izzy was just having fun with them or if he really had forgotten the chords.

- Bumblefoot is receiving therapy and there is some progress. Surgery is not an option. He is looking at a life with pain treatment.

- Bumblefoot has never seen Axl play guitar. But he is a good piano player. And a greater singer.

- Bumblefoot is open to changing his solo spot, but ideally he wouldn't play a solo at all and rather that they do another GN'R song.

- They have no unheard songs prepared, except for the new version of 'Oh My God'.

- "Going Down" is a song written by Axl which Bumblefoot described as "earthy", in the meaning of "organic" in contrast to "instrumental".

- Richard is the biggest guitar nerd in the band.
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Live chat with Bumblefoot - March 27, 2012 Empty Re: Live chat with Bumblefoot - March 27, 2012

Post by Soulmonster on Wed Mar 28, 2012 9:36 am

Bumblecool added this:

About Going Down
''Going Down is Chi Dem era, kinda earthy, but let Axwell talk about it when he's ready''

About OMG
"Will prob do OMG eventually, we all know it.... don't know when, will be spontaneous"

About Izzy
"Izzy, lol! I remember facing him each night during Patience, with my volume knob down........I'd be showing him each chord before he had to play them, lol! And he wrote the song! I'm still not sure if Izzy was doing that to fuck with us or not. He seems like the kinda dude that pretends and is laughing inside. "

"Outta nowhere Izzy emailed me a picture of a new truck he got and asked me to email it to Axl. But the pic was like 100x50, this tiny little pic, wtf?"

About Axl
"Never heard Axl play guitar. And hopefully never will, lol. He's a great piano player. Greater singer"

About Old GN'R Songs
"Fave unplayed GNR song? Hmmmm... a few... would like to do Perfect Crime, We had it down in 07 with Robin along with Riff Raff but never played em"

About Kat
"Katarina is the first photographer to have her work seen.... she's fantastic, she gets more good shots in one show than I've seen some get in a whole tour."

About HOF
"RNRHOF? Waiting for them to induct Kiss."

About Back Injury
"Ditched my doctors and started fresh in NYC, got immediate results."

About Brain and Robin
" saw Brain in January in LA, had a few drinks at NAMM, been years....... Robin too, not since NIN was in NYC.. We'd email from time to time "

About a 2006 show
"Sebastian tells me the next day, "Dude, I got a text from Axl that said.....Bumble just tried to kill half the band. I finally feel like I'm in a rock band again."

About his Solo Spot
"Here's my prob with solos - people are there to hear GNR. But if I play GNR for a solo, they'll want it with Axl (of course....!) "

"I'll think about it.... plus I don't wanna bug the guys to learn my wacky songs. And if they fuck up my song I'll stab them again, so it's best to just avoid the whole thing. lol"
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Live chat with Bumblefoot - March 27, 2012 Empty Re: Live chat with Bumblefoot - March 27, 2012

Post by Soulmonster on Wed Mar 28, 2012 3:19 pm

The complete log:

[3:06 PM] guest-446199 changed nickname to estebanf

[3:06 PM] guest-446202 entered the room.

[3:06 PM] guest-446202 left the room.

[3:06 PM] ashbasab: Wink

[3:06 PM] voodoochild: hey esteban! Smile

[3:06 PM] zqyx1: Or Ramones Very Happy

[3:06 PM] bumblefoot: (((((BOOM!)))))

[3:06 PM] estebanf: hi everybody! hi Ron!

[3:06 PM] bumblefoot: hola esteban!

[3:06 PM] guest-446211 entered the room.

[3:06 PM] guest-446211 changed nickname to jennifersteelefl

[3:07 PM] jennifersteelefl left the room.

[3:07 PM] zqyx1: so many choices Smile hi estebanf Smile

[3:07 PM] burndizzyburn: Hi Esteban how ya doing?

[3:07 PM] bumblefoot: Jennifer Steele. Any relation to the late great Peter Steele from Type O?

[3:07 PM] estebanf: fingers crossed for your insurance company Ron!

[3:08 PM] bumblefoot: Yes, for THEIR sake or I'll post the sonofabitch's number and have a few thousand people

[3:08 PM] bumblefoot: call her

[3:08 PM] bumblefoot: lol

[3:08 PM] burndizzyburn: lol

[3:08 PM] zqyx1: So nice You are here with us Smile Are you reading forum sometimes? Wink

[3:08 PM] ashbasab: Wink

[3:09 PM] voodoochild: we'll call her and play TWAT

[3:09 PM] bumblefoot: No forums for me. Forums are for you all to say what you want without the person being

[3:09 PM] bumblefoot: in the room.

[3:09 PM] bumblefoot: keeps it honest that way.

[3:09 PM] zqyx1: Smile

[3:09 PM] bumblefoot: Well, no posting I mean......

[3:10 PM] bumblefoot: I read during tours because I like to see the fan pics that get posted

[3:10 PM] ashbasab: Wink

[3:10 PM] guest-446322 entered the room.

[3:10 PM] guest-446322 changed nickname to brett

[3:10 PM] voodoochild: what about YouTube?

[3:10 PM] estebanf: that guy Mauricio Santana (pro) took the best pics of you @ Rock in Rio, under the rain

[3:11 PM] estebanf: they are just KILLER shots

[3:11 PM] ashbasab: Why YOU DON'T COME TO BELGIUM during the EUROPEAN TOUR???

[3:11 PM] bumblefoot: sometimes I'll check vids to see what the front of house is boosting or pulling back

[3:11 PM] bumblefoot: during songs

[3:11 PM] voodoochild: because Belgium made Stela Artois

[3:11 PM] ashbasab: and Jupiler

[3:11 PM] bumblefoot: Not all the shows are confirmed, so not all the shows are announced yet. Should be a few

[3:11 PM] bumblefoot: more

[3:11 PM] ashbasab: but i prefer good wine!!

[3:12 PM] brett: hope all is well with you bumble, looking forward to hearing more from you guys

[3:12 PM] zqyx1: more shows? Smile coool !!! Smile

[3:12 PM] brett: on the road and from the studio

[3:12 PM] bumblefoot: Thanks brett Smile All cool with u

[3:12 PM] bumblefoot: ?

[3:12 PM] voodoochild: hopefully we'll get some more online streamings too

[3:13 PM] zqyx left the room.

[3:13 PM] brett: yah man, just workin hard and practicing with my new epiphone as much as possible

[3:13 PM] guest-446397 entered the room.

[3:13 PM] bumblefoot: Nice! What kind of Epiphone?

[3:13 PM] guest-446397 changed nickname to sixgnr

[3:13 PM] zqyx1: yeah online streemings are great Smile

[3:13 PM] burndizzyburn left the room.

[3:13 PM] bumblefoot: I dig the show streaming, very cool thing Smile

[3:14 PM] brett: got a good deal on a les paul standard....big upgrade from nothing, haha

[3:14 PM] voodoochild: damn, my Epiphone is on a luthier now, how I miss it.. jack got f*** up

[3:14 PM] zqyx1: It's nice to see Gn'R live even i'm in other time zone Smile Like on another planet Very Happy

[3:15 PM] sixgnr: Hi Ron!!!!

[3:15 PM] brett: fave song to warm up with?

[3:15 PM] bumblefoot: those are cool geetars.... enjoy!

[3:15 PM] brett: thanks!

[3:15 PM] bumblefoot: I just play random songs to warm up, and just keep the fingers moving....

[3:16 PM] bumblefoot: SO glad we're gonna playing in warm weather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[3:16 PM] bumblefoot: Hey SIX!

[3:16 PM] sixgnr: Nice to see ya here!!!!!

[3:16 PM] zqyx1: Favourite song from Gn'R never played yet? Wink

[3:16 PM] sixgnr: how are ya?

[3:16 PM] voodoochild: any chance to get Oh My God or is it already scraped?

[3:17 PM] guest-446493 entered the room.

[3:17 PM] guest-446493 changed nickname to bumblecool

[3:17 PM] voodoochild: hey bumblecool

[3:17 PM] bumblecool: Hey bumble

[3:17 PM] bumblecool: Wink

[3:17 PM] bumblecool: looks like finally

[3:17 PM] bumblecool: i catch some of these chats

[3:17 PM] bumblecool: Very Happy

[3:17 PM] bumblecool: hey everyone

[3:17 PM] ashbasab: hi

[3:17 PM] estebanf: I'd love to see you playing the Riad solo live...

[3:17 PM] estebanf: I thought Bucket's solo was undefeatable, until I've heard yours...

[3:18 PM] ashbasab: i'm wating for a rendez-vous with you!!!!!!!!

[3:18 PM] estebanf: I just love that song, I dont know if im alone about this, but I love it

[3:18 PM] bumblefoot: Will prob do OMG eventually, we all know it.... don't know when, will be spontaneous

[3:18 PM] bumblecool: hmm

[3:18 PM] voodoochild: me too! I annoyed Bumble quite some times asking them to play Riad again, lol..

[3:18 PM] voodoochild: thats awesome man! can't wait

[3:18 PM] bumblecool: well OMG sounds like a too fast paced song to axl handle nowadays...

[3:18 PM] brett: well back to the grind...thanks for doing these bumble, see ya soon!

[3:18 PM] bumblefoot: Fave unplayed GNR song? Hmmmm... a few... would like to do Perfect Crime

[3:19 PM] sixgnr: OMG it would be so nice to listen play by you

[3:19 PM] zqyx1: Perfect Crime? Smile That' would be great SmileSmileSmile

[3:19 PM] brett left the room.

[3:19 PM] bumblecool: hmm

[3:19 PM] voodoochild: didnt you guys rehearse Perfect Crime in 2006 too?

[3:19 PM] zqyx1: I miss Perfect Crime and... I miss... Mr Grinch Very Happy

[3:20 PM] bumblefoot: A lot of Chi Dem solos were fave moments of different takes......

[3:20 PM] bumblecool: i remember a setlist with it in 2006

[3:20 PM] bumblefoot: Axl & Caram spliced them to their liking........

[3:20 PM] estebanf: I remembers seeing it in one of those paper-setlists

[3:20 PM] bumblefoot: We had it down in 07 with Robin along with Riff Raff but never played em live.

[3:21 PM] voodoochild: oh, so you got some comped solos going on? like Shacklers fretless/fretted?

[3:21 PM] zqyx1: and what about Goin Down or something? Smile It was on some setlist too... Is it cover?

[3:21 PM] sixgnr: which song would you like to play in Europe?

[3:21 PM] bumblecool: Do you think you will be better in the Europe tour? Talking about back pain :/

[3:22 PM] sixgnr: say hallo to caram please Smile

[3:22 PM] sixgnr: some new solo?

[3:23 PM] ashbasab: I HOPE

[3:23 PM] bumblefoot: voodoo - they comped them all, then I heard them and was like 'Who's that?' lol!!!!

[3:23 PM] bumblecool: lol

[3:23 PM] bumblefoot: Hey COOL!

[3:23 PM] voodoochild: haha, so you had to learn it again =P

[3:23 PM] bumblefoot: Hardest thing was to learn my own solos, lol......

[3:24 PM] ashbasab: Wink

[3:24 PM] bumblefoot: 99% sure they comped everyone's - Bucket & Robin too.

[3:24 PM] jrzygrl33 left the room.

[3:24 PM] bumblecool: yah, i read somewhere the last week

[3:24 PM] voodoochild: but it went out good IMO... Bucket solos sounded more edited, though

[3:24 PM] guest-446715 entered the room.

[3:24 PM] guest-446715 changed nickname to bigphil1

[3:24 PM] sixgnr: come on Ron Smile

[3:24 PM] guest-446718 entered the room.

[3:24 PM] guest-446718 changed nickname to jrzygrl33

[3:24 PM] bumblecool: in some solos you can hear some diferent tones

[3:25 PM] bumblefoot: I like how we play the stuff live, because it brings it all back to real playin' and all

[3:25 PM] voodoochild: yeah, Bucket's Scraped outro sounds like lots of different takes indeed

[3:25 PM] bigphil1: Ron what is the story behind the dent on your Les Paul from Sheffield '06?

[3:25 PM] bumblefoot: whole lotta takes on the Scraped end......

[3:25 PM] bumblecool: Nice to see you jamming with the foot guitar Very Happy

[3:25 PM] sixgnr: it's another dimension... play songs live with a crowd


[3:26 PM] bumblefoot: Phil - knife wound in the gtr? Was when I was gonna stab three bandmembers between songs.

[3:27 PM] bumblefoot: I disagreed with them on their taste in 18th century wall decorations.

[3:27 PM] bumblecool: wtf Very Happy

[3:27 PM] zqyx1: Very Happy

[3:27 PM] voodoochild: just a regular day at the office

[3:27 PM] bumblefoot: ashbasab - purely physical.

[3:27 PM] bumblefoot: exactly voodoo.

[3:27 PM] ashbasab: Wink Wink Wink

[3:27 PM] ashbasab: love you!!!

[3:28 PM] bigphil1: wow crazy, I was at that show. Saw you at the side of the stage beforehand

[3:28 PM] sixgnr: wich kind of music are you listening now?

[3:28 PM] bigphil1: I waved to you if you remember, then you were gone during the actual show

[3:28 PM] bumblefoot: yeah, head of security knew what was up and stopped it.

[3:28 PM] bumblefoot: Yeah, I was backstage getting the knife! haha

[3:28 PM] sixgnr: I didn't remember that...

[3:28 PM] bumblefoot: Sebastian tells me the next day, "Dude, I got a text from Axl that said.....

[3:29 PM] voodoochild: chainsaws would be more effective

[3:29 PM] bumblecool: Sebastian always says "Dudeeeeeee"

[3:29 PM] bumblefoot: Bumble just tried to kill half the band. I finally feel like I'm in a rock band again."

[3:29 PM] bumblefoot: LOL!

[3:29 PM] zqyx1: Very Happy

[3:29 PM] sixgnr: hahahahahahaha

[3:29 PM] ashbasab: Wink

[3:29 PM] bumblefoot: That's why he called me Shank rest of the tour... Ron Thal-shank Redemtion....

[3:29 PM] bumblefoot: And all that.....

[3:29 PM] ashbasab: Smile

[3:30 PM] zqyx1: Very Happy

[3:30 PM] voodoochild: seems like everything is more peaceful now, huh?

[3:30 PM] bumblefoot: Yeah, I slapped it all into place. lol

[3:30 PM] bumblefoot: lol

[3:30 PM] voodoochild: haha

[3:30 PM] bumblefoot: voodoo - I just couldn't find a long enough extension cord for the chainsaw.

[3:30 PM] zqyx1: Very Happy

[3:30 PM] bumblefoot: We're all good now. Smile

[3:30 PM] ashbasab: Wink

[3:31 PM] voodoochild: that's why I always carry some double A batteries

[3:31 PM] voodoochild: just in case, you know

[3:31 PM] bumblecool: I bet bumble still hide the knife in his beard

[3:31 PM] zqyx1 left the room.

[3:31 PM] voodoochild: hahahaha

[3:31 PM] guest-446949 entered the room.

[3:31 PM] guest-446949 changed nickname to zqyx

[3:31 PM] bumblefoot: I can hide the chainsaw in this beard! lol

[3:31 PM] sixgnr: dangerous man

[3:31 PM] ashbasab: Wink

[3:32 PM] zqyx: your beard has own chainsaw Very Happy

[3:32 PM] sixgnr: when will you cut it???

[3:32 PM] bumblecool: just read yours interview with gunsnrosesparaguay, nice read man Wink

[3:32 PM] voodoochild: well, just a tip: chainsaw and flamethrowers are the best way to get your point, always

[3:32 PM] zqyx: i like Your idea for releasing song and then going to tour Smile

[3:33 PM] guest-447000 entered the room.

[3:33 PM] guest-447000 changed nickname to axlmorris

[3:33 PM] bumblecool: yah, i like that too, but we all know gn'r isn't a band who do simple things Smile

[3:33 PM] sixgnr: will you tour with Poc?

[3:34 PM] bumblefoot: My drummer Dennis Leeflang just did a cover of Journey Separate Ways.......

[3:34 PM] axlmorris: Good evening/morning/afternoon everyone Smile

[3:34 PM] zqyx: good aftteroon axlmorris Smile

[3:34 PM] bumblecool: hey man Wink

[3:34 PM] ashbasab: good evening!!

[3:35 PM] bumblefoot: just tweeted a free download, listening now....

[3:35 PM] bumblecool: some uk gunners here?

[3:35 PM] bumblefoot: Hey Morris!

[3:35 PM] bumblefoot: Poc? No, GNR's got me too busy touring-wise

[3:35 PM] voodoochild: Im listening to the new Fiona Apple songs, love her

[3:35 PM] bigphil1: @bumblecool - yessir

[3:35 PM] bumblefoot: Fiona's so great Smile

[3:35 PM] sixgnr: I know

[3:35 PM] zqyx: bumblefoot: that's cool Smile can't wait for your new music too Smile

[3:35 PM] axlmorris: I'm uk, Hey Ron, how's the back? what you up to inbetween tours then?

[3:35 PM] guest-447063 entered the room.

[3:35 PM] guest-447063 changed nickname to mahmutsaral

[3:35 PM] bumblefoot: Morris, will be seeing you SOON!

[3:36 PM] mahmutsaral left the room.

[3:36 PM] bumblefoot: Back is crap, but working toward fixing that..... thanks Smile

[3:36 PM] sixgnr: I'm planning some dates in europe

[3:36 PM] bumblecool: i hope you get well

[3:36 PM] bumblecool: Very Happy

[3:36 PM] bumblecool: and gn'r comes to portugal

[3:36 PM] bigphil1: Will you be doing the M&G's for the UK VIP thing?

[3:36 PM] sixgnr: I love this song!!!!

[3:36 PM] bumblefoot: Got another gal Alexa Vetere, been organizing her world, will have music out next month...

[3:37 PM] zqyx: cool song Smile really Smile

[3:37 PM] bumblecool: i got a funny felling that we will get the last europe tour date Smile

[3:37 PM] bumblefoot: Sweet story Smile Friend's daughter, was 15, ntaught her to sing, play, write.....

[3:37 PM] bumblefoot: We made some great songs, she went to college, got married, now we're gonna put the stuff

[3:37 PM] bumblefoot: out

[3:37 PM] zqyx: Smile

[3:37 PM] bumblefoot: Not sure if there'll be any M&G's

[3:38 PM] voodoochild: cool, is it anything like Poc?

[3:38 PM] bumblefoot: More metal than Poc I think

[3:38 PM] sixgnr: is it R&R?

[3:38 PM] axlmorris: Is the beard staying, thats the question everyone wants to know Wink

[3:38 PM] voodoochild: awesome

[3:38 PM] bumblefoot: I wrote the music, played most of the guitar, Dennis played drums, Alexa sang....

[3:38 PM] zqyx: axlmorris : beard must stay Very Happy

[3:39 PM] bumblefoot:

[3:39 PM] bumblefoot: Will keep beard for Europe.

[3:39 PM] zqyx: there is no Ron without beard Wink Very Happy

[3:39 PM] bumblecool: Very Happy

[3:39 PM] bumblecool: nice

[3:39 PM] bumblecool: if you keep the beard until gn'r releases another record

[3:39 PM] sixgnr: That's the way

[3:40 PM] bumblecool: you will end up like

[3:40 PM] zqyx: beard is a word Wink or something Wink

[3:40 PM] axlmorris: Will you be doing Pink Panther again? Thats a bitchin solo Smile

[3:40 PM] guest-447255 entered the room.

[3:40 PM] guest-447255 changed nickname to bumblefoot1

[3:41 PM] bumblefoot1: GAAAAH!!!! BOOTED!

[3:41 PM] bumblecool: lol

[3:41 PM] bumblefoot1: brb

[3:41 PM] bumblecool: at least you can create another account and stay here Smile

[3:41 PM] voodoochild: damn, this thing sucks

[3:41 PM] ashbasab: YOUR BEARD IS SO SEXY!!!

[3:42 PM] ashbasab: Wink

[3:42 PM] bumblefoot1 left the room.

[3:42 PM] zqyx: Anyone listen to Alexa Vetere?Smile

[3:42 PM] guest-447318 entered the room.

[3:42 PM] guest-447318 changed nickname to bumblefoot1

[3:42 PM] sixgnr: I'm trying

[3:42 PM] bumblefoot1: AHHH!!!

[3:42 PM] axlmorris: problems with your connection?

[3:42 PM] bumblecool: lol

[3:42 PM] bumblefoot1: I think you should call yourself Ashbeard

[3:43 PM] ashbasab: Wink

[3:43 PM] zqyx: Wink

[3:43 PM] bumblefoot1: Beard is flexing its muscle and flickering the intarwebs.

[3:44 PM] bumblecool: beard should post more on facebook Very Happy

[3:44 PM] zqyx: Smile Beard have own mind Wink

[3:44 PM] sixgnr: listening "Breathe Again"

[3:44 PM] bumblefoot1: Recorded this stuff right before joining Guns, in 2006......

[3:44 PM] bumblecool: breaking again from normal is my favorite bumble songs Very Happy

[3:44 PM] bumblefoot1: The Alexa stuff....

[3:44 PM] zqyx: Breathe again is very bumblefootish WinkVery Happy

[3:45 PM] axlmorris: *cough*Prostituteforeurotour*cough*

[3:45 PM] voodoochild: Im using Chrome, can't play anything on reverb nation

[3:45 PM] bumblefoot1: All the music will probably sound like my solo stuff (same drummer & I played the music)

[3:45 PM] zqyx: but You have better voice for sure Ron Smile

[3:45 PM] bumblefoot1: oh VOODOO!!!!

[3:45 PM] bumblefoot1: chrome doesn't work with reverbnation's codes??

[3:46 PM] voodoochild: not sure, tried the video there with the ACDC song, it worked

[3:46 PM] bumblefoot1: Morris - hackpukecoughTWATgurglebelch......

[3:46 PM] axlmorris: hahahahaha

[3:46 PM] bumblecool: There Was A TCock?

[3:46 PM] bumblecool: :|

[3:46 PM] bumblefoot1: voodoo, just a photo shoot on that....

[3:46 PM] bumblefoot1: yeah, Jason Obrotka, GNR's photographer for the 2010 S. America tour

[3:47 PM] voodoochild: yeah.. but it's working just fine with Firefox Very Happy

[3:47 PM] zqyx: Because - cool start Smile

[3:47 PM] zqyx: rock & roll Smile

[3:47 PM] bumblecool: humm, never seen some "oficial" photos from S. America tour

[3:47 PM] voodoochild: I mean, her songs didn't work on Chrome, just the photoshoot video worked.. it all works

[3:47 PM] voodoochild: fine with Firefox, though

[3:48 PM] bumblefoot1: cool -me neither.

[3:49 PM] voodoochild: hey, great bass work too on Breath Again

[3:49 PM] bigphil1 left the room.

[3:49 PM] sixgnr: Onestly: it's so fuckin' hard! I love the changing in the middle of the song... it become

[3:49 PM] bumblefoot1: Katarina is the first photographer to have her work seen.... she's fantastic, she gets

[3:49 PM] sixgnr: stronger... I like it very much

[3:49 PM] bumblefoot1: ......more good shots in one show than I've seen some get in a whole tour.

[3:49 PM] bumblefoot1: Best ever.

[3:50 PM] ashbasab: I agree

[3:50 PM] zqyx: Hope we see more her photos soon Smile

[3:50 PM] bumblecool: Kat is good, the backgrounds of the website are fucking great Very Happy

[3:50 PM] sixgnr: say to Alexa that I lile her voice please!

[3:50 PM] bumblefoot1: GNR finally has a fkn website!!! lol

[3:50 PM] zqyx: Very Happy

[3:50 PM] zqyx: it's almost surreal Wink

[3:50 PM] bumblecool: true

[3:51 PM] bumblecool: i hope they get someone to update content to website

[3:51 PM] ashbasab: to be with you is supernatural!!!

[3:51 PM] bumblefoot1: Alexa is not an over the top singer, she kinda just tells ya the story and it works Smile

[3:51 PM] bumblecool: still too empty

[3:51 PM] axlmorris: I hope they put some more photos up on this site

[3:52 PM] bumblefoot1: Yes, more content definitely needed. and a steady update of it.

[3:52 PM] zqyx: I still don't know if this site is true or my dream Very Happy

[3:52 PM] bumblefoot1: Alexa's a super nice human being , her family too, really nice people Smile

[3:52 PM] sixgnr: great zqyx!!!

[3:53 PM] voodoochild: I like her voice.. did she write the lyrics and melodies?

[3:53 PM] guest-447702 entered the room.

[3:53 PM] guest-447702 changed nickname to monsterofsoul

[3:54 PM] bumblecool: what do ya think about the RN'R hall of fame?

[3:54 PM] jrzygrl33 left the room.

[3:54 PM] guest-447732 entered the room.

[3:54 PM] guest-447732 changed nickname to jrzygrl33

[3:54 PM] guest-447735 entered the room.

[3:55 PM] guest-447735 changed nickname to sofine

[3:55 PM] bumblefoot1: jrzygrl???? Where in Jrzy?

[3:56 PM] bumblefoot left the room.

[3:56 PM] ashbasab: where are you??

[3:56 PM] axlmorris: i think he was using 2 accounts? one still on

[3:56 PM] sixgnr: in some way Alexa remember me her ...

[3:56 PM] bumblefoot1: RNRHOF? Waiting for them to induct Kiss.

[3:57 PM] bumblefoot1: Haha six, looks like her!!!!

[3:57 PM] guest-447789 entered the room.

[3:57 PM] guest-447789 changed nickname to fabiognr

[3:57 PM] bumblecool: Very Happy

[3:57 PM] monsterofsoul left the room.

[3:57 PM] jrzygrl33: joined the group whiteboard.

[3:57 PM] sixgnr: I was a little shocked at first time Very Happy

[3:58 PM] guest-447822 entered the room.

[3:58 PM] bumblefoot1: voodoo - for a lot of it I wrote choruses, she wrote verses, I coached the vocals....

[3:58 PM] guest-447822 changed nickname to soulmonster

[3:58 PM] zqyx: It's a shame Kiss and more great band are not inducted and some not rock bands are...

[3:58 PM] sofine left the room.

[3:58 PM] sixgnr: she's an Italian model that did some shoot with my partner

[3:58 PM] fabiognr: joined the group whiteboard.

[3:59 PM] soulmonster: bumblefoot: my apologies if this has been asked's the therapy going?

[3:59 PM] voodoochild: good melodies, as always Smile

[3:59 PM] bumblefoot1: Hey soul! Fabio!

[3:59 PM] soulmonster: hi man Smile

[3:59 PM] fabiognr: joined the group whiteboard.

[3:59 PM] sixgnr: I mean pics... sorry!!!

[3:59 PM] jrzygrl33 left the room.

[3:59 PM] axlmorris: do you still have that stormtrooper mask from rock in rio. I want it.

[4:00 PM] ashbasab: Wink

[4:00 PM] sixgnr: fabio .... he's gone

[4:00 PM] bumblefoot1: Therapy lately has been drugs I don't want that don't work, and doctors that won't........

[4:00 PM] guest-447912 entered the room.

[4:00 PM] bumblefoot1: back when I need them to move ahead with the next level of treatment.

[4:00 PM] guest-447912 changed nickname to jrzygrl33

[4:00 PM] sixgnr: he's coming back

[4:00 PM] bumblefoot1: Ditched my doctors and started fresh in NYC, got immediate results.

[4:00 PM] soulmonster: is surgery an option?

[4:01 PM] soulmonster: ah, that's great!

[4:01 PM] bumblefoot1: Surgery won't be an option.

[4:01 PM] bumblecool: nice Very Happy

[4:01 PM] soulmonster: good to hear that

[4:01 PM] zqyx: Smile

[4:01 PM] bumblefoot1: Have to live with the injury and find the best ways of dealing with it.

[4:01 PM] voodoochild: heard George Clooney went through something like that too

[4:01 PM] bumblefoot1: Goal is to not need a lifetime of drugs. Instead will probably be a lifetime of needles.

[4:01 PM] axlmorris: Someone crashed into you right?

[4:02 PM] bumblefoot1: But at least they're more effective, and don't destroy my organs and brain the way the

[4:02 PM] bumblefoot1: drugs are.

[4:02 PM] sixgnr: could you try with Chinese medicine

[4:02 PM] fabiognr: Ronnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!how are my dear friend??Silvia and I were quite scared 4 u

[4:02 PM] sixgnr: (I'm serious)

[4:02 PM] guest-447969 entered the room.

[4:02 PM] bumblefoot1: I've tried EVERYTHING.

[4:02 PM] guest-447969 changed nickname to mrbrickstone

[4:02 PM] sixgnr: I know! yoga?

[4:02 PM] bumblefoot1: 9 months........ everything from Jager to suicide.

[4:02 PM] bumblecool: :|

[4:02 PM] sixgnr: no suicide... yes Jager!

[4:02 PM] bumblefoot1: Hopefull about this new treatment.

[4:03 PM] voodoochild: we all are man

[4:03 PM] soulmonster: like Bukowski would have said it: It is how we walk through the fire that is life

[4:03 PM] soulmonster: it's a matter of coping as best as possible

[4:03 PM] fabiognr: Ron try some good italian red wine Smile)

[4:03 PM] bumblefoot1: If the insurance approves I can get it next week.

[4:03 PM] axlmorris: $$$

[4:04 PM] sixgnr: in Italy the treatments are free

[4:04 PM] axlmorris: same with the UK, about our only bonus over america

[4:04 PM] sixgnr: you have to take Italian citizenship Very Happy

[4:04 PM] bumblefoot1: Unless anyone has lived with months of neverending pain 24/7, THEY DON'T KNOW.

[4:04 PM] ashbasab: Wink

[4:04 PM] zqyx: You should try polis Vodka Wink It cures everyone Wink

[4:04 PM] bumblefoot1: That's what I learned about life.

[4:04 PM] zqyx: polish Vodka;)

[4:05 PM] sixgnr: I'm so sorry about that Ron!

[4:05 PM] bumblefoot1: FUCK positive thinking, FUCK zen, FUCK all of that. It doesn't work in Hell.

[4:05 PM] fabiognr: oh yeah Ron,you 're damn right

[4:05 PM] ashbasab: your fans are with you!!!

[4:05 PM] bumblefoot1: Get Angry. And get shit done.

[4:05 PM] soulmonster: you should get in contact with other people suffering from constant pain...

[4:05 PM] sixgnr: good words!

[4:05 PM] fabiognr: go Ron ,go!!!!!

[4:05 PM] soulmonster: ...and hear theyr tricks to coping and functiong

[4:05 PM] sixgnr: you have your Italian friends ...

[4:06 PM] axlmorris: do you struggle on stage more so for standing up for so long?

[4:06 PM] bumblecool: that's sad to hear Sad

[4:06 PM] fabiognr: yes sixgnr is right

[4:06 PM] sixgnr: Very Happy

[4:06 PM] zqyx: yep, I know something about pain too... but we should still trying change something

[4:06 PM] bumblefoot1: I've gone to therapy soon as the Dec tour ended.

[4:06 PM] soulmonster: but anyway, I am happy thing are progressing with the medication now Very Happy

[4:06 PM] bumblefoot1: And spoken to lots of people. And I've learned. No one knows anyone else's battle.

[4:06 PM] sixgnr: something has change?

[4:06 PM] fabiognr: u really kick ass on the road also in the last 2 month of tour

[4:07 PM] sixgnr: 100% agree

[4:07 PM] bumblefoot1: And no one knows what it takes to fight someone else's battle.

[4:07 PM] soulmonster: so it's basically your own private hell with your own private demons to battle

[4:07 PM] bumblefoot1: All we can do is support. But we don't have the answers.

[4:07 PM] zqyx: yes, you're right

[4:07 PM] estebanf: you're very right Ron, I'm with you 100% about that

[4:07 PM] bumblefoot1: Hey Fabio! Smile

[4:08 PM] fabiognr: Ronnnnnnnnnn!!!Silvia and I really miss uuuuuuuuuuu

[4:08 PM] fabiognr: so,we wanna be helpful for u

[4:08 PM] ashbasab: Wink

[4:08 PM] soulmonster: is the band spending time now before the next tour to work on the next record?

[4:08 PM] bumblecool: i doubt soulmonster Sad

[4:08 PM] zqyx: searchin for answers which never appear ... buy we are with You Ron Smile

[4:08 PM] ashbasab: WE SEND ALL OF OUR LOVE!!!

[4:08 PM] bumblefoot1: Soul - I'm spending time trying to get treatment so I can exercise again and be healthy...

[4:09 PM] bumblefoot1: for the next tour.

[4:09 PM] soulmonster: good choice Wink

[4:09 PM] sixgnr: what kind of exercises?

[4:09 PM] axlmorris: Can't fuckin wait till may, Ive seen the show 8 times, love it the more i see it.

[4:09 PM] bumblefoot1: Would love to work on new music but there's not enough time - other tour got extended.....

[4:09 PM] voodoochild: playing a double neck guitar is kinda an exercise

[4:09 PM] fabiognr: RON I saw on YouTube your last performance in NYC a couple of days ago and u're been cool

[4:10 PM] soulmonster: yes, I heard about the you plan to tour our 2012?

[4:10 PM] bumblefoot1: so everyone had to cram their non-GNR lives into a smaller timeframe and there's no

[4:10 PM] bumblefoot1: time for much before the next tour

[4:10 PM] soulmonster: and I guess Axl is busy planning his HOF speech Very Happy

[4:10 PM] bumblecool: next tour will be based on the same setlist i bet :|

[4:11 PM] bumblecool: still amazing but i hope gn'r play some new songs

[4:11 PM] fabiognr: Ron u heve to relax and take care JUST about yourself now,oK?????

[4:11 PM] zqyx: health is priority for sure I think everyone knows that

[4:11 PM] ashbasab: Wink

[4:11 PM] ashbasab: we need you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[4:11 PM] voodoochild: I will only be happy when they play Riad again and again for 3 hours straight.

[4:11 PM] fabiognr: Yes, zqyx I agree

[4:12 PM] ashbasab: me too

[4:12 PM] bumblefoot1: One thing I learned - nobody has my back like Mrs. Foot. She's the strongest kindest.....

[4:12 PM] bumblefoot1: .....greatest person I've ev

[4:12 PM] bumblefoot1: er known

[4:12 PM] bumblefoot1: I don't deserve her. Razz

[4:12 PM] soulmonster: awww Smile

[4:12 PM] fabiognr: Yesssssssssssss!!Jen rocks!we tweet us sometimes Smile

[4:12 PM] bumblecool: Very Happy

[4:12 PM] voodoochild: also a very funny tweeter

[4:12 PM] ashbasab: Wink

[4:12 PM] sixgnr: Smile)

[4:12 PM] soulmonster: fate has compensated by giving you endless pain

[4:12 PM] zqyx: Good to know. Great You meet Her Smile

[4:12 PM] bumblefoot1: Her tweets are the best! LOL!

[4:13 PM] sixgnr: she rocks!

[4:13 PM] bumblefoot1: 22 years together.....

[4:13 PM] zqyx: soulmonster : Wink

[4:13 PM] axlmorris: wow

[4:13 PM] ashbasab: waou!!

[4:13 PM] bumblecool: nice Very Happy

[4:13 PM] axlmorris: do she come with you on tour?

[4:13 PM] soulmonster: congratulations, 6 years with my wife Very Happy

[4:13 PM] ashbasab: RESPECT

[4:13 PM] zqyx: some fans are younger than 22 I think Very Happy

[4:13 PM] fabiognr: yes right!I had a lotta fun when she wrote about she can't wait to check twitter every 5 m

[4:13 PM] bumblefoot1: Yes, she's been all over the globe with me, it's fun!

[4:13 PM] sixgnr: wow!!!!

[4:14 PM] bumblefoot1: Cool Soul :

[4:14 PM] bumblecool: i'm 21 :|

[4:14 PM] fabiognr: some are friends..are followimg GNR since.. 20 .. US Smile

[4:14 PM] bumblecool: i remember mrs foot posted some photos from a show of the UCAP tour

[4:15 PM] bumblefoot1: Cool - you could have been our kid! lol

[4:15 PM] zqyx: bumblecool : give me your years and I give you mine Wink Very Happy

[4:15 PM] ashbasab: more then 20 years!!!!!

[4:15 PM] bumblecool: lol

[4:15 PM] soulmonster: hehe Smile

[4:15 PM] voodoochild: 5 years with my wife here

[4:15 PM] fabiognr: yes ,maybe more!!I stop counting Smile

[4:15 PM] zqyx: I wanna be 22 again Very Happy

[4:15 PM] soulmonster: can you tell us anything about Robin and Brain joining for one show?

[4:15 PM] bumblefoot1: cool voodoo Smile

[4:15 PM] soulmonster: was it organized or spontaneous?

[4:16 PM] fabiognr: BUT these GNR line up is super cool!!

[4:16 PM] sixgnr: 15 with my partner ... Paolo

[4:16 PM] bumblefoot1: Soul - saw Brain in January in LA, had a few drinks at NAMM, been years.......

[4:16 PM] fabiognr: u re a great cool bunch of guys!

[4:16 PM] bumblefoot1: Robin too, not since NIN was in NYC.. We'd email from time to time Smile

[4:17 PM] bumblecool: nice

[4:17 PM] bumblefoot1: Nice to see them in LA Smile

[4:17 PM] fabiognr: yes!!we were so happy to see u on stage once again with them!!

[4:17 PM] sixgnr: yes it is!

[4:17 PM] bumblecool: Robin really enjoys playing better Very Happy

[4:17 PM] voodoochild: indeed! I think Robin played with Ashba's gear, but it totally sounded different

[4:17 PM] sixgnr: I was crying when I see Robin playing Better!

[4:17 PM] fabiognr: that's been the only kinda reunoin we wanted!!ahahahaah!!Smile

[4:17 PM] zqyx: Smile I saw Gn'R with guest appearance of Izzy Smile It' was amazing Smile

[4:17 PM] soulmonster: it sent ripples through the fan communities Smile

[4:17 PM] bumblefoot1: Robin wrote Better, that's his baby Smile

[4:18 PM] axlmorris: its a great tune

[4:18 PM] sixgnr: that's why I was crying!

[4:18 PM] fabiognr: yes we know!better is one of my fav songs ever of CD

[4:18 PM] ashbasab: me too

[4:18 PM] ashbasab: my favorite

[4:18 PM] zqyx: I prefer Shackler's Smile It's more angry Wink

[4:18 PM] bumblecool: my favorite is TWAT, no chance.

[4:18 PM] soulmonster: bumbles: do you ever write songs with GN'R in mind?

[4:18 PM] ashbasab: Wink

[4:18 PM] bumblefoot1: Izzy, lol! I remember facing him each night during Patience, with my volume knob down....

[4:19 PM] soulmonster: hahaha

[4:19 PM] fabiognr: i L O V E TWAT!!

[4:19 PM] zqyx: Smile

[4:19 PM] sixgnr: zqyx I love Shackler ... it's another kind of song

[4:19 PM] bumblecool: There Was a Cock Razz

[4:19 PM] bumblefoot1: ....I'd be showing him each chord before he had to play them, lol! And he wrote the song!

[4:19 PM] fabiognr: Axl si a genius

[4:19 PM] voodoochild: do you know when Robin wrote Better? I mean, did you got curious about it?

[4:19 PM] sixgnr: hahaha

[4:19 PM] fabiognr: ahahahhaah!!!we love u Ron!!!Smile

[4:19 PM] zqyx: He forgot?Very Happy

[4:19 PM] soulmonster: haha, gotta love Izzy Smile

[4:20 PM] bumblefoot1: I'm still not sure if Izzy was doing that to fuck with us or not. He seems like the kinda

[4:20 PM] bumblefoot1: ...dude that pretends and is laughing inside.

[4:20 PM] sixgnr: at the end of the song when the last solo stars

[4:20 PM] soulmonster: Izzy is something else

[4:20 PM] bumblecool: Izzy is a bus driver Very Happy

[4:20 PM] sixgnr: if I close my eyes

[4:20 PM] zqyx: Very Happy

[4:20 PM] mrbrickstone: Hi Ron! LOVED it when you put on a skii mask in Aalborg, DK

[4:20 PM] fabiognr: Izzy is a free spirit...

[4:21 PM] bumblefoot1: Outta nowhere Izzy emailed me a picture of a new truck he got and asked me to email it

[4:21 PM] fabiognr: Aalborg!!!!!!!!!!!!!Silvia and I were there!!

[4:21 PM] sixgnr: I see the throll coming in (in Shackler)

[4:21 PM] zqyx: sixgnr : Very Happy

[4:21 PM] mrbrickstone: and then u toppd it with a clone trooper helmet in Rio!

[4:21 PM] bumblefoot1: to Axl. But the pic was like 100x50, this tiny little pic, wtf?

[4:21 PM] bumblefoot1: lol

[4:21 PM] zqyx: Very Happy

[4:21 PM] ashbasab: Wink

[4:21 PM] bumblecool: LOL

[4:21 PM] fabiognr: ahah!!typical Izzy:)

[4:22 PM] voodoochild: Izzy is Fortus lost brother

[4:22 PM] zqyx: I thought the same Very Happy

[4:22 PM] bumblefoot1: Cool jams before shows when we'd warm up, old covers and stuff......

[4:22 PM] soulmonster: this just fits so perfectly with my expectations of what Izzy would do Very Happy

[4:22 PM] sixgnr: zqyx ... about Shackler?

[4:22 PM] axlmorris: Izzy should join the tour again

[4:22 PM] fabiognr: ahha!!I agree voodoochild!Richard is so kinda Stones..

[4:22 PM] zqyx: sixgnr: about throll Smile

[4:23 PM] bumblecool: well

[4:23 PM] bumblefoot1: Fortus is super focused and disciplined...

[4:23 PM] bumblecool: fortus got in a music school right?

[4:23 PM] soulmonster: Fortus is a professional

[4:23 PM] bumblefoot1: Fortus IS a music school. lol

[4:23 PM] soulmonster: Smile

[4:23 PM] axlmorris: i met richard once, nice guy, great stage presence.

[4:23 PM] fabiognr: oh yes!Richard kick ass!

[4:23 PM] ashbasab: Wink

[4:23 PM] bumblecool: well, dinner, 5 minutes Very Happy

[4:23 PM] sixgnr: Fortus has a great Karma!

[4:24 PM] zqyx: long 5 minutes Very Happy

[4:24 PM] soulmonster: is Fortus the biggest guitar nerd in the group?

[4:24 PM] zqyx: but cool 5 minutes Very Happy

[4:24 PM] sixgnr: Very Happy

[4:24 PM] jrzygrl33 left the room.

[4:24 PM] bumblefoot1: Soul - I think so. He knows vintage gear.....

[4:24 PM] fabiognr: Ron are u going to play some new solo in this leg of the tour??

[4:25 PM] bumblefoot1: fabio - might stick with Panther. Or is that getting boring?

[4:25 PM] sixgnr: noooo

[4:25 PM] ashbasab: nooo

[4:25 PM] soulmonster: you know us, we always want somethign new Wink

[4:25 PM] bumblefoot1: If there wasn't fkn YouTube all this stuff would be exciting.

[4:25 PM] fabiognr: We like it..but maybe I'll change it now..

[4:25 PM] zqyx: Ron, did you heard any news about Dizzy solo stuff release date? Wink

[4:25 PM] axlmorris: hahaha

[4:25 PM] sixgnr: I'd like to listen some of your great song!

[4:25 PM] sixgnr: on tour

[4:25 PM] zqyx: I wait ages for this Wink

[4:25 PM] axlmorris: I love panther, I loved don't cry.

[4:26 PM] soulmonster: bumbles: do a Stinson, play a Bumblefoot song as your solo spot Smile

[4:26 PM] fabiognr: yeah Ron,plays some of your tune like solo!!Smile

[4:26 PM] bumblefoot1: Not sure what's going on with Dizzy's stuff. Told him I'd help get it finished if needed

[4:26 PM] ashbasab: Wink

[4:26 PM] estebanf: what about doing ''strawbery fields''? You did it amazingly good in your single version!

[4:26 PM] zqyx: maybe Perfect Crime on solo Very Happy It's unexpected Very Happy

[4:26 PM] soulmonster: estebanf: good idea!

[4:26 PM] soulmonster: or just an extended jam on the Locomotive riff

[4:27 PM] bumblefoot1: Here's my prob with solos - people are there to hear GNR. But if I play GNR for a solo,

[4:27 PM] voodoochild: hey esteban, don't steal my idea!

[4:27 PM] bumblefoot1: they'll want it with Axl (of course....!)

[4:27 PM] zqyx: Very Happy

[4:27 PM] fabiognr: No!it's better some Ron tune like solo!don't u think guys?

[4:27 PM] soulmonster: bumbles: yes, and??? It worked for Don't Cry Wink

[4:27 PM] axlmorris: Are you a leslie west fan, ron? do some mississipi queen.... Random I know, just listen it

[4:27 PM] ashbasab: like D.J. solo

[4:27 PM] estebanf: hey! but Tommy plays ''Motivation'' and everythings fine with that!

[4:27 PM] bumblefoot1: And if I play a *song* that isn't GNR, it'd be like 'why not play a GNR song'?

[4:27 PM] zqyx: and it worked for Estranged Razz

[4:27 PM] sixgnr: yes... but you did with Don't Cry and Estranged and it works ... Axl sang Very Happy

[4:28 PM] soulmonster: damned if you do, damned if you don't

[4:28 PM] fabiognr: yeah right Soul!

[4:28 PM] guest-448863 entered the room.

[4:28 PM] guest-448863 changed nickname to jrzygrl33

[4:28 PM] bumblefoot1: So what I'd really like to do is NOT have a solo and play another GNR song instead, lol.

[4:28 PM] soulmonster: bumble: then play a mash-up of GNRxBumblefoot

[4:28 PM] fabiognr: Ron play what U wanna!!

[4:28 PM] bumblefoot1: But that won't happen.

[4:28 PM] zqyx: You can play Your own song as solo because they're great Smile

[4:28 PM] zqyx: You don't need another reason Razz

[4:28 PM] fabiognr: i agree zqyx

[4:28 PM] bumblefoot1: I'll think about it.... plus I don't wanna bug the guys to learn my wacky songs.

[4:29 PM] estebanf: if Bucket played the fucking star wars theme, you can play whatever u want!

[4:29 PM] voodoochild: lol

[4:29 PM] bumblefoot1: And if they fuck up my song I'll stab them again, so it's best to just avoid the whole

[4:29 PM] bumblefoot1: thing.

[4:29 PM] bumblefoot1: lol

[4:29 PM] zqyx: and anyone who doesn't agree can leave and listen Justin Bieber Razz

[4:29 PM] sixgnr: lol

[4:29 PM] soulmonster: bumbles: you're a great singer, pick a GN'R song that had Izzy on vocals, like...

[4:29 PM] soulmonster: ...Double Talkin' Jive, and sing yourself...there's nothign Axl can do about it Smile

[4:30 PM] bumblefoot1: I'll do a Justin Beiber song. That's all. lol.

[4:30 PM] sixgnr: Ron don't take the chainsaw... again...

[4:30 PM] soulmonster: haha

[4:30 PM] zqyx: Very Happy Very Happy

[4:30 PM] sixgnr: wtf!!!

[4:30 PM] ashbasab: Wink

[4:30 PM] voodoochild: I think you should stick to the Beatles. do some Strawberry, Helter Skelter or Hey Bulldog

[4:30 PM] sixgnr: I won't go to see ya anymore!

[4:30 PM] zqyx: don't damn me now guys Very Happy

[4:30 PM] fabiognr: ahahahah !!!Justin fuckin' Beiber!!!ahhahahaah Smile Smile

[4:30 PM] ashbasab: Wink

[4:31 PM] voodoochild: but play it with a Justin Bieber voice, of course

[4:31 PM] bumblefoot1: I should do Glad To Be Here....

[4:31 PM] soulmonster: a jam on Sergant Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band would fit well

[4:31 PM] sixgnr: ok take the chainsaw noooow

[4:31 PM] zqyx: yeah !

[4:31 PM] fabiognr: u always makes me laugh , Ron

[4:31 PM] bumblefoot1:

[4:31 PM] sixgnr: thanks

[4:32 PM] zqyx: i'ts awesome song ! Smile

[4:32 PM] sixgnr: yeah!!! do it!

[4:32 PM] voodoochild: best intro ever, must I say

[4:32 PM] axlmorris: What about play the song 'Soul Moster' that Axl spoke about a few years back

[4:32 PM] fabiognr: perfect!!!!!!!!!

[4:32 PM] soulmonster: uhm, serious question, next record: brand new songs or old CD session songs?

[4:32 PM] estebanf: kick ass intro!

[4:32 PM] zqyx: I have that record Very Happy

[4:32 PM] fabiognr: i agree estebanf

[4:32 PM] bumblefoot1: soul - both maybe? Really don't know. I'd bust out the Chi Dem stuff and start fresh and

[4:32 PM] bumblefoot1: fast.

[4:33 PM] sixgnr: Ron you have to do a BumbleSwag!!!

[4:33 PM] bumblefoot1: Tis what I'd do. But I'm not running this. Razz

[4:33 PM] guest-449028 entered the room.

[4:33 PM] guest-449028 changed nickname to mango

[4:33 PM] bumblefoot1: BumbleSwag?

[4:33 PM] sixgnr: with beard on every stuff Very Happy

[4:34 PM] bumblefoot1: AshbeardSwag(TM)

[4:34 PM] mango: BumbleSwag!!!!

[4:34 PM] zqyx: and beard for all ... Razz

[4:34 PM] sixgnr: lol

[4:34 PM] jrzygrl33 left the room.

[4:34 PM] voodoochild: ahaha

[4:34 PM] sixgnr: with a special Beard Card!

[4:34 PM] bumblecool: 9 mins Very Happy

[4:34 PM] bumblecool: back D:

[4:34 PM] soulmonster: bumbles: yeah, I think most fans would like that too, first the rest of the CD stuff...

[4:34 PM] sixgnr: AshbeardSwag(TM) AshbeardSwag(TM) AshbeardSwag(TM)

[4:35 PM] axlmorris: What do guys do in the few hours before u hit the stage after sound check? any rituals?

[4:35 PM] zqyx: Everyone should show beard before they buy something Wink

[4:35 PM] soulmonster: ...and then something fresh from you guys

[4:35 PM] bumblecool: i got something in my head

[4:35 PM] sixgnr: how can I do! I'm a girl!

[4:35 PM] bumblefoot1: I have my hotel/backstage guitar that I noodle around on, that's pretty much it.

[4:35 PM] bumblefoot1: Oh, and I eat blueberries.

[4:35 PM] bumblecool: did you guys have something unheard ready to play or just unfinished songs? :|

[4:36 PM] bumblefoot1: lol

[4:36 PM] bumblecool: fuck

[4:36 PM] mango: Silkworms!!!! (someone had to say it) xD

[4:36 PM] bumblefoot1: (was laughing at my blueb

[4:36 PM] zqyx: sixgnr : I don't know Razz You'll be first girl with beard Razz

[4:36 PM] bumblecool: i'm in love with these guitar replicas Very Happy

[4:36 PM] bumblefoot1: (blueberries)

[4:36 PM] voodoochild: did you get rid of that BlackBerry already?

[4:36 PM] voodoochild: or did you eat it?

[4:36 PM] bumblefoot1: Tried to switch my BB, but am just gonna wait and get an iPhone. It's time.

[4:37 PM] sixgnr: zqyx... I'm not so sure!

[4:37 PM] soulmonster: bumbles: how good is Axl on the guitar?

[4:37 PM] bumblefoot1: Unheard ready to play? OMG.

[4:37 PM] zqyx: sixgnr : sorry Wink

[4:37 PM] fabiognr: yes ron!!takes an Iphone!i love it

[4:37 PM] bumblefoot1: Never heard Axl play guitar. And hopefully never will, lol.

[4:37 PM] soulmonster: haha

[4:37 PM] fabiognr: good question soul..

[4:37 PM] bumblecool: lol trololol

[4:37 PM] bumblefoot1: He's a great piano player. Greater singer.

[4:38 PM] fabiognr: ahhaahh

[4:38 PM] zqyx: Is there many changes in "new" OMG version? Wink

[4:38 PM] bumblefoot1: new OMG? Sounds different because it's us playin' it, but not majorly different.........

[4:38 PM] bumblecool: i heard the rio soundcheck

[4:38 PM] fabiognr: yesssssssssssssss!!I LOVE Axl voice..he give colours to the words he sings

[4:38 PM] voodoochild: also Axl is singing backwards and its called now God My Oh

[4:38 PM] axlmorris: Why do some songs hardly ever get played, but sometimes did, like if the world, catcher ec

[4:38 PM] soulmonster: voodoo: haha Smile

[4:39 PM] bumblefoot1: Would actually like to do this with GNR:

[4:39 PM] zqyx: I like this song Smile It's angry ... has power Smile

[4:39 PM] soulmonster: bumbles: can you tell us anything about "Goin' Down"?

[4:39 PM] zqyx: brb Smile

[4:39 PM] bumblecool: old blues music?

[4:39 PM] zqyx left the room.

[4:39 PM] voodoochild: honestly, anything from Normal, Abnormal and the new batch would fit just fine with Guns

[4:40 PM] fabiognr: Ain't going down is a real old gnr outtakes

[4:40 PM] bumblecool: Breaking away is so awesome

[4:40 PM] bumblecool: Very Happy

[4:40 PM] voodoochild: agree, love Breaking

[4:40 PM] soulmonster: 'Goin' Down' wa son the alleged RIR song list

[4:40 PM] estebanf: One of my favourites from Normal, undoubtely

[4:40 PM] bumblefoot1: Going Down is Chi Dem era, kinda earthy, but let Axwell talk about it when he's ready Smile

[4:40 PM] sixgnr: why not Ron?

[4:40 PM] voodoochild: love Overloaded too

[4:40 PM] bumblecool:

[4:40 PM] soulmonster: bumbles. thanks! :9

[4:40 PM] bumblecool: awe Very Happy

[4:41 PM] voodoochild: haha, I knew it! Smile

[4:41 PM] soulmonster: hohoh Smile

[4:41 PM] fabiognr: ohhhhh!thx Ron:)

[4:41 PM] bumblecool: Do you like the Team Brasil?

[4:41 PM] bumblecool: Very Happy

[4:41 PM] guest-449340 entered the room.

[4:41 PM] guest-449340 changed nickname to kristian

[4:41 PM] kristian: hello

[4:41 PM] bumblefoot1: Team Brazil are fun to hang with Smile

[4:42 PM] fabiognr: Hi Kristian

[4:42 PM] bumblefoot1: Hi K!

[4:42 PM] mango: ...Ron's version of this one .. play it as your solo spot! Very Happy

[4:42 PM] mango: & hello, kristina

[4:42 PM] guest-449370 entered the room.

[4:42 PM] guest-449370 changed nickname to zqyx

[4:42 PM] mrbrickstone: Do you know a guy called Rogerio from the Brazilian crew?

[4:42 PM] ashbasab: but you don't know Europaen team???

[4:42 PM] mango: kristian* (damn buttons)

[4:42 PM] mrbrickstone: also goes by the name Roger...

[4:43 PM] guest-449388 entered the room.

[4:43 PM] guest-449388 changed nickname to axlfuckinrose

[4:43 PM] mango: hi, Axl Very Happy

[4:43 PM] voodoochild: kinda wondering what "earthy" means now

[4:43 PM] estebanf: the TurnAround solo starting @ 2:53 is just insane man, how doyou create things like that?

[4:43 PM] soulmonster: voodoo: I was just thinking about it Smile

[4:44 PM] guest-449415 entered the room.

[4:44 PM] voodoochild: haha, esteban, you should try to play TurnAround solo in Rock Band:

[4:44 PM] guest-449415 changed nickname to ingrid

[4:44 PM] voodoochild:

[4:44 PM] sixgnr: agree estebanf

[4:44 PM] bumblefoot1: to me, earthy = organic, not industrial....

[4:44 PM] axlfuckinrose: where is bumblefoot?

[4:44 PM] bumblefoot1: Hey axl, lol

[4:44 PM] mango: he's right behind ya, axl Very Happy

[4:44 PM] bumblefoot1: Hi Ingrid

[4:44 PM] ingrid: Hello Smile

[4:44 PM] voodoochild: oh, got it now Bumble

[4:44 PM] zqyx: xD

[4:45 PM] bumblefoot1: boo!!


[4:45 PM] bumblefoot1: ?

[4:45 PM] ashbasab: IT 'LL BE A GREAT TIME

[4:45 PM] voodoochild: haha

[4:45 PM] soulmonster: bumbles: you said the tour has been extended, does that mean out 2012?

[4:45 PM] guest-449457 entered the room.

[4:45 PM] guest-449457 changed nickname to sandra74k

[4:46 PM] axlmorris: I think he meant the UCAP tour

[4:46 PM] ashbasab: EUROPEAN

[4:46 PM] estebanf: voodoo, i cant play the ''happy birthday'' and you want me to try that? lol!

[4:46 PM] ashbasab: TEAM

[4:46 PM] bumblefoot1: Soul, I meant the theater tour was extended - originally ending at Atlantic City

[4:46 PM] guest-449481 entered the room.

[4:46 PM] guest-449481 changed nickname to cotis

[4:46 PM] soulmonster: bumbles: okay, thanks

[4:46 PM] mango: turn OFF THE CAPS, please (:

[4:46 PM] voodoochild: meant on Rock Band game esteban Smile

[4:46 PM] bumblefoot1: but there might be a few more shows added to the Summer run.....

[4:46 PM] sandra74k: hello :-)

[4:46 PM] cotis: hello mr. bumblefoot!

[4:46 PM] axlmorris: Very Happy

[4:46 PM] mango: more shows, more shows !!! Very Happy

[4:46 PM] bumblefoot1: we'll see what gets confirmed Smile

[4:46 PM] mango: hi Cotis Smile

[4:46 PM] bumblecool: Portugal Very Happy

[4:46 PM] bumblecool: Very Happy

[4:47 PM] zqyx: Israel?Wink

[4:47 PM] fabiognr: the theater tour is been one of the coolest done so far!

[4:47 PM] axlfuckinrose: bumble you wanna play with the band again THERE WAS A TIME?

[4:47 PM] bumblefoot1: most of it is confirmed

[4:47 PM] kristian: do you know if gnr is coming to Norway?

[4:47 PM] soulmonster: okay, I also think Dj mentioned a new US tour and someone a South America tour...

[4:47 PM] axlmorris: Im gettin excited

[4:47 PM] bumblefoot1: loved the UCAP shows

[4:47 PM] guest-449523 entered the room.

[4:47 PM] ashbasab: BELGIUM

[4:47 PM] guest-449523 changed nickname to jrzygrl33

[4:47 PM] ingrid: Norway Very Happy

[4:47 PM] sixgnr: it's a surprise the extension of US tour

[4:47 PM] ashbasab: FRANCE

[4:47 PM] ingrid: I'm so looking forward to the gig in Glasgow, gonna be amazing :G

[4:47 PM] bumblefoot1: sadly I don't think we're hitting Norway, Sweden, Finland..... Razz

[4:47 PM] axlmorris: Make sure your through loads of plectrums Wink

[4:47 PM] ashbasab: LUXEMBOURG

[4:47 PM] mango: France already has 6 shows, what you talkin about Very Happy

[4:47 PM] ashbasab: LUXEMBURG

[4:47 PM] bumblefoot1: a whole buttload in France.....

[4:48 PM] ashbasab: YES I KNOW

[4:48 PM] ingrid: Not anywhere in Scandinavia? Sad

[4:48 PM] kristian: do you know why?

[4:48 PM] axlfuckinrose: bumble in italy only one show at gods of metal?

[4:48 PM] soulmonster: bumbles: it seems you're all (except when you are in pain) having much fun at shows now...

[4:48 PM] bumblefoot1: Benelux without the Lux

[4:48 PM] sixgnr: why France has so many dates?

[4:48 PM] fabiognr: yes!!I agree sixgnr!we had a lotta fun during the first 4 Us tour with GNR Smile

[4:48 PM] soulmonster: ...what is the reason for that?

[4:48 PM] sandra74k: i am going to see the show in strasburg


[4:48 PM] bumblefoot1: soul, reason for what?

[4:48 PM] mango: but you're returning to Serbia/Croatia, so I'm not complaining at all Very Happy

[4:48 PM] fabiognr: I'll be in Bwercy FOR SURE!!i LOVE BERCY

[4:48 PM] ashbasab: ME TOO

[4:48 PM] bumblefoot1: I played Strasbourg in 2005, nice town Smile Very Germanic actually.....

[4:48 PM] bumblecool: i'm trying to sell my Naruto manga to go to a london show Very Happy

[4:49 PM] ingrid: Why is the VIP ticket so expensive? Razz I couldn't afford it :/

[4:49 PM] ashbasab: LUXEMBURG

[4:49 PM] soulmonster: bumble: the great apparent cameraderie and enjoyment in the band during these last legs

[4:49 PM] zqyx: Tour in Poland Razz 6 or 7 shows near my hometown Wink Razz

[4:49 PM] sandra74k: Bumblefoot : we are on your bumblechat now at the same time ...Ian,Maru and all ;-)

[4:49 PM] ashbasab: ANTWERPEN

[4:49 PM] guest-449619 entered the room.

[4:49 PM] guest-449619 changed nickname to jess

[4:49 PM] bumblefoot1: Ingrid - I have nuthin to do with the promoter/manager ticket stuff, I don't know how much

[4:49 PM] axlfuckinrose: bumblefoot, you know if you will do another show in italy?

[4:49 PM] bumblefoot1: anything costs, what options there are, any of that.... Razz

[4:50 PM] bumblefoot1: How much is it?

[4:50 PM] fabiognr: Ron any shows in Oslo or Helsinki?

[4:50 PM] soulmonster: it's just the band seem to gel so much now, like everything is clicking in place

[4:50 PM] ingrid: okay, well, tnanksfor coming anyways Very Happy

[4:50 PM] bumblefoot1: axl - is anything announced for

[4:50 PM] ingrid: ¨300 dollars...

[4:50 PM] cotis: how about some shows in NJ ron? Razz

[4:50 PM] ingrid: *299 :p

[4:50 PM] bumblefoot1: HEEEEY Cody!

[4:50 PM] axlfuckinrose left the room.

[4:50 PM] bumblefoot1: 299 Euros???????

[4:50 PM] ingrid: dollars

[4:50 PM] sandra74k: would love to get VIP tix for strasburg

[4:51 PM] axlmorris: yeah it says "M&G with select GNR members" for the VIP

[4:51 PM] cotis: hows everything been ron?

[4:51 PM] bumblefoot1: Still, that's pretty pricey. Sad

[4:51 PM] bumblecool: and some exclusive merch

[4:51 PM] kristian: very nice of to take your time to chat with the fans

[4:51 PM] zqyx: who select memebers for M&G?Wink

[4:51 PM] kristian: you

[4:51 PM] axlmorris: I was going to buy VIP but then decided I could go to a few more shows for that money Wink

[4:51 PM] bumblefoot1: In my day........ $15 a show.


[4:51 PM] ingrid: Wish it was like that Razz

[4:52 PM] soulmonster: yeah, but you're like 50

[4:52 PM] bumblefoot1: HAhahaha, 42.

[4:52 PM] soulmonster: Wink

[4:52 PM] bumblecool: lol

[4:52 PM] soulmonster: it's the beard

[4:52 PM] bumblefoot1: And we could get a movie for $3...... came with a handjob and free popcorn.

[4:52 PM] voodoochild: lol

[4:52 PM] kristian: lol

[4:52 PM] soulmonster: hah

[4:52 PM] cotis: those are pricey now a day...

[4:52 PM] bumblefoot1: I lied. Had to pay for the popcorn.

[4:52 PM] bumblecool: Very Happy

[4:53 PM] zqyx: beard select band members for meet & greets?Very Happy i know Very Happy

[4:53 PM] kristian: :-)

[4:53 PM] sandra74k: haha ron

[4:53 PM] mango: lol xD there ain't no such thing as free popcorn... xD

[4:53 PM] sixgnr: no popcorn for me

[4:53 PM] guest-449838 entered the room.

[4:53 PM] guest-449838 changed nickname to anaalexandre

[4:53 PM] kristian: Do you have gnr news for us?

[4:53 PM] anaalexandre left the room.

[4:54 PM] sandra74k: for me also much calories

[4:54 PM] fabiognr: GNR worth any fuckin' dollars,penny or euros !!! Smile)

[4:54 PM] mango: true that, fabio

[4:54 PM] ingrid: true

[4:54 PM] bumblefoot1: Kristian, ahhhh, wish I did! Just the upcoming tour....

[4:54 PM] bumblefoot1: Time for me to mosey on......... Sad

[4:54 PM] soulmonster: who's the best multi-instrumentalist in the band?

[4:54 PM] jrzygrl33 left the room.

[4:54 PM] guest-449901 entered the room.

[4:54 PM] guest-449901 changed nickname to jrzygrl33

[4:54 PM] bumblefoot1: Soul - ME.

[4:54 PM] bumblefoot1: lol

[4:54 PM] bumblecool: lol

[4:54 PM] axlmorris: What you gonna do the rest of the day?

[4:55 PM] soulmonster: Smile

[4:55 PM] bumblecool: Chris Very Happy

[4:55 PM] bumblefoot1: LOL!!

[4:55 PM] sixgnr: I only say that Italian promoter are crazy: they choose horrible location for live show

[4:55 PM] mango: Give Pitman a solo spot!

[4:55 PM] soulmonster: haha

[4:55 PM] sixgnr: for every band

[4:55 PM] bumblefoot1: Frank's a cool bass player actually.

[4:55 PM] bumblefoot1: Pitman's damn good too.

[4:55 PM] cotis: mistah thunderchucker!

[4:55 PM] soulmonster: he looks like a cool bass player!

[4:55 PM] bumblecool: Frank's birthday photo

[4:55 PM] bumblecool: it's awesome

[4:55 PM] bumblecool: Very Happy

[4:55 PM] fabiognr: oh Ron!!!we already will miss u.. BUT thx a lot for chatting with us!!!

[4:55 PM] soulmonster: with sunglasses and head bopping slowly in rhythm while playing some funkey tune

[4:55 PM] sandra74k: saw the birthday pic of

[4:56 PM] fabiognr: see ya in Dublin,Ron Smile

[4:56 PM] bumblefoot1: Y'all have a great evening

[4:56 PM] voodoochild: well guys, it was fun.. thanks Ron, thank you guys.. have to work now

[4:56 PM] bumblecool: see yah man

[4:56 PM] ingrid: See you in Glasgow! Very Happy

[4:56 PM] bumblecool: Wink

[4:56 PM] axlmorris: check back in before the tour

[4:56 PM] voodoochild: bye, see ya

[4:56 PM] mango: tnx for stopping by, Ron Smile

[4:56 PM] soulmonster: bumbles: thanks for chatting with us Very Happy

[4:56 PM] bumblefoot1: Always a pleasure hangin' and chatting with ya's Very Happy

[4:56 PM] sandra74k: same to you ron you

[4:56 PM] ingrid: thanks for chatting Very Happy

[4:56 PM] ashbasab: .°

[4:56 PM] axlmorris: Very Happy take care

[4:56 PM] soulmonster: take care

[4:56 PM] ashbasab: Wink

[4:56 PM] bumblecool: i will send you a 50x50 pic to you mail too Razz

[4:56 PM] bumblefoot1: GROUP HUG ! ! ! ! ! !

[4:56 PM] soulmonster: and good luck with the therapy!!

[4:56 PM] kristian: thanks

[4:56 PM] axlmorris: SILKWORKS

[4:56 PM] bumblefoot1: lol cool

[4:56 PM] fabiognr: maybe I'll eb in Glasgow too...

[4:56 PM] bumblecool: stay safe Razz

[4:56 PM] ashbasab: THNAK RON

[4:57 PM] ashbasab: THANK

[4:57 PM] ashbasab: Wink

[4:57 PM] fabiognr: hugs u back Ron Smile

[4:57 PM] zqyx: Hugs are great Smile

[4:57 PM] voodoochild left the room.

[4:57 PM] soulmonster: ...and no one dares to leave

[4:57 PM] mango: voodoo did Very Happy

[4:57 PM] jess left the room.

[4:57 PM] sixgnr: Hug!!!

[4:57 PM] zqyx: Very Happy

[4:57 PM] bumblefoot1: Thanks, gracias, obrigado, grazie!! Talk to ya soon! BYE!!!! Very Happy

[4:57 PM] bumblefoot1 left the room.

[4:57 PM] fabiognr: ciao Ron !!

[4:57 PM] cotis: adios!

[4:57 PM] zqyx: thank you !!!

[4:57 PM] soulmonster left the room.

[4:57 PM] sandra74k: i keep my fingers crossed for you that it get well soon ron

[4:57 PM] mango left the room.

[4:57 PM] cotis: now lets see everyone leave....

[4:57 PM] ashbasab: don't forget the rendez-vous??????

[4:57 PM] axlmorris: *throughs red mic into the crowd*

[4:57 PM] sandra74k: bye ron

[4:57 PM] cotis: I got Axl's mic from Philly Smile

[4:58 PM] guest-450021 entered the room.

[4:58 PM] axlmorris: lucky fucker

[4:58 PM] guest-450021 changed nickname to soulmonster

[4:58 PM] sixgnr: take care and stay strong Ron! Your Italian friends are always here!!!

[4:58 PM] axlmorris: Iver always wanted the mic, and nearly did once, but that fucker was fast

[4:58 PM] soulmonster left the room.

[4:58 PM] fabiognr: Guys it's been so cool chat with u all and with Mr .Bumble!!!

[4:58 PM] zqyx: anyone watching Champions League matches ?Razz

[4:58 PM] kristian left the room.

[4:58 PM] axlmorris: so what did everyone think of ron tonight?

[4:59 PM] fabiognr: Ron is an amazing guy

[4:59 PM] ashbasab: YES

[4:59 PM] zqyx: Did Ron say something about Going Down? I missed that part...

[4:59 PM] bumblecool: me

[4:59 PM] bumblecool: BENFICA

[4:59 PM] bumblecool: BENFICA

[4:59 PM] axlmorris: said it was earthy

[5:00 PM] sixgnr: I'm going to look for some ads for new job!

[5:00 PM] z
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Hard to read - thank you for the summary

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Live chat with Bumblefoot - March 27, 2012 Empty Re: Live chat with Bumblefoot - March 27, 2012

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