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1992.11.29 - Estadio El Campín, Bogota, Colombia

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1992.11.29 - Estadio El Campín, Bogota, Colombia Empty 1992.11.29 - Estadio El Campín, Bogota, Colombia

Post by Soulmonster on Thu Feb 09, 2012 10:37 am

November 30, 1992.

Estadio El Campín.

Bogota, Colombia.

XX. Welcome to the Jungle
XX. Mr. Brownstone
XX. It's So Easy
XX. Civil War
XX. Bad Obsession
XX. So Fine
XX. November Rain
XX. Don't Cry
XX. Paradise City
[Incomplete set list].

Axl Rose (vocals), Gilby Clarke (rhythm guitarist), Slash (lead guitarist), Duff McKagan (bass), Dizzy Reed (keyboards) and Matt Sorum (drums).

Slash: The show that night - November 29, 1992 [Slash got the date wrong, the concert was rescheduled to November 30] - was pretty magical; it was one of those moments that you can't believe is happening even as you watch it all unfold, even as you're part of it. There was a torrential rainstorm the entire day before as our crew set up; the weight of the water buckled the stage roof (which wasn't ours), sending a lighting rig crashing to the ground. Luckily, no one was hurt. The whole stage had to be redesigned. Then the day of the show, a sudden storm damaged some of our equipment. Despite more rain, people filled the arena and were lined up outside, where fights broke out, a few cars were burned, and the police had to use tear gas to calm everyone down. When we took the stage sometime around eleven p.m., the place went crazy. We were playing really well, and the rain held off throughout the first hour of our set until we played 'November Rain.' As we started that song, literally on cue, the sky opened and it poured once again. It was one of those massive tropical downpours where one drop can fill a coffee cup. It was coming down in a black mist that mixed with the steam rising off of the audience. I could barely see through the clouds that formed in the arena; the people were a sea of silhouettes. It was very dramatic and very beautiful: it felt as if they and the band were one. The audience was as moved as we were - they were into it, truly passionate. It rained so hard that we finished the song then we had to break until the storm passed, and once it did, we came back on and gave it everything we had [Slash's autobiography, "Slash", 2007, p. 366-367].
Duff: It rained and rained. It continued to rain during the show. Then, as Axl played the opening chords of 'November Rain,' the sun broke through the clouds. Everyone in the audience crossed themselves. After the song, the rain began again [Duff's autobiography, "It's So Easy", 2011, p. 216].
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