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Breakdown Empty Breakdown

Post by Soulmonster on Mon Aug 09, 2010 10:59 am

Breakdown NeWborder_zpsk3uwcgt1
Use Your Illusion II, 1991, track no. 7.

Written by:
Axl Rose.

Drums: Matt
     Bass: Duff
     Lead and Rhythm Guitars / Banjo: Slash
     Acoustic Guitar: Izzy
     Vocals, Piano: Axl

Live performances:
'Breakdown' was debuted on December 6, 1991 and also played on December 13, 1991. In total it has, as of {UPDATEDATE}, at least been played {BREAKDOWNSONGS} times.
We all come in from the cold
       We come down from the wire
       An everybody warms themselves
       to a different fire
       When sometimes we get burned
       You'd think sometime we'd learn
       The one you love is the one
       That should take you higher
       You ain't got no one
       You better go back out and find her

Just like children hidin' in a closet
       Can't tell what's goin' on outside
       Sometimes we're so far off the beaten track
       We'll get taken for a ride
       By a parlor trick or some words of wit
       A hidden hand up a sleeve
       To think the one you love
       could hurt you now
       Is a little hard to believe
       But everybody darlin' sometimes
       Bites the hand that feeds

     When I look around
       Everybody always brings me down
       Well is it them or me
       Well I just can't see
       But there ain't no peace to found
       But if someone really cared
       Well they'd take the time to spare
       A moment to try and understand
       Another one's despair
       Remember in this game we call life
       That no one said it's fair

       Let me hear it now
       let me hear it now
       Let me hear it now
       let me hear it now
       Get down with yo' bad self

     I've come to know the cold
       I think of it as home
       When there ain't enough of me to go around
       I'd rather be left alone
       But if I call you out of habit I'm out of love and
       I gotta have it
       Would you give it to me if I fit you needs
       Like when we both knew we had it
       But now the damage's done
       And we're back out on the run
       Fun how everything was roses
       When we held on to the guns
       Just because you're winnin'
       Don't mean you're the lucky ones

       Let me hear it now
       Let me hear it now

     "There goes the challenger being chased
       By the blue blue meanies on wheels
       The vicious traffic squad cars are after
       our lone driver
       The last American hero
       The-the electric sintar
       The demi-god,
       The super driver of the golden west!
       Two nasty Nazi cars are close behind
       The beautiful lone driver
       The police cars are getting closer-closer...
       Closer to our soul hero in his soul mobile
       Yeah baby!
       They about to strike, They gonna get him,
       Smash! Rape!
       The last beautiful free soul on this planet is written if the Evil Spirit arms the Tiger with claws
       Brahman provided wings for the Dove
       Thus spake the Super Guru"

       "Did you hear that"

'Breakdown' definitely has a bit of southern rock feel [Interview with Axl Rose, 1990-1991?]
]It is really satisfying to hear that the solo has some emotion. It was done pretty quick [Slash - The Hands Behind The Hype, Guitar Player, December 1991]
][...]There is nothing on the record that didn't come out the way we wanted, except maybe the vocal speech at the end of "Breakdown." The mix on the speakers that we did the mastering on was loud enough, but on other sets of speakers it's not. It depends on what stereo you're hearing it on, and we didn't know that [Axl Gets In The Ring, Metallix 1992]
talking about the banjo: I just had this idea that it should sound like that, so I tuned it like a guitar [laughs]. I don't know how to play banjo, are you kidding? I was in bed, sitting there trying to figure it out [Interview CD, 1992]
There were a few songs that were very involved guitar-wise on those albums. 'Estranged' was a big, long song. I used a Les Paul Gold Top on it; I recorded all of the melodies on the rhythm pickup with the tone turned all the way down. 'November Rain' was tough, too, as was another Axl song called 'Breakdown.' Those were all piano driven and they needed accompaniment; the guitar and bass parts had to be thought out and done precisely. Those songs were all pretty fucking cool, I have to say, but they took some work. (...) 'Breakdown' was very complicated as far as getting all of the drum and guitar parts just right back at A & M, as well as the intricate piano changes. It's a complex song, and as much as it sounds like we partied our way through recording, we were very focused when it came to work. That song was hard on Matt especially - he lost it a few times trying to get the drums perfect [Bozza, Anthony, & Slash (2007). Slash. Harper Entertainment: New York, pp 316-317]

Audio of 'Breakdown' performed live on December 6, 1991, at Worchester Centrum Centre, USA:

Breakdown NeWborder_zpsk3uwcgt1
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