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2006.02.10 - HTGTH (via Blabbermouth) - Slash And Duff McKagan Vs. Axl Rose Trial Delayed Until May

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2006.02.10 - HTGTH (via Blabbermouth) - Slash And Duff McKagan Vs. Axl Rose Trial Delayed Until May

Post by Blackstar on Sat Dec 15, 2018 9:48 pm

SLASH And DUFF MCKAGAN Vs. AXL ROSE Trial Delayed Until May

According to Here Today... Gone To Hell!, the jury trial in connection with a 2004 lawsuit filed by former GUNS N' ROSES members Slash (guitar) and Duff McKagan (bass) against the band's lead singer, Axl Rose, claiming he ripped them off to the tune of at least a million dollars, has been postponed from March to May. The trial is now set to begin on May 16. The case is expected to last five-seven days and could possibly feature court appearances from all the parties in person.

In the suit, Duff and Slash claim Rose doesn't have any controlling interest in the songs, but they say he killed deals that would have put their tunes in a half dozen movies, including "Just Married", "We Were Soldiers", "Death to Smoochie" and "Old School". In addition, Rose allegedly squashed a deal to allow the producers of the movie "Black Hawk Down" to use the band's huge hit, "Welcome to the Jungle" in the film. Instead, he wanted to re-record it, thereby allegedly cheating his ex-band mates out of the licensing fee.

David Powell, who runs "The Music Bridge", a company that deals with music rights for movies, told Celebrity Justice in 2004: "Licensing is very important for any band or any artist that gets out there in popular culture.

"There are many income streams that can be generated from the songs, as well as the master recordings, for years and sometimes generations to come."

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