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2014.04.10 - Ultimate Classic Rock - Slash on Duff's reunion with Guns N' Roses

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2014.04.10 - Ultimate Classic Rock - Slash on Duff's reunion with Guns N' Roses

Post by Blackstar on Tue Nov 27, 2018 11:37 am

Slash Says Duff McKagan’s Guns N’ Roses Reunion ‘Doesn’t Really Concern Me’

Jeff Giles
April 10, 2014

Wondering if the news of Duff McKagan's temporary return to the Guns N' Roses lineup has been making Slash nostalgic for the old days? Well, don't.

Slash shrugged off the subject during a recent interview with the U.K.'s TeamRockRadio, quite reasonably pointing out that just because McKagan might be popping back in for a few shows, that doesn't mean things have thawed between himself and GNR leader Axl Rose. "What Duff does is what Duff does. It doesn't really concern me," said Slash. "Duff's relationship with Axl is different to mine. That call to me is just not going to happen."

Not that Slash has a problem with McKagan playing with the band again. "I don't judge Duff. He's cool," he insisted. "He just has a way more amicable, neutral relationship with Axl than I do."

While Axl and Duff enjoy those amicable vibes, Slash has plans of his own: he'll be heading out on tour with Aerosmith this summer on a series of dates they're calling 'Let Rock Rule.' To celebrate the announcement of the shows, they played a brief set at the Whisky in L.A.

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