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Corey Taylor to join Velvet Revolver?

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Corey Taylor to join Velvet Revolver?

Post by Soulmonster on Fri Feb 11, 2011 1:59 am

Duff McKagan's online chat with readers on Wednesday is fueling more rumors about Corey Taylor's possible involvement with Velvet Revolver.

When asked by a fan what the most important attribute for the lead singer of a rock band to have, besides their singing voice, McKagan responded: "Any good artist has to have had some kind of rub in their life, something real. Something you have to get out lyrically or you are going to kill yourself or somebody else. Those are the lyrics that inspire. The ability to tap the dark stuff and have it be real. Great lead singers have the ability to tap that. No inhibitions helps as well. Axl [Rose] and Scott [Weiland] are two of the best front men ever."

Unprompted, Duff then added: "Corey Taylor is one of those guys as well. He can tap it. He has to get those lyrics on the paper or his world is going to crash down around him."

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