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1988.08.XX - Interview with Axl

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1988.08.XX - Interview with Axl Empty 1988.08.XX - Interview with Axl

Post by Soulmonster on Sun Jun 05, 2011 3:59 pm


Interviewer: [cuts in] bands on the bill would you think that you're completely

Axl: Maybe only in attitude and some of them, I mean, [?] all kinds of material. Uhm, I liked Kiss in their early days. I think the only thing that we have in common with Kiss now is that, you know, they like to make money and they like girls, but as far as their music go, you know, basically their music's like second fiddle to their other desires. Our music comes first.

Interviewer: Have you got anything in common with Iron Maiden?

Axl: I hope not. I don't know whether or not, I mean, they're nice guys but, you know, it's like political organizations. Your band's like a political thing and your music or your albums kind of like your political stance. Well, theirs completely different to ours and I think this doesn't have anything to do with rock and roll as far as I'm concerned. We're a rock and roll band, what they do is what they do, I don't know what it is and I hope to never be like that. I hope it's not catching.

Interviewer: [Directed to Izzy] Were you gonna say something there?

Izzy: No.
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