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1990.09.06 - The Dispatch - Photographer sues rock band

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1990.09.06 - The Dispatch - Photographer sues rock band Empty 1990.09.06 - The Dispatch - Photographer sues rock band

Post by Blackstar on Wed Dec 12, 2018 11:07 pm

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Photographer sues rock band

LOS ANGELES (UPI) - A photographer hired by MTV to take photographs of Axl Rose and his Guns ’N’ Roses band at a video awards show has sued the group and their bodyguard for allegedly shoving him and injuring him, court documents showed Wednesday.

According to the Superior Court lawsuit, Jeff Kravitz was hired by a MTV publicist to photograph celebrities, including Rose, at the MTV Music Video Awards presentation Sept. 6,1989.

Kravitz, wearing a large yellow “staff” tag that allowed him access to all parts of the Universal Amphitheater, where the show was held, was preparing to snap a picture of the heavy metal rock star when one of his bodyguards, identified only as Stewart, approached Kravitz, the suit said.

The bodyguard shouted to Kravitz “no pictures” and “placed his hand over the lens of the camera, shoved the camera against Kravitz and shoved the shoulder of Kravitz,” the suit said.

A picture taken at that moment shows part of a vest Rose was wearing and the outline of a hand, the suit said.

Kravitz started to take another picture when the bodyguard stepped in front of the camera, “shouting Ί told you no pictures,’ threatening to smash the camera to the ground and to harm Kravitz, and grabbed (his) camera to pull it away from him,” the lawsuit said.

As Kravitz tried to protect himself and his camera, he lost his footing, and although he did not fall, was injured, the suit said.

Kravitz suffered a sprained or strained back, causing “severe neck pain” and “massive headaches” and also aggravated a previous injury to his elbow, the suit said.

The lawsuit, which alleges negligence and conspiracy to commit assault and battery, seeks unspecified compensatory and punitive damages.

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