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G N' R Lies

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G N' R Lies

Post by Soulmonster on Thu Jul 10, 2014 10:43 pm


[Original cover]

Release date:
November 29, 1988

Track list:
01. Reckless Life
02. Nice Boys
03. Move to the City
04. Mama Kin
05. Patience
06. Used to Love Her
07. You're Crazy
08. One in a Million

Band members talking about the album:
We're putting out an acoustic EP some time late next year [Interview after show, October 1987].
We still haven’t decided exactly what to do next time, but we have thought about doing some acoustic stuff. For those fans who don’t know, we like to play acoustic sets every now and then when we get the chance. We do those when we have in-store record signings and things like that, and people really get off on it. Maybe it would be too radical a departure from what people now expect after Appetite For Destruction, but we kind of like keeping everyone a little off balance. If we can keep doing that, we’ll be around for a long, long time [Hit Parader, October 1988].
The EP's not meant to be taken all that seriously. It's not done... It wasn't done expensively. It's not like, a major album. It's not anything... It's just like, a sort of filler [MTV, October 1988].
The acoustic stuff we did in like, a day, right. So, I mean, we didn't... It wasn't a huge project or anything like that. It's just, I think, to show another side of the band, sort of. And also, you know, our next album is not gonna be out for a while. So, there's a huge void space then we'd like to fill in a bit [MTV, October 1988].
It's us. And it's our music and stuff and it's important in that way, but... It's just not meant to be, you know... It's not meant to be taken as seriously as, say an album is taken. It's real sloppy, it's got us talking in the background, guitar picks dropping. You know, stuff like that. It's out of tune at a lot of places. It's just us sort of hanging out, getting drunk and playing. [...] I didn't think should go on the actual album. And we needed something to put out to fill the gap between the first record and the next one. It's really not that big a deal [MTV, October 1988].
Talking about the subtitle, "Lies. The drugs, the sex, the violence, the shockin' truth": You know, that's pretty self-explanatory as well. It's like, the band's just sorta like, the center of attention, as far as, you know, sort of controversy in rock n' roll and stuff like that. And they make up all these stories. I found out today that I died again today. [...] And, you know, Axl dies all the time. There's all this crap going around. People love to make up stuff about you. I don't know why. We're the band that seems to be the center of all that attention. [...] Sort of a parody of our whole existence. [...] The artwork on the EP is done like a British tabloid kind of... [MTV, October 1988].
Adding his thoughts: It's just like, us saying "Ok, you guys wanna blow this out of proportion? Let's totally blow it out of proportion". If you're gonna get that ridiculous about it [MTV, October 1988].
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