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14 Years

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14 Years

Post by Soulmonster on Sat Aug 07, 2010 9:59 am


Use Your Illusion II, 1991, track no. 2.

Written by:
Axl Rose and Izzy Stradlin.

Drums: Matt Sorum
Bass: Duff
Lead and Rhythm Guitars: Slash
Vocals and Rhythm Guitar: Izzy
Piano: Axl
Organ: Dizzy
Background Vocals: Axl.

Live performances:
'14 Years' was played for the first time at Pantages Theatre, USA, on May 11, 1991. In total it has, as of {UPDATEDATE}, been played {FYSONGS} times.
From wikipedia:
This song is one of the few Guns N' Roses songs sung fully by Izzy Stradlin, with the exception of the chorus sung along with Rose. It is about Rose's and Stradlin's friendship as they knew each other for 14 years. An earlier demo used different lyrics, though the first verse and the chorus were only slightly modified, while the second and third verses were given a complete makeover. Parts of the demo's second verse, would be used in the third verse of the final version, while the demo's third verse is a slightly modified version of the demo's first verse.

I try and feel the sunshine
You bring the rain
You try and hold me down
With your complaints
You cry and moan and complain
You whine an tear
Up to my neck in sorrow
The touch you bring
You just don't step inside to 14 years
So hard to keep my own head... that's what I say
You know...I've been the beggar...
I've played the thief
I was the dog...they all tried to beat
But it's been

14 years of silence
It's been
14 years of pain
It's been
14 years that are gone forever
And I'll never have again
Your stupid girlfriends tell you
That I'm to blame
Well they're all used-up has-beens
Out of the game
This time I'll have the last word
You hear what I say
I tried to see it your way
It won't work today
You just don't step inside to 14 years
So hard to keep my own head...that's what I say
You know...I've been the dealer...
Hangin' on your street
I was the dog...they all tried to beat
But it's been

14 years of silence
It's been
14 years of pain
It's been
14 years that are gone forever
And I'll never have again

Bullshit and contemplation
Gossip's their trade
If they knew half the real truth
What would they say
Well I'm past the point of concern
It's time to play
These last 4 years of madness
Sure put me straight
Don't get back 14 years
In just one day
So hard to keep my own head
Just go away
You know...just like a hooker she said
Nothin's for free
Oh I tried to see it your way
I tried to see it your way

Band members talking about the song:
Prior to the release: Well, one's this song called '14 Years'. Axl phoned me up and said he'd written a song called '14 Years' too, which is a really bizarre coincidence [laughing]. So when he said that, I told him 'Well maybe we should use mine, 'cos it's already finished and we can get on with these fuckin' albums and get them out sometime in 1991!' So what we ended up doing was he heard mine, we tracked it, then he sang me parts of his song and made them like a bridge or a chorus or something [The Vox, 1991]
 I moved into this apartment building and my next-door neighbor was West Arkeen, this crazy little guitar-player guy, this little freak. He went to the Guitar Institute a couple blocks from our house, and he came out of the Institute, and there was some guy selling an Alesis drum machine and a four-track cassette recorder. It was apparently Sheila E.’s bus driver. Somehow he got stiffed and he’s like, “Fuck it, I’m selling this shit.” So West comes home with this drum machine, [and] we figured out how to use the stuff. The demo of “It’s So Easy” was pretty great. West at this exact same time had taught me how to tune the guitar to open E. We used like, every feature on the drum machine: cowbell, woodblock, and everything on this demo. I sang it, tuned the guitars, put the drum track on, and it was just this cool little lazy summertime hit. West and I would recall all these “summertime hits,” we’d call them. I had an apartment and West had an apartment before we had a rehearsal space, and it became an encampment for about two months for the band. “It’s So Easy,” “Yesterdays,” and I think “14 Years,” a lot of songs were recorded on West’s four-track. I think “You’re Crazy” came out on the West four-track. Sitting in an apartment, we’d play a lot of acoustic guitars, so I think “Easy” was recorded on acoustic guitar. Thing about our songs, we played ’em all on acoustic guitar. “Night Train,” we wrote on acoustic guitar. Because we’d write them in little cramped apartments [The Onion A.V. Club, May 2011]
 This is for all of those who, have the impression that we're any form of an overnight success, this is called 14 Years [Los Angeles, July 29th, 1991]

Selected videos:
'14 Years' performed live in Deer Creek Music Center, USA, on May 29, 1991:

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