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Right Next Door To Hell

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Right Next Door To Hell

Post by Soulmonster on Thu Aug 05, 2010 9:16 am

Use Your Illusion I, 1991, track no. 1.

Written by:
Izzy Stradlin, Timo Caltia and Axl Rose

Drums: Matt Sorum
     Bass: Duff
     Lead and Rhythm Guitars / 6-String Bass: Slash
     Rhythm Guitar: Izzy
     Vocals: Axl
     Background Vocals: Slash, Duff, Izzy

Live performances:
The song was played for the first time at Pantages Theatre, USA, on May 11, 1991. In total it has, as of {UPDATEDATE}, at least been played {RIGHTSONGS} times.
I'll take a nicotine, caffeine, sugar fix
       Jesus don't ya git tired of turnin' tricks
       But when your innocence dies
       You'll find the blues
       Seems all our heroes were born to lose
       Just walkin' through time
       You believe this heat
       Another empty house another dead end street
       Gonna rest my bones an sit for a spell
       This side of heaven this close to Hell

     Right next door to hell

       Why don't you write a letter to me yeah
       I said I'm right next door to hell
       An so many eyes are on me
       Right next door to hell
       I got nowhere else to be
       Right next door to hell
       Feels like the walls are closing in on me

     My mama never really said much to me
       She was much too young and scared ta be
       Hell "Freud" might say that's what I need
       But all I really ever get is greed
       An most my friends they feel the same
       Hell we don't even have ourselves to blame
       But times are hard and thrills are cheaper
       As your arms get shorter
       Your pockets get deeper

     Right next door to hell
       Why don't you write a letter to me yeah
       I said I'm right next door to hell
       An so many eyes are on me
       Right next door to hell
       I never thought this is where I'd be
       Right next door to hell
       Thinkin' time'll stand still for me

     Fuck you

     Not bad kids just stupid ones
       Yeah we thought we'd own the world
       An gettin' used was havin' fun
       I said we're not sad kids just lucid ones yeah
       Flowin' through life not collectin' anyone
       So much out there
       Still so much to see
       Time's too much to handle
       Time's too much for me
       It drives me up the walls
       Drives me out of my mind
       Can you tell me what this means...huh?

Timo Caltia (real name Timo Kaltio) who participated writing this song is a Finnish guitarist, songwriter and guitar-tech expert who once worked with Hanoi Rocks. He had played a chorus riff of the song at his home while Stradlin visited there. Caltia was bothered by his irritating neighbour and was trying to make a verse including words "living next door to hell". Later Stradlin asked a permission to take the riff for his new song. Royalties from this song helped Caltia to buy himself a new house in London [Wikipedia].

I wrote the chorus of this song - the verses have nothing to do about that part - I wrote the chorus because of my next-door neighbour [The Ritz, New York, USA, May 16, 1991]
I'd say "Right Next Door To Hell" is something like the chorus from "Locomotive," but the verses are much deeper, much more serious [Metallix, December 1992].

'Right Next Door To Hell' performed live at Deer Creek Music Center, May 29, 1991:

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