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Michael Monroe on Axl - interview with Sleaze Roxx

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Michael Monroe on Axl - interview with Sleaze Roxx Empty Michael Monroe on Axl - interview with Sleaze Roxx

Post by Soulmonster on Tue Aug 30, 2011 9:28 am

An extract:

"Sleaze Roxx: Axl Rose is admittedly a huge Hanoi Rocks fan and he even made a guest appearance on your Dead, Jail Or Rock 'N' Roll video. What's your relationship with Axl these days?

Michael Monroe: Axl's doing his own thing -- I don't have his contact information. I said hello to him through Sebastian Bach at the end of 2009 when Sebastian was on tour in Finland. He sent a text to Axl saying hello along with a picture of Sebastian and I together. Axl replied with the message, "Doesn't that guy ever age?!" (laughs) -- which was a great compliment. I have nothing but cool things to say about Axl. He was very good to me and Hanoi Rocks as he released our European catalog on Uzi Suicide Records. God bless him. He knows where to find me if he wants to talk."

the whole interview can be found here:
Hope it wasn't posted peace Found it by accident on Eddie Trunk's site Tongue

Thanks to Tynia on htgth for reporting this Smile
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