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"Slash Quietly Lists Mansion in "Crime-Ridden" Mulholland Estates"

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"Slash Quietly Lists Mansion in "Crime-Ridden" Mulholland Estates" Empty "Slash Quietly Lists Mansion in "Crime-Ridden" Mulholland Estates"

Post by Soulmonster on Tue Aug 02, 2011 3:19 pm

Slash, the long-locked lead guitarist for Guns 'n' Roses who usually doesn't do anything quietly, has quietly listed this L.A. estate for $9.5M. Slash and wife Perla Hudson paid $7.3M for the seven bedroom pad in swanky Mulholland Estates, where Charlie Sheen has been trying to sell his own celeb hangout for $7.2M. According to The Real Estalker, this neighborhood has seen a bit more crime than someone paying that sort of cash might be accustomed to. If the ever-crazy Sheen's to be believed, his cars have been stolen twice, one of which was driven off a nearby cliff, and Paris Hilton's house in the neighborhood was burgled by the Bling Ring. Let's wait and see what that does to resale values.

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