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1995.07.21 - Folha De Sao Paulo Journal - Interview with Slash

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1995.07.21 - Folha De Sao Paulo Journal - Interview with Slash Empty 1995.07.21 - Folha De Sao Paulo Journal - Interview with Slash

Post by Soulmonster on Thu Jun 23, 2011 5:51 pm


(JUST THE "GN'R RELATED QUESTIONS" all the other ones are about Slash's Snakepit)

F- The Snakepit tour didn't include any stadiums...Did you miss the clubs?

S- In fact,Snakepit became a great vehicle for me to get back & play in more intimate places. It's one of the things GNR can't do no more.

F- Do you think that with Snakepit the riots of the '92 GNR South American tour, could happen again?

S- The problems that we had, became public like publicity ... Actually the tour environment was very cool.

F- How do you compare the experience of playing with Snakepit & GNR?

S- Well, Snakepit is a bunch of buddies that decided to play & make an album.... While Snakepit plays for fun, GNR takes itself a little bit too serious....

F- How has GNR managed to survive 10 years of rumors and hate between the members?

S- The band survived, basically for centralize things in music.... We don't pay attention to the rumors....

F- A lot of people compares you with Keith Richards. What do you think of that?

S- At this time, I know Keith very well... We really look the same in certain things... We're fanatic rockers, and we like the same kind of music... He's in Rolling Stones, he's 20 years older than me, he influences me... and I look at him and see how he survived so long... But that's it... I don't know how I could be compared with him.... How?

F-You said you're a "fanatic rocker" how do you deal with the pianos and ballads of GNR?

S- I have a problem with that.... When Axl goes to the piano I used to be bored... Some songs are ok, like "November Rain". I think it's interesting recording a good guitar solo over a piano accompaniment, but it's something i don't wanna do too much... It pisses me off...But sometimes, it's Ok.

F- What do you think of the Nirvana attack, that said GNR is the "industry rock"?

S- I don't care what they say... I don't read things about us.

F- Why isn't Matt in the tour line-up?

S- He had to stay at home to avoid more conflicts between me & Axl.

F- Was the rhythm guitarist Gilby Clarke really fired? What Happened?

S- It was something between him and Axl, I'm not informed completely.

F- There's rumors about Izzy getting back...

S- Izzy agrees with writing stuff but he's not interested in touring... He doesn't want to deal with Axl y'know? The Rockstar thing... Like me, he just wanna play... We never thought GNR would become so big...
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