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Resolution of Rose/Azoff lawsuits may open for US dates?

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Resolution of Rose/Azoff lawsuits may open for US dates? Empty Resolution of Rose/Azoff lawsuits may open for US dates?

Post by Soulmonster on Wed Jun 15, 2011 8:06 am

A compromise/resolution bwteen Axl Rose and Irving Azoff may lead to US tour dates, at least this article suggests that much:

"Lawsuits between Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose and his former manager concerning commissions and concert touring have been resolved, attorneys for both sides told a judge today.

"They were settled to the mutual satisfaction of the parties," said attorney Howard King on behalf of the singer's ex-manager, Irving Azoff.

The resolutions were announced on the day Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Rita Miller had scheduled trial of the two cases between the rocker and Azoff.

No terms were divulged. But after a preliminary accord was reached, lawyers for Rose filed papers stating that the final accord would involve "a comprehensive touring agreement in which Guns 'N Roses would perform at various...venues."

Azoff sued the 49-year-old singer in March 2010, claiming Rose owed his ex-manager's company, Front Line Management, more than $1.8 million and broke a verbal agreement to pay the firm a 15 percent commission for performances by the band in Taipei, Seoul, Japan, Canada and South America.

Rose countersued two months later, claiming the manager tried to force him to reunite with his original Guns N' Roses bandmates and failed to properly promote the band's "Chinese Democracy" CD.

The suit also alleged Azoff lied about a prospective Van Halen "super tour" and mishandled the band's tour dates."

Thanks to NewGNROldGnr for reporting this over at!

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