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2011.06.13 - "Interview" with Brain on

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2011.06.13 - "Interview" with Brain on Empty 2011.06.13 - "Interview" with Brain on

Post by Soulmonster on Mon Jun 13, 2011 8:02 pm

One of the bigger trolls in the GN'R fan community finally managed to get one of the GN'R members to answer his ludicrous questions designed to fuck with the current incarnation of the band in the naive hope that it would lead to a reunion with the AFD era band. Brain answered tongue in cheek:

BBA: Guns N' Roses is one of the most wanted reunions of all time. How does that make you feel?

Brain: -Tired

BBA: You have to admit, based on comments made, the members in today's Guns N' Roses seem to have absolutely no clue what is happening with the band. Why is that?

Brain: I have no idea!!!

BBA: Do you view Guns N' Roses in 2011 as a cover band? Can you understand how some would?

Brain: -No and No

BBA: In a nutshell, why was there no US tour in 2010 or thus far in 2011? If you would, please elaborate some beyond it just being "business stuff".

Brain: -Why be a drummer if you can't get paid to be a drummer

BBA: It is widely theorized throughout the Guns N' Roses communities that all members who sign on as an employee of the band are required to sign a confidentiality agreement / "gag order". Is this true?

Brain: -No

BBA: Why won't Axl put out the remainder of the Chinese Democracy session material? Supposedly there were "dozens" of songs recorded over a several year period. Is it just a matter of the material not being any good?

Brain: -No

BBA: If Slash walked on to an elevator that you and Axl were riding, how would you see that scenario playing out? Seriously.

Brain: -They would start pulling each others hair and I would take photos and sell it to US magazine!!!

BBA: Have you or any of the other members of Guns ever confronted Axl about the late show starts? If not, why? If so, how did that turn out?

Brain: -Yeah we tried to hold a band meeting about this issue, but the meeting never happened because he showed up late!

BBA: Do you see the current lineup of GN'R ever recording an album of original material together? Most forum dwellers don't ever see it coming to fruition. Ever.

Brain: -OK

BBA: Are the current members of GN'R paId a retainer during the years of inactivity? If you don't want to speak on behalf of other members, are you paid a retainer during the years of inactivity?

Brain: -No

BBA: Current GN'R fans are viewed as some of the most abused fans out there considering how little the band communicates with them. By communication, I'm not talking about you or Fortus'instruments. I'm talking about actual news regarding GN'R tours and music releases. Why don't you feel like it is your place to communicate "band" information when you are / or were in fact a member of the band?

Brain: -They don't pay me to do PR

BBA: Have you and the other current era members (DJ, BBF - Axl included) ever been in the recording studio at the same time? If so, was there any output? If you guys never have been, in your opinion, why not?

Brain: -Never... Not sure I'd love too!!!

What is the most fun about the whole "interview" is BBA's conclusions:

"While he denies that a gag-order is a requirement of employment, he does admit that:

- the employees aren't privy to band biz
- an Axl / Slash encounter could become physical
- the current band has never been in the recording studio together
- Nu GNR couldn't make any money touring the US
- Axl failed to show for a meeting where the "band" attempted to confront him about the late show starts.

Source: Doh!

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2011.06.13 - "Interview" with Brain on Empty Re: 2011.06.13 - "Interview" with Brain on

Post by bumb.l.foot on Thu Jun 23, 2011 10:30 am

haha great

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