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2004.02.28 - Unknown Mexican Magazine - Life After Being A Gun (Slash)

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2004.02.28 - Unknown Mexican Magazine - Life After Being A Gun (Slash) Empty 2004.02.28 - Unknown Mexican Magazine - Life After Being A Gun (Slash)

Post by Blackstar on Fri Aug 21, 2020 1:48 pm

Life after being a gun

In the early 90's, Guns N' Roses was the most popular band of the world, and Slash, their lead guitar player, one of the coolest rock stars of that epoch for his enigmatic personality, his ability with the six strings and for his unique look that left his trade mark in his black hat, his bulky curly hair (that hardly ever let anyone see his face), his cigarette and his uncovered torso.

Years later, his problems with Axl Rose would take him to take the tough decision of leaving Guns N' Roses (which then, in 1996, wasn't exactly the most popular band of the world) and starting a new adventure by his own and let him create the bands Slash`s Snakepit and Slash`s Blues Ball (both without many repercussion) and recently Velvet Revolver, with some ex-gunners and with Scott Weiland, ex-frontman of the Stone Temple Pilots.

Via phone from LA, Slash tells on exclusive to us how has his life been after Guns and what is his vision now that he's 38 years old, with a wife and a couple of children and a new super-group that is on its way to start its journey through the sinuous road of rock.

How hard was to leave Guns when the band was at its best?

"It was fucking tough to leave Guns N Roses, as simple and as complicated as that. Anyway, it happened when it had to happen. But I don't regret, after that, I've been playing and having fun all the time, which is what I really love doing and keeps me alive."

Which has been the best and the worst moment of your career?

"The worst, without a doubt, was leaving Guns, which was a shame because there were millions of people disappointed, not only because I was leaving, also because the whole band was crumbling. The best: signing a new recording contract ."

You had a life full of excesses. Do you regret anything?

"No, I don't regret anything at all, I'm the kind of guy that doesn't regret anything; things happen for a reason and everything goes on. I consider that the best moments that I've lived are still there, intact, never fell, because I left Guns when everything was at its best, so I never fell; there was something I didn't want to do.and it was sinking with the ship, that's why I left before I passed through it."

You are 38, married, with 2 children. Do you consider yourself totally different from the Slash 15 years back?

"I'm the same guy, it's just that I now carry more luggage. I love my children and my wife, and I love that, so there is not much to think about. I'm a little bit more responsible than I was before. It was my destiny to grow in this business because I was very young when it all happened, and one of the best things that happened to me was that, being involved in this being so young. Anyway, inside all this craziness I also thought that, in some moment I would have children and I liked that Idea too, so now, I enjoy it very much, I think it happened at its best moment, because before. I wouldn't had been able to handle it."

Do you think rock can be like the "way to eternal youth"?

"It can be, or it can kill you very young too (laughs). There IS something in the rock and roll that makes you feel young forever, the attitude and all that vibe, I think that has a lot to do."

Are you scared of the idea of considering yourself a "grown-up man"?

I'm 38.If I don't grow up now.. when the hell I'm supposed to grow up?

What do Guns n' Roses, Snakepit and Blues Ball represent in your life?

"I'm a musician who loves to play, that started very young and that has done many things in a short time, I go from band to band, and it has been pretty much like that, everything has got its charm, its ups and downs, but it's what I enjoy the most. I'm proud of everything , you have to be because they are your things, things you've done, so every little thing has to have its own meaning because otherwise, it means you had been wasting time."

The "have-to-ask" question, that surely will be the eternal: do you think the old Guns N' Roses will ever come back together?

"To be honest, I don't, but I'd be and idiot if I said that it'll never happen, because if it ever happens I'll be seen as an idiot. is not something in which I pay much attention to at the moment, I'm very busy with Velvet Revolver and I hope this keeps me busy for a long time. Besides, I don't think Axl will ever change his attitude, so I don't know. One of the reasons why I left the band was because it had become a weightload more than something I enjoyed."

Do you keep in touch with Axl?

"I haven't talked with him since I left Guns. Can we change the subject?"

Sure. Finally, how would you like to be remembered?

"I don't know, if I'm honest with you, I don't like to give it a lot of thought, because I think I have yet a lot to do. I've always been very dedicated and passionated with the things I do. And I hope it counts."


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