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2010.07.XX - Interview with Brian Mantia by ManetsBR

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2010.07.XX - Interview with Brian Mantia by ManetsBR Empty 2010.07.XX - Interview with Brian Mantia by ManetsBR

Post by Soulmonster on Mon Jul 19, 2010 8:35 am

ManetsBR recently conducted an interview with Brian Mantia:

-You told me in 2009 that you would tour with Guns N' Roses on the upcoming tour, you would play the new songs, and Frank Ferrer would play the old songs. How was that decided and why didn't it happen?
Brian: I guess they couldn't pull it!

-Are you out of the band? If so, did you get any official confirmation? Give us details about that.
Brian: i'm out of the currant touring band. i hope i can still be a part of the recordings!!!

-In February 28, 2009, when asked if you were still in the band, Axl said "Last I checked. Brain works on several things with Guns either from his home or in the studio." How does that work?
Brian: i'm doing some top secret shit right now!!!!!!!!

-You brought a new style of drumming to Guns N' Roses. Before Josh Freese and you, the beats were very simple. You have kinda a alternative rock and funcky style. Did Axl ever asked play "like that" or "like this" or just played what you think would fit in the band?
Brian: he want's you to do you... and i love that!!!

-Did you rehearsaled with the band on 2009?
Brian: no i didn't rehearse

-You wrote The General. Despite very few people having heard it, it has become a legend in the Guns N' Roses world. What do you think about that?
Brian: it's an awesome jam... i hope it's released soon!!!!!!

-How would you feel if you found out that it would never be launched?
Brian: it will come out... the shits to good!!!!!

-There's a sample of 16 seconds that has been floating around for sometime, it's called Checkmate and some people claim it's The General. You confirmed that it's you playing, but is this bit really from The General?
Brian: i don't wanna give it up Smile.

-Apart from The General, what other songs that didn't go on Chinese Democracy you helped to write?
Brian: a couple others, but i don't know what the working titles are.

-Many songs are left from the Chinese Democracy sessions. Do you recorded in all of them?
Brian: yes... most of them.

-Are there any plans on releasing this material? Would you know if there were plans?
Brian: no i wouldn't... i leave that shit for the suits. i'm just into makin' the MUSIC!!!!!

-Do you know if Frank Ferrer and Bumblefoot will re-record all of yours and Buckethead's parts?
Brian: you never know.

-How was the recording process? Each of you recorded your part alone? Was it common, in recording or in rehearsals, to the whole band play together, all each of you recorded and rehearsaled alone?
Brian: it was a combination of all those things... pretty much just like every recording i'm involved in.

-Let's talk about Buckethead. You recently workd with him on The Dragons of Eden and Iconography. Do you currently have any other projects with him?
Brian: we just recorded a five disk set called "Best Regards"

-Since Buckethead brought you to Guns N' Roses, how did you feel when he left?-
Brian: Pretty bad... He's my friend so it was very hard... I felt like I was losing a friend more then a band mate.

-You said that Axl asked to re-record note for note of Josh Freese's work, on the early 00s. When did you first record the "genuine" Brain?
Brian: Right after.... I did the josh thing then jumped right into brain!!!

-When did you last wrote or recorded something to Guns N' Roses?
Brian: Been doing some cool re-mixes for guns!!! That shit is sick!!! It's gonna rip peoples faces off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-What were your highlights with Guns N' Roses and which was the biggest frustration?
Brian: the live shows were always a highlight for me!!! i'm just bummed i'm not a part of that anymore.

-Thank you very much for the interview. Any message you would like to give to the fans?
Brian: Love Ya Guys!!!!!!!!!!

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