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1999.01.21 - Austin American-Statesman - Concert Watch

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1999.01.21 - Austin American-Statesman - Concert Watch Empty 1999.01.21 - Austin American-Statesman - Concert Watch

Post by Blackstar on Mon Mar 09, 2020 12:49 am

1999.01.21 - Austin American-Statesman - Concert Watch 1999_022


It’s not too early to start thinking about the big summer concert tours that might be coming to our area this year, especially since the rumor mills have come alive with the one about Guns 'N Roses headlining Lollapalooza. Whether that happens or not, it looks like the once-alternative summer event — which took last year off and offered Metallica two years before that—has lost all its underground credibility. Punky acts No Doubt and the Offspring have reportedly turned down the festival.

As for G ’N R, which features only singer/model-puncher Axl Rose from its original lineup but does now include Tommy "Paul Who?" Stinson of the Replacements on bass, the band was also asked to join the Ozzfest, a tour that will likely wind up in Austin for the first time this year. For metalheads eager to get some thrashing, tickets go on sale this weekend to the Korn/Rob Zombie date at Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio on March 2. Call 494-1800.

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