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2020.02.15 - Raised on Radio - Matt Sorum Chooses His Rock God

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2020.02.15 - Raised on Radio - Matt Sorum Chooses His Rock God Empty 2020.02.15 - Raised on Radio - Matt Sorum Chooses His Rock God

Post by Soulmonster on Tue Feb 18, 2020 9:58 am


"The artist I'd like to choose as my rock god is my bass player, Geezer Butler. You probably know from Black Sabbath, but now he's in my band. I don't know why he took my phone call, but I'm so honored to be on stage with this man every night.

"Geezer is probably an unsung hero and it's interesting - I'm a drummer, obviously, to pick a bass player. But in my life, my bass players have always been my right-hand men. As a lot of people know, a lot of my career I spent with Duff McKagan from Guns N' Roses.

"We had a real bond and now being in a band with Geezer it's the same way. I feel like we're the two guys, in the band, that are keeping it all together. We're the foundation if you will.

"The thing for me about Geezer, and I think if you asked any premier bass player in the heavy-metal or hard-rock community, would probably look at him as really the godfather of heavy metal in the bass community.

"It's interesting - when he walks up on stage, you can feel the rock-icon moment when he comes up. It's really cool when I look over at him and I'm, like, 'Oh my god, there he is,' you know?

"I played with so many great people but at this particular point in my life, Geezer is really the pinnacle guy for me. And the fact that he's here and he took my phone call, you know, I'd have to say that he's a rock god. He is the rock god."
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