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2019.11.18 - Paltrocast - Interview with Dizzy [AUDIO]

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2019.11.18 - Paltrocast - Interview with Dizzy [AUDIO] Empty 2019.11.18 - Paltrocast - Interview with Dizzy [AUDIO]

Post by Blackstar on Sat Dec 21, 2019 11:16 am

Excerpts transcribed by
During an appearance on The Paltrocast, longtime Guns N' Roses keyboardist Dizzy Reed looked back on his time in the fold, the band's 2008 record "Chinese Democracy," and more.

Apart from working with GN'R, Dizzy also has a side gig called Hookers N' Blow. You can check out a part of the conversation below (transcribed by UG).

The thing that I love most about your career is how you can be playing arenas and stadiums one week and then be playing clubs and jam nights the next week. And you kind of have this versatile thing where you play with a huge band and then you do an intimate kind of stuff. Does that kind of thing happen in other facets of your life?

"At the end of the day, it's still a show; we're still performing for people and hopefully making people happier, you know, giving them something to remember.

"I think, you know, my life is dichotomy sometimes. I'm a Gemini, can't help it. Outside of music, I try to keep things as leveled as possible, but it's not always easy.

"Emotionally, if you knew me, some of my reactions are probably high and low sometimes, but I just try to enjoy the high moments."

Was there ever a point where you almost were on the side of the stage for Guns?

"You know, I have a feeling it was discussed. [Laughs] My reaction might've changed their mind, hopefully. I think I was kind of upset.

"Axl [Rose] has always gone and vouched for me for stuff like that, and I really appreciate it. I think that once I got out there it just made sense to everybody that I was part of the show."

I love the 'Chinese Democracy' album, and you co-wrote a healthy amount of that album. Were you in the room with Axl writing that or was it kind of like the songs were jammed on and later you saw your names in the co-writes?

"That whole album, it's a collection of, you know, a lot of people working together. They used various studios over a few years so, you know, I think at certain times, people brought in ideas...

"But actually, when we decided we wanted to explore some more, that happens and then they're worked up as a band, and ultimately Axl oversaw what was gonna be on the record and how it was gonna sound, which is something he's amazing at doing.

"So yeah, there were many hours, days and nights of a group of guys in a room working out song ideas."

Is there anything that you wish more people knew about Dizzy Reed in general?

"Yeah, no. I don't know, that's all you need to know really. [Laughs] You know what, if you want to drink shots of Jaegermeister or something, I'm the guy probably to do that. [Laughs]"

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