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1988.06.03 - L.A. Weekly - L.A. Dee Da [Duff's wedding]

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1988.06.03 - L.A. Weekly - L.A. Dee Da [Duff's wedding] Empty 1988.06.03 - L.A. Weekly - L.A. Dee Da [Duff's wedding]

Post by Blackstar on Tue Aug 27, 2019 3:05 pm

1988.06.03 - L.A. Weekly - L.A. Dee Da [Duff's wedding] 1988_083

Transcript (excerpt):

Guns N’ RosesDuff and his old lady, Mandy, strapped on the ball and chain last weekend in a traditional ceremony in a church lavishly decorated with white orchids; the bride was a fairy princess and the groom wore a custom-made black-leather tuxedo. Their pre-nuptials were celebrated the week before in equally traditional fashion: The bride’s bachelorette party at the home of bridesmaid Heidi Richman featured a warm-up strip by the blatantly heterosexual Sam Mann and an act known only as Tim the Bandana Man. For Duff's bachelor party at Sam Mann’s digs, his friends searched high and low for a stripper with whose work Duff wasn’t already, shall we say, familiar, finally settling on the 6’2” (and 40-inch-chested) Sweet Leather Bitch. As it turned out, Duff had already covered that waterfront; for everyone else it was just more dog days.

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