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1991.09.21 - Kerrang! - Izzy Stradlin' Quits Band

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1991.09.21 - Kerrang! - Izzy Stradlin' Quits Band Empty 1991.09.21 - Kerrang! - Izzy Stradlin' Quits Band

Post by Soulmonster on Sat Jun 01, 2019 8:33 am

1991.09.21 - Kerrang! - Izzy Stradlin' Quits Band Scan0013
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Izzy lays down his Guns

GUITARIST Izzy Stradlin' seems certain to have guit Metal megastars Guns N' Roses in the same week the band's 'Use Your Illusion' albums are finally released.

Although no official confirmation has been given as yet, Mayhem understands that Stradlin' has walked out of the band, reportedly increasingly unhappy at the way Guns N' Roses' massive world tour was progressing.

Stradlin' sald in a recent magazine interview that ha felt that Guns' former manager Alan Niven, dismissed on the orders of vocalist W Axl Rose, was a good manager and that Izzy was unhappy with the sacking.

Stradlin' has not been touring with the rest of the band, instead choosing to travel to Guns' shows in his own tourbus with his girlfriend and his dog. Stradlin' has also been 'clean' of drugs and alcohol for some 18 months, and has reportedly been avoiding the wilder excesses of the tour thus far.

Rumours of discontent within the Guns N' Roses camp also extend to bassist Duff McKagan, currently working on his own solo album, and new drummer Matt Sorum.

Guns N' Roses are currently in back in Los Angeles alter completing their European tour. The next leg of the band's US tour is scheduled to kick off in six weeks time.

Stradlin' represents a major loss to the band. He wrote or co-wrote eleven of the new 'Use Tour Illusion' tracks, including both single releases to date.

Official clarification of Stradlin's position is expected within the next week. We'll bring you full details as soon as we have 'em.
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