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2008.08.13 - Antiquet blog - Interview with producer Sean Beavan (excerpt)

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2008.08.13 - Antiquet blog - Interview with producer Sean Beavan (excerpt) Empty 2008.08.13 - Antiquet blog - Interview with producer Sean Beavan (excerpt)

Post by Blackstar on Mon Dec 03, 2018 3:57 am


Antiquiet’s Three-Way With 8mm

By Johnny Firecloud


Antiquiet: Walk us through the experience of working on the new Guns N’ Roses album.

Sean: Ah yes, that was a long time ago. It was between ’98 and 2000, I think. Tommy Stinson and I became good friends, and we see each other quite a bit, so he gives me updates here and there. I have no idea what’s going on now. Almost everybody involved with the project when I was working on it isn’t a part of it anymore. It was Josh Freese on drums, Tommy was playing bass… Dizzy was playing keyboards, and I think he’s still doing that. It was a blast working with Axl. He was a really funny guy. That’s probably the one thing that surprised me the most- just how funny the guy could be. When he’d come in to do vocals, he’d warm up for like forty-five minutes not by singing, but by telling jokes. He was just extremely funny and super nice.

Antiquiet: Was there any sense that Chinese Democracy was nearing completion back then?

Sean: I thought there was. (laughs) I think we worked on thirty-five songs or something. But the guy just continually creates, and as people changed into and out of the band, a lot of things got re-tracked. I’d love to see the record come out soon, but we’ll see. They say it was turned in.


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