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2002.11.08 - MTV - Report and interviews with Dizzy, Tommy and Buckethead

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2002.11.08 - MTV - Report and interviews with Dizzy, Tommy and Buckethead Empty 2002.11.08 - MTV - Report and interviews with Dizzy, Tommy and Buckethead

Post by Blackstar on Fri Nov 30, 2018 4:18 am


Kurt Loder: Well, Guns N’ Roses may have blown out their opening sorted in Vancouver on Thursday, but they certainly showed up in full force in Tacoma, Washington on Friday, as I think you can hear.

[Live footage]

[Backstage interviews in Vancouver]

Dizzy: It’s amazing how things actually have fallen in place. I mean, one step at a time, one member at a time, and I think where we’re at now it’s the best band I’ve been in.

Loder: ... you were familiar with the whole Guns N’ Roses collection of music.

Dizzy: This band’s ability to play those older songs, it carries over into the newer stuff.

[Live footage]

Loder: Does Buckethead enjoy touring and playing live?

Buckethead’s puppet: Yes. It’s exciting, it’s fun. (?)

[Live footage]

Loder: I think this is a particularly good time for this kind of music. What do you think about actually come back and go out on the road, because things have been so, how to put it... all kind of dull for a while.


Dizzy: (?)

Tommy: There are no other rock stars left, are there?

[Live footage]

Tommy: There was a time for - a need to have, like, a big spectacular rock band kind of thing... I can see where people can be missing that right now, because there’s not really a lot of that going around. It’s not like – we have a pretty big production and it’s, you know... it’s rock.

[Live footage]

Loder: What a band! Each of the three guitar players in this group is unique and together they are awesome. Axl Rose still has the banshee wail. So don’t miss them when they come to a town near you.

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