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2011.10.DD - Hit Channel - Interview with producer Tom Werman (excerpt)

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2011.10.DD - Hit Channel - Interview with producer Tom Werman (excerpt) Empty 2011.10.DD - Hit Channel - Interview with producer Tom Werman (excerpt)

Post by Blackstar on Wed Nov 28, 2018 7:36 am

HIT CHANNEL EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: October 2011. Hit Channel had the great honour to talk with a legendary record producer: Tom Werman. He was A&R man and producer in Epic Records for 12 years (1970-1982) when you signed artists like Ted Nugent, Cheap Trick, Boston and R.E.O Speedwagon and he has received more than 20 gold and platinum albums in his career.He produced classic albums for Ted Nugent (“Ted Nugent”, “Free-For-All”, “Cat Scratch Fever”, “Double Live Gonzo” and “Weekend Warriors”), Cheap Trick (“In Color”, “Heaven Tonight”, “Dream Police”),Blue Oyster Cult (“Mirrors”),Motley Crue (“Shout at The Devil”, “Theater of Pain”, “Girls,Girls,Girls”),Twisted Sister (“You Can’t Stop Rock N’Roll”, “Stay Hungry”), Molly Hatchet, L.A Guns, Stryper and Poison among others. He is owner of Stonover Farm, a lovely Bed & Breakfast in Lenox, Massachusetts.


I’ve heard that your originally tried to produced Guns N’ Roses’ ‘Appetite For Destruction’ album but it was impossible for you to work with them. Which is the truth?

I was asked to go see them in rehearsal. Axl wasn’t there. I asked where their singer was. They replied “He doesn’t rehearse with us cause we’re too loud and he can’t hear himself”. So I said I needed to hear the vocals in order to evaluate the songs. I said I’d come back when Axl was with them.Shortly afterward, Duff McKagan told an interviewer in a rock magazine that I had “put my hands over my ears and  walked out“. For some reason known only to him, he felt he had to put me down bymaking up his own version of the truth.


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