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2013.MM.DD - The Void with Christina - Interview with Duff [VIDEO]

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2013.MM.DD - The Void with Christina - Interview with Duff [VIDEO] Empty 2013.MM.DD - The Void with Christina - Interview with Duff [VIDEO]

Post by Blackstar on Wed Nov 28, 2018 12:59 am

The Void with Christina wrote:Duff McKagan of Guns 'N' Roses chats to Christina about Axl, Appetite, Seattle punk rock and falling in love (2013). Content guide:
00:00 Making Appetite For Destruction
01:03 Opening for Black Flag in Seattle at age 14
01:56 Duff's catalysts for musical change - Prince, punk rock, Zeppelin
02:36 The punk rock unpredictability of Axl Rose
03:43 Matt Pike of Sleep and High On Fire on Appetite 04:16 Duff's second chapter - Iggy Pop, Steve Jones, starting over
06:11 Meeting his wife, supermodel and swimwear designer Susan Holmes McKagan
Interview filmed backstage at a music festival in 2013.

The Void with Christina wrote:As Guns 'n' Roses, one of the most iconic outlaw rock and roll bands of all time criss-crosses the globe for the Not in this Lifetime tour, we flashback to the second uncut part of my flashback Duff McKagan conversation, filmed in 2013. In this chat we cover the search for the perfect song, bohemian life in the Velvet era, making magic music with two of rock's most intense and soulful singers - Scott Weiland and Axl Rose (plus a pretty epic closing joke).

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