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2018.09.24 - Konbini (France) - Track ID-Slash

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2018.09.24 - Konbini (France) - Track ID-Slash Empty 2018.09.24 - Konbini (France) - Track ID-Slash

Post by Blackstar on Sun Sep 30, 2018 10:06 am

Fun little interview.


Q: The first album you bought.
Slash: Led Zeppelin II comes to mind. It could have been one of those first records I bought or stole (laughs).
Q: The song that made you start playing guitar.
Slash: Probably the most inspiring record for me around the time that I started playing guitar was the Aerosmith Rocks record. That was really pivotal for me, sort of like attitude wise, where I was like, “Okay, pursue this.”
Q: The first songs you learned to play on guitar.
Slash: Wild Thing from Jimi Hendrix, Space Truckin' from Deep Purple. Those are, like, some of the first riffs I remember.
Q: The guitar riff that you are proud of the most.
Slash: It sounds sort of corny at this point, but the riff that garnered me the most recognition, it would have to be Sweet Child O’ Mine.  And it's a cool riff, you know, but I'm thinking more in terms of what other people think (laughs).
Q: The sound on the new album that was the most difficult to create.
Slash: The Great Pretender, only because it was very different. It had a very different feel to a different kind of occasions, and trying to figure out exactly what the right drumbeat was going to be for it, and just to make sure that it had the right feel throughout, it was definitely a concentration as compared to some of the other songs on the record.
Q: The collaboration that you proud of the most.
Slash: There's two; either Lenny Kravitz or Iggy Pop. Collaborating with those two guys was definitely a lot of fun.
Q: Your guilty musical pleasure.
Slash: Probably the White Stripes. But then I don't think that's much of a surprise.
Q: The best guitar solo.
Slash: There's a song called Come Dancing on the Jeff Beck record Wired. I mean, there's so many great guitar solos, but that one was one that I remember picking up on when I was a kid and going, «This is fucking awesome.”
Q: The solo that you’re proud of the most.
Slash: I'll go with the last record, because that's just the thing I'm conscious of at the moment. There is a song called When You Lose the One You Love, and there's a solo in that, that I think is really cool. And it was very spontaneous.
Q: The last album you bought.
Slash: I think it was Erik Satie which I just bought, because I’ve lost the vinyl, so I bought the CD.
Q: Your favourite movie score.
Slash: Off the top of my head right now: The Thing, that John Carpenter theme from The Thing, one of the fucking greatest, at least in the horror genre. There's so many good soundtracks, so when you ask me these questions, I space out; I can't think of anything.
Q: The best location where you shot a video.
Slash: Probably that fucking church for the November Rain video. I mean, that was a pretty cool location. It was just a movie set from Silverado. That sort of out in the middle of nowhere with that church, it was pretty cool.
Q: The best song to make love to.
Slash: Oh, fucking Barry White, Come On (laughs).

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