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2018.02.16 - Interview with Alan Niven on Appetite For Distortion

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2018.02.16 - Interview with Alan Niven on Appetite For Distortion Empty 2018.02.16 - Interview with Alan Niven on Appetite For Distortion

Post by Blackstar on Mon Apr 23, 2018 10:47 pm

Appetite For Distortion wrote: Episode 48 of The AFD Show is a big one. First, joining Brando as special co-host is rock podcaster/journalist, Mitch LaFon. This is the 2nd appearance on the show for Mitch, as we profiled his career in Ep. 16. You can find his show "Rock Talk w/Mitch Lafon" on Westwood One (part of The Chris Jericho Network). Mitch answers fan questions, including if he knows anything about new AC/DC or GNR albums.

Then we welcome in Alan Niven, the first official manager of Guns N' Roses. Alan doesn't hold back; from his first impressions of GNR, to the eventual change in management, to specific tours (Rolling Stones/Iron Maiden), to his relationship with Izzy Stradln, to Axl/DC, to KISS, to mental health, and even hockey! This is a must-listen for all GNR fans as you may find out things you didn't know before. Alan also answers YOUR submitted questions.

Plus as a bonus, at the end of the episode Alan shares new music with us from the band Razor - “It's a Motherf**ker” ...a new band he manages.

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You can listen to it here:


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