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2018.01.12 - Interview with Brain on Appetite For Distortion

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2018.01.12 - Interview with Brain on Appetite For Distortion Empty 2018.01.12 - Interview with Brain on Appetite For Distortion

Post by Blackstar on Mon Apr 23, 2018 10:39 pm

Appetite For Distortion wrote:Episode 42 of the AFD Show is much anticipated. Brando is first joined by friend of the show and Playboy journalist Art Tavana as guest co-host. Art gives us an update on his special 10-year-anniversary article about Chinese Democracy and his anticipated new GNR book. Which leads us to our guest, Bryan "Brain" Mantia. Brain has played with some of the best, including Buckethead, Tom Waits, Primus...and Guns N' Roses. During the infamous Chinese Democracy era of Guns, Brain was the drummer after Josh Freese and before Frank Ferrer. Brain tells us all. From his upbringing, being buds with Bucket, to joining Primus, his professional and personal relationship with Melissa Reese, how & why he joined, then left, Guns N' Roses, all things Chinese Democracy, and even if he has any regrets about leaving the band. All that and so much more!! Please subscribe/leave a review!

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