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2016.07.06 - Interview with Bumblefoot in Loudwire

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2016.07.06 - Interview with Bumblefoot in Loudwire Empty 2016.07.06 - Interview with Bumblefoot in Loudwire

Post by Soulmonster on Thu Jul 07, 2016 10:04 am

Summary by KeyserSoze at mygnrforum:

-foot is asked when was the exact moment he knew he wanted to be done with GNR. He is hesitant to reply, because he doesn't want to hurt anyones feelings, and he is afraid of putting both feet in his mouth. All he says on the subject is "you reach a time in your life when you just know its time to move on, and this isn't what you envisioned for your life"

-BBF then compares the dreams and aspirations he once had as a young 6 year old playing music, to where he was at in his final years with GNR and it didn't match up.

-BBF knew upon his departure that the Reunion was going to happen.

-Asked how he kept rocks biggest secret of the last 10 years, BBF said simply "you just don't tell people" , not even people he trusted.

-Asked if BBF expected them to sound as good as they actually are upon their return, he says "of course! when people who haven't played together in years finally play again, its like the next day.'

-BBF has not been to any of the shows so far, stating "No, that would be weird haha. It's like going to watch your ex-girlfriend get married or something. I moved on, they moved on. I hope everyone is happy"

-BBF talks about his favorite moments being those that were bad but turned too good. Bumble then tells the story of Chloe, a 9 year old girl who quit school. He says he brought her into a rehearsal and played her favorite song Catcher In The Rye with her singing, then posted it to youtube. (anyone have that video?)

-BBF doesn't really remember the show, but more of the moments surrounding it and interactions with the fans. He says it was these moments that kept him doing GNR. He says its an outlet to give love to any and everyone.

-Asked if there are any misconceptions about GNR, Bumbles simple reply is that he doesn't know what people already know. So its hard to say.

-BBF mentions that all the members of Nu-gnr would hang out, but he cant compare his relationship to Axl with anyone elses. Sometimes they would be friends, other times they would be enemies, "you know, bandmates"
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