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The "real" story behind GNR's return...

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The "real" story behind GNR's return... Empty The "real" story behind GNR's return...

Post by Uli on Sat Feb 20, 2016 12:21 pm

Nothing new here really, but a good write-up all in all.

Like this sentence:
"It’s going to be interesting to see how long they can actually get along, all being sober.”

You'd need to sign up to read the whole article, but someone has posted it here:

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The "real" story behind GNR's return... Empty Re: The "real" story behind GNR's return...

Post by Soulmonster on Fri Mar 11, 2016 8:32 am

kaneda posted this on mygnrforum:

Take this for what it's worth. But I was about to work on a marketing program to promote this comeback show. A major brand was about to sponsor the Vegas shows and do something AWESOME to celebrate Axl & Slash reuniting. Unfortunately, the GN'R camp didn't get back to the brand and it all fell through (not surprised). But the interesting part was this...we were told:

1. The band is not on great terms

2. They will do no interviews together

3. They will not be photographed together

I don't know what to believe. I find it hard to believe Axl would do this if he weren't 100% cool with it and everyone involved. But this feedback came from the management teams of all parties involved. If it's true, it would be sad. This is such a historic musical moment and once again GN'R is missing a golden opportunity to blow it out and give the fans what they deserve - to feel proud of GN'R again. What camp GN'R doesn't understand is the fans LOVE and WANT to see this concert hyped and promoted. Seeing Axl/Slash/Duff together, having a good time, laughing, that would mean more than the concert itself. The chemistry has to be there OFF the stage for it to occur ON the stage. Here's hoping this is wrong.
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