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2014.11.20 - Intimate guitar workshop with Richard Fortus

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2014.11.20 - Intimate guitar workshop with Richard Fortus Empty 2014.11.20 - Intimate guitar workshop with Richard Fortus

Post by Soulmonster on Tue Dec 02, 2014 3:24 pm

Great stuff. Lots of GN'R talk. Unverified summary from "seagullview" form mygnrforum:

Lot's of interesting stuff starting at 18:34 in part 2.

Richard wrote chorus for Better and other bits, but for the most CD was already done when he joined

3 albums worth at least already recorded

Axl is recording vocals the very week that workshop took place (week 47) and some vocals are already done

Richard says Axl is very secretive, he wants stuff out but only when he feels it ready

Also at 00:52 in part 2 Fortus tells his favourite unreleased track from the next album is a song Robin Finck wrote but he's not sure if it even got a title. He says its not Soulmonster and hasn't leaked at all. A lot of songs haven't leaked. He says he probably knows the songs by different titles than we do.

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