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2013.12.09 - Interview with Richard in Lifer.....Music and Art

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2013.12.09 - Interview with Richard in Lifer.....Music and Art Empty 2013.12.09 - Interview with Richard in Lifer.....Music and Art

Post by Soulmonster on Tue Dec 10, 2013 8:59 am

Getting to interview one of my 3 favorite guitar players ever, is a dream come true. Richard Fortus is an incredible talent and has played with many artist such as but not limited to Gun N' Roses, Pale Divine, Rihanna, The Dead Daisey's, Thin Lizzy, and even the Psychedelic Fur. He is a St. Louis native that has worked his way to be one of the most in demand guitar players around today. He is a true inspiration to me personally.

First of all Richard thank you so very much for taking time away from your schedule to answer some questions. I really do appreciate it.

What is one of your favorite memories playing with one of the best St. Louis bands ever "Pale Divine?"

I remember playing the Blue Note in Columbia, MO. Our album had just come out and we were playing 2 sold out nights there. I'll never forget walking out onstage and that feeling of "wow, we made it!". I think that particular venue was so important to me, because we'd tried so hard to get in there for the longest time.

You have played with everyone it seems. I think you are honestly one of the best guitar players on the planet. Where do your guitar influences come from? What music shaped you into the player you are today?

I am constantly looking for new music to inspire me. Be it old or new. I've always had an insatiable hunger to discover new music. It's a passion that has consumed me from a very early age. So it's hard to narrow down what has really shaped me as a musician.

I really enjoy the footage I have seen with you playing for "The Dead Daisies". What an incredible band. It seems like you and Dizzy Reed are really enjoying playing in that project. How long are you guys gonna be touring with them?

As long as we can! We are having a blast. It's such a thrill to have the honor of playing with these guys every night. It's pretty hard to beat playing with a rhythm section like Charley Drayton and Darryl Jones!

What was it like playing beside Scott Gorham while you were touring with "Thin Lizzy"? What is he like as a person? Scott is one of my favorite people in the world. I'm on the road with him right now. He's got so many great stories and he's such an awesome player. He was such an icon to me when I was a kid. He was the epitome of what a rock n' roll guitarist should be. He always looked amazing, had a great tone and was the pinnacle of cool. He paid me one of the greatest compliments once that I will never forget. I feel a real bond with him and every time i see him, no matter how much time has passed, it always feels like I just saw him yesterday.

I have seen all the spectacular guitars you posted on your website What are some of your favorite guitars you have?

The Official Website of Richard Fortus I really need to update my site. There is only a fraction of my collection on there. I need to document everything and post it all. My amp collection has surpassed my guitar collection at this point. I have a pretty stellar amp collection. I was just speaking with Charley about my "desert island guitar" choice the other day. I think that if i had to pick one guitar. I would probably choose my '73 gold top Les Paul Signature. It's not really a Les Paul. I have 2 of them, but there is one that is just amazing. Everything about it is perfect and it's one of the greatest sounding and most versatile guitars ever.

So I really like the guitar work you have done with Gun N' Roses. It has to be amazing to play with a front man like Axl Rose. I have a weird question about your time with GNR. What is your greatest memory of playing with Robin Finck in GNR?

We used to do a duet together. Some nights it would be really really special, where we really connected. He's one of my favorite musicians and i always loved playing with him. There were a couple of really religious type of moments that we shared together during those duets.

Thank you so much Richard for doing this interview, honestly a true pleasure.
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