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2012.12.06 - Interview with Axl in Daily News and Analysis

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2012.12.06 - Interview with Axl in Daily News and Analysis Empty 2012.12.06 - Interview with Axl in Daily News and Analysis

Post by Soulmonster on Fri Dec 07, 2012 1:10 pm

Eat, sleep, explore
Published: Thursday, Dec 6, 2012, 16:31 IST
By Shilpa Bansal | Place: Bangalore | Agency: DNA

It’s their first concert in India and the excitement across the country is highly palpable — after all, it’s not just any band! As the weekend approaches and Bangalore prepares for the first Guns N’ Roses show, presented by Mooz Entertainment, Axl Rose talks about their India tour...

How did India exactly come up on your tour map?
I’ve always wanted to play in India. We’ve tried to make that happen but for whatever reason, it just hadn’t worked out. So we’re all very excited and are looking forward to come there and perform for everyone.

Have the music and working dimensions of Gn’R changed in any way with new band members on board?
Of course! We have our own camaraderie of course and that’s different from other lineups that include different personalities, tastes, traits, senses of humour etc. We get along pretty well. I enjoy working with the band in any capacity.

What are your expectations from the crowd in India and what’s in store for the fans?

I’d like to think the fans would be enthusiastic but really I don’t have any expectations. It’s our job to deliver.

What else do you guys plan to do while in India because when the dates were announced, Richard Fortus had said that India is on top of his ‘must-see-before-I-die’ list!

Eat, sleep, explore and try very hard not to get in too much trouble! And yes, Richard’s talked about wanting to travel to India since I met him.

The band has been busy with the Appetite for Democracy concerts. How do the new members feel, being a part of celebrating 25 years of Appetite for Destruction with the sole member from the original album?
Musically it’s still our show with a few new songs, some different videos, changes in our staging, different light show, some new effects, a flying piano, some hologram imagery, dancers and aerialists. We’re all in a pretty good place about how it’s eventually come together and worked out. The public response has been great. And somehow we’re having more fun with the show. We’re enjoying it more. We liked it previously, but this has been a great experience for us. The band genuinely enjoys playing the material. The fans and shows push them to be at their best. We have a good time doing our job together and trying to make each show the most it can be.

Do you think iconic bands like yours need to change their perspective or ethos with changing times?

I don’t think there are any set rules. Everyone’s different and each band does their own thing. How you want to make music is up to you. Making it work for you and to be able to make a living and support yourself or to become what’s considered successful or popular can be a whole another story!

Do you think the definition of rock and metal has changed or even evolved a little too much over the years?
Perhaps it has expanded in a lot of ways; it’s just like the universe expanding. There are older styles done in slightly newer ways and there are the more traditional bands. And then there are those who are doing completely new things. Having said that, I don’t think metal and rock in general are as popular as they used to be years ago; other forms of music are. And while I do hear and experience the energy in some of the other more popular genres, I don’t think if I am hearing anything really inspiring. Unfortunately, I feel the current pop and mainstream forms of music aren’t bringing much beyond the technology and perhaps youthful drive to the table. Overall, there does seem to be less substance or even subject to write and sing about. In my opinion, a good portion of successful mainstream music seems much more disposable. So much so, just like the evolution of ‘alternative’ music, ‘disposable’ is almost like a genre that people are aspiring to. It’s amazing but in many ways, sad. OK, I’m off my soapbox now.
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